The PokeNinja, adventures of the maelstrom pokemon


After Naruto destroys the Gedo statue before it reabsorbs the bijuu, freeing them in the process, a dying tobi uses kamui to send naruto to the pokeworld in the form of a pokemon where he meets Ash and friends as they journey together through the unova region to compete in the pokemon league.

Naruto x Snivy(Serperior) x Riolu(Lucario) Adventure/Romance


Naruto will appear as Kurama except with a different colour which is his base form as he has four other forms due to his elemental affinities. Lightning from his father,water from his mother,fire from kurama and wind as his own.


Polymorph mode (Basic form)

Appearance: A white ninetailed fox with black markings (Aftereffect of Kurama's bijuu mode)

Type: Normal


Attacks: Rasengan, Shadow clone, Crush claw, Extreme speed, Substitute (Naruto version)

Natura Mode

Apppearance: An orange toad with yellow markings around his eyes, face and stomach. He wears a green sleeveless vest with the kanji 'Toad Sage' written on it and wields a wooden sword (Bokken)

Type: Grass

Ability: Chlorophyll – Increases the Pokémon's speed stat in sunshine

Attacks: Leaf blade, Energy ball, Flame bullet, Water bullet, Power whip

Raiden Mode

Appearance:A saber-toothed tiger-like Pokémon with white fur and blue stripes shaped like lightning bolts, a large black mala beads is worn around the neck with the largest in the middle inscribed with a kanji meaning thunder on it.

Type: Electric

Ability: Motor Drive – Boosts Speed when hit by electric type moves

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Quick Attack, Lightning Arrow, Metal Claw

Combo mode

Appearance:An orange furred monkey with blond spiky tied in a pony tail, wearing a konoha forehead protector, fingerless gloves with metal plating and a black sleeveless vest with red flames and a kanji for sage.



Attacks:Mach punch, work up, close combat, sky uppercut,Lariat

Pyro Mode

Appearance: A crimson anthropomorphic fox with flames on its feet and at the tip of its tail

Type: Fire

Ability: Flash Fire

Attacks: Blaze claws, overheat, flame charge, foxfire, grand fireball

Aqua mode

Appearance:An azure color serpentine dragon with four webbed feet with a white frill from the head to a scythe shaped tail.


Ability:Storm drain

Attacks:Water bullet, aqua blade, surf, water dragon , ice fang

Gale mode

Appearance:An orange colored eagle with blue markings around the eyes, wings and body.


Ability:Delta stream

Attacks:Acrobatics, air cutter, wing blade, air bullet, agility

No. of Forms remaining: 5

Harem List:
Snivy (Serperior)
Riolu (Lucario)
Mienfoo (Mienshao)
Braixen (Serena's)
Kirlia (Gardevoir)
More TBA


1. Naruto appears in the dreamyard during the confrontation with team rocket

2. Ash gets an extra slot in the party from Prof oak for naruto

3. Plot is partially Canon including the movies in unova

4. Naruto meets Arceus in a dream to be brought up to date with the pokemon world