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Chapter 1: Victory with a price

In the middle of a war torn battlefield, Naruto and Killer Bee in full bijuu mode face off against Tobi who possesses the Tailed Beasts. Things are looking grim for Naruto as the Tailed Beasts prepare a combined Tailed Beast Bomb to fire at him and Bee.

"Things are looking bad for you aren't they kit?" said a voice all too familiar to the blond ninja.

"Kyuubi? What is it? Can't you see I'm trying to think of a way out of this situation?" said Naruto.

But Kyuubi wanting to talk to Naruto dragged him into the mindscape with or without his consent.


When Naruto opens his eyes, he realizes that he is in the familiar sewer with a giant gate and behind it lay a giant red furred fox with nine tails known to the world as the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Why did you bring me here? What do you want? Asked Naruto seeing it as odd that the fox would want anything to do with him much less talk.

"Kit, I have been with you throughout your entire life, from your birth all the way to now, I have borne witness to your iron will and have saved others from darkness as well as not falling into it yourself even to the point of wanting to helping me with my hatred which no one has ever done for me before"

Confused, Naruto asked, "What are you trying to say? Because I don't get it"

Slightly irritated Kyuubi said, "What I am trying to is that I want to apologize and I wish to start over between the both of us, beginning with telling you that my name is Kurama"

Well to say that Naruto is shocked at what the newly named Kurama said is an understatement, but after a minute he gave a smile to the fox and said.

"I hope that our friendship will last till the end of time Kurama" holding out fist towards Kurama who returned it in kind creating a strong bond both in mind and soul.

"Hey kit I just discovered that you have an affinity to lightning, water, fire from me and your parents in addition to your wind affinity which must have unlocked after we bonded"

"Wow, as amazing as it sounds we will deal with it later as the first thing is to defeat Tobi and free the other tailed beasts" said Naruto with determination.

"You're right, let's bond our chakra together and show that wannabe god the true power of a tailed beast and his partner!" said Kurama

"RIGHT! We will win no matter what BELIEVE IT!" Naruto yelled. As he unlocked the seal and yellow chakra exploded out of both Him and Kurama.


As Naruto opened his eyes, the captured were almost done with the combined tailed beast ball and and Bee is visibly exhausted.

"Yo Naruto I will be on the offensive while you be the support!" yelled Bee.

"No Octopops, we'll switch roles as you are still wounded from the first round so I'll be the tank" said Naruto.

"For him to say that, could it be that Kyuubi and Naruto have bonded?!" thought Killer Bee.

Naruto channeled his chakra and reactivated the bijuu mode, this time with a cloak to signify the bond between him and Kurama. Then he summoned the ethereal form of Kurama ready for battle.

"Kit, we need to counter their attack with the same in kind" said Kurama,

"Sure thing partner" said Naruto.

Kurama opened his mouth and began to channel chakra into a tailed beast ball and both sides fired at the exact same time with Kurama's attack hitting lower hence launching both into the air and exploding.

"Even with half of its true power, the nine tailed fox is truly the most powerful above all the tailed beasts" said with a slight unease.

"LET'S GET EM KURAMA!" yelled Naruto to which was responded with a roar as they dashed towards the beasts. Kurama quickly executed an uppercut on Nibi, launching her into the air and using his tails to knock the Sanbi who was rolling towards him off course and into the Yonbi. Afterward he jumps into the air and grabs the Nanabi the tail threw him towards the ground right into the Rokubi. Upon landing on the ground, Kurama quickly sidestepped avoiding the Gobi who was charging in by a hair and executed a double kick, launching it into the other tailed beasts who were recovering from Kurama's assault further damaging.

"Amazing, Naruto and Kurama must be in total sync to be able to fight like that" said the Hachibi who was stunned at the display of the duo's prowess.

"Damn, they are beginning to slow down, I need to reabsorb the beasts and retreat to formulate a plan against the Uzumaki brat" said Tobi as he summons the Gedo statue and begins the process.

"Hey Kurama, isn't that the statue that Neji described to us after we rescued Gaara?" asked Naruto.

"Indeed, that bastard must be planning to reabsorb the Tailed beasts and make a break for, something we can't allow"

Quickly charging up a tailed beast ball, the duo launched it into the Statue resulting in an explosion which broke the chains tied to the beasts hence freeing them although they lost consciousness. When the smoke clears, Tobi is revealed laying on the floor with the lower part of his body blown off due to the explosion. Which means that the fourth great shinobi war is over and that Naruto is victorious.

"DAMN YOU UZUMAKI! Even if you have won, I will have the last laugh! Yelled Tobi.

"KIT GET OUT OF THERE! The bastard is about to send us into another and there's no way that we can return! Shouted Kurama but was too late as Naruto fell into the hole and Bee was still wounded to help.

As the other ninjas arrived, Hinata asked, "Bee where is Naruto?" He refused to answer as he thought that although they won the war, the price.


"Hey what's going on outside?" wondered Ash Ketchum who was with Iris and Cilan in the Pokémon center in Straiton city after winning his Trio badge from Cilan's Pokémon gym.

"It seems its coming from the ruins of the Dreamyard" Professor Fennel answered "But that place has been abandoned for a long time unless someone is trying to collect the dream energy"

"Then we must go and investigate" said Officer Jenny who got into her police car alongside Fennel.

"Wait we can help too, let's go Pikachu!" said Ash with the electric mouse on his shoulder. "Pika!" he responded.

"Wait for us, we coming along too!" shouted Iris with Cilan following.

They all headed towards the Dreamyard not aware of the companion they would soon meet and the unforgettable memories they would have.


"KIT WAKE UP!" yelled Kurama, Naruto jumped up surprised from the outburst.

"Kurama what happened? What's going on? Asked Naruto obviously confused.

"When that bastard Uchiha used Kamui on us, it sent us to another dimension with no way of going back" said Kurama noticing Naruto slumping his shoulders and on the verge of tears, when he went to wipe his eyes he noticed that instead of hands he now has paws and his reflection displayed a mirror image of Kurama except with white fur and black markings similar to Kurama's bijuu mode.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BODY!?" yelled Naruto while panicking.

"Calm down! It seems exposure to the dimension rift along with an unknown energy from this dimension altered your body to adapt to it and I have noticed that your elemental affinities have changed in such a way that you will transform when using one of them in and out of battle. By the way, you can still use chakra and ninjutsu"

"Okay thanks for the info, well since we here now let's see what this world has to offer shall we?" said Naruto as he left the mindscape.

Hello everybody this is my first time actually writing a fanfiction, so i hope to receive some tips and advice based along the way of which i would appreciate gratefully. I don't intend for Naruto to be godlike but rather give him a challenge but i am not too good with battle scenes but i will do my best. And i am open for ideas cause this not my story alone but everyone else.

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