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Chapter 30: From the Ground Up

"We finally made it back here!" said Ash as he and the others stood before the Driftveil Gym with a bag of Revival Herbs in hand after going to Milos Island to get them and had ended up getting involved in Team Rocket's scheme of capturing the legendary Weather Trio which they managed to foil.

"For the third time that is," said Naruto with a frown "Just so you know, if he shrugs us off one more time then we're leaving for another gym. No ifs and buts about it,"

"You got a point, he was being kinda lazy," said Iris.

"Hopefully, the third time's a charm," said Cilan in a placating manner.

"Let's go look for Clay so we can have a battle with him, good thing we went to the Pokémon Center first," said Ash before approaching the doors and called out "Hello! Anybody there?"

The doors opened up and a miner stepped out to meet with them "What do you kids want?"

"We came to deliver the Revival Herbs like Clay asked so I can have a battle with him," Ash held up the bag as proof.

"I see, then please follow me inside," said the miner going inside the gym with the others following him, they stepped into an elevator which began its descent underground "So, you'll be battling the boss eh?"

Ash nodded eagerly "That's right, can't wait to see how strong he is,"

"I doubt that your Pokémon can win, my boss's Pokémon are extremely powerful," said the miner with a laugh.

Naruto and Ash smirked at that, this meant that earning that badge would be all the more worthwhile when they win. They soon arrived at the bottom and exited the elevator to go along an underground where they saw Clay ahead of them, talking to the other miners before calling out to him.

"Hey Clay!" said Ash.

Clay turned round and saw them before smiling as he recognized them "Well kiddo, you're back. So, were you able to find any Revival Herbs?"

"Yup, and we got a lot of them," Ash held out the bag for Clay to take and looked inside to ensure that the contents were genuine.

"Perfect and just in time too," Clay passed the bag over to one of the miners.

"So does it mean that we can battle now?"

"Of course, I am a man of my word. Come along now," Clay before leading them towards the battlefield.

"Finally, been waiting quite a while for this," said Naruto.

"Indeed, now to see how powerful this man can be," said Kurama.

Going through a set of doors appearing as rocks, the group finally arrived at the battlefield and had to admit that the appearance of the place truly lived up to the theme for Ground type Pokémon. Ash with Pikachu and Naruto stood at one end of the field while Clay stood at the other end with Cilan and Iris taking to the stands to watch.

"Having a gym this far underground kinda makes it one of a kind," said Iris.

"No doubt Clay has absolute confidence in his Pokémon, I'd like to see how Ash deals with that," said Cilan.

"Are you ready kid?" asked Clay.

Ash smirked in response "I've been ready before even coming here,"

"The Driftveil gym battle challenge will now begin, Challenger Ash versus the gym leader Clay. This will be a three on three match and the battle will be over when all three Pokémon on either side are unable to continue, also only the challenger may substitute Pokémon," said the referee "Now, battle begin!"

Music Start: Pokémon Black and White OST; Battle Gym Leader

Clay staked his pickaxe to the ground before taking out a Pokéball "Alright the Krokorok, let's get to work!" he threw the ball for it to open up and the Ground/Dark type Pokémon emerged onto the battlefield and leer at its opponents.

"So it's a Krokorok," said Ash thoughtfully.

"Let me at em!" said Pikachu confidently.

"Hold up Pikachu, your electric-type moves would have no effect plus Ground-type moves would seriously hurt you," said Ash, getting Pikachu back down albeit reluctantly.

"So, who you're gonna start with?" asked Naruto.

"I know just the one, Oshawott I choose you," Ash threw a Pokéball into the battlefield as well to call upon the otter Pokémon.

"Ready!" Oshawott patted the scalchop on his stomach with a look of confidence.

"Let's start things off with Water Gun!" Ash called, Oshawott immediately complied as he opened his mouth to fire a strong stream of water towards Krokorok.

"Dodge by using Dig, Krokorok!" Clay quickly called out in response, Krokorok swiftly burrowed underground with the Water Gun missing its target and colliding with the rock wall.

"Try to sense where it is," said Ash with Oshawott closing his eyes in concentration to locate his opponent.

"Now come on out and use Sandstorm!" Clay called out, Oshawott sensed something rapidly approaching from below and quickly leapt away right as Krokorok burst out from the ground and fired a beam of yellow energy to the ground, causing clouds of dust to rise into the air which in turn made it hard to see.

"This is bad Ash, this Sandstorm is messing with our visibility," said Naruto, seeing Oshawott rubbing at his eyes to getting the sand out with difficulty.

Clay pressed on with the advantage "Attack with Bite!" Krokorok rushed towards the otter Pokémon with it mouth wide open and ready to chomp on him.

"Listen to me Oshawott and jump to the right!" Ash called out urgently, Oshawott was able to hear him in time and rolled away to the right to avoid the attack.

"Not gonna let you get away, use Stone Edge!" Krokorok conjured a multitude of sharp-edged stones around it before launching them at Oshawott with the confidence that he won't be able to able dodge them all.

"Alright Oshawott, spin and use Water gun!" said Ash, Oshawott spun on his back and released streams of water which whipped around him to form a barrier, it deflected the incoming stone projectiles and extended further to strike Krokorok consecutively whilst putting a stop to the sandstorm to restore their visibility.

"That's the same move they used back at the Nacrene gym against Lenora," said Iris.

"Not only was it able to defend Oshawott against the Stone Edge and damage Krokorok with a supereffective attack, it also got rid of the Sandstorm. Talk about killing three birds with one stone this time," said Cilan, being impressed at the tactic.

Clay growled "Why you little, quick use Dig!" Krokorok burrowed underground once more to attack.

"Not this time, aim your Water Gun down at the hole!" Ash called out, Oshawott leapt into the air above the hole and fired the Water Gun straight into it and effectively ejecting the Pokémon out of the ground "Now use Aqua Jet!" Oshawott surrounded himself with water and shot forward like a rocket towards Krokorok to slam into it "Finish it up with Aqua Shell Shuriken!" he channeled energy into his scalchop which took on the form of a throwing star then he threw it with Krokorok no longer able to take any more damage and fainted with swirls in its eyes.

"I really enjoy doing that," said Oshawott happily, catching the scalchop when it returned to him.

"Krokorok is unable to battle, Oshawott is the winner!" the referee proclaimed.

"Awesome job as always Oshawott!" said Ash with the sea otter Pokémon coming over to exchange high-fives with them.

"Krokorok return," Clay recalled the fainted Pokémon back into its Pokéball and began to laugh in amusement "You may be a young whippersnapper but those moves show me that you've got guts," then he took out another Pokéball "Now it's time for me to teach this whippersnapper some manners, Palpitoad let's get to work!" he threw the Pokéball into the field to bring out the Water/Ground-type Pokémon for battle.

"Watch it Ash, no doubt that this Palpitoad is way stronger compared to ours," Naruto spoke, looking at said Pokémon.

"I can tell especially since it's a gym leader's Pokémon afterall, so I'll be switching Pokémon. Oshawott return," Ash recalled the Water Pokémon into the Pokéball and bringing out another "Snivy, I choose you!" he called Snivy out into the field for battle as well.

"Let us begin," Snivy crossed her arms in confidence.

"Very clever choice son, now let's see what you can make out of it," said Clay.

"Snivy, use Energy Ball!" Ash called out, Snivy formed a green sphere of energy then launched it at Palpitoad.

Clay smirked "Knock that away with Rock Smash and then use Sludge Bomb!" Palpitoad's tail glowed with red energy before spinning round to deflect the Energy Ball to hit a rock wall then opened its mouth and spat a glob of sludge from its tongue at Snivy.

"Dodge it by using Vine Whip and attack with Leaf Blade!" Snivy brought out her vines and struck the ground to launch her into the air with the sludge impacted where she stood then her tail glowed with green energy as she dove towards Palpitoad to attack.

"Palpitoad, use Hyper Voice!" Palpitoad took in a deep breath before unleashing a loud echoing shout which knocked Snivy back greatly and disrupting her attack "What else you got to show me?"

Ash smirked in response "This…use Attract!" Snivy sent several heart-shaped pink energy projectiles at Palpitoad with a wink, causing the Pokémon to be all lovey-dovey and Naruto began to growl lowly.

"What!?" Clay was completely taken by surprise at the move.

"Now attack with Energy Ball!" Snivy fired a green energy sphere and successfully landed a hit "Then use Leaf Blade!" Snivy struck the Pokémon several times with her tail glowing to land super effective hits.

"Snap out of it Palpitoad and fight back!" said Clay but was frustrated to see his Pokémon still under the effects of the Attract.

"Let's end it with Leaf Storm!" said Ash, Snivy summoned razor-sharp leaves around her and fired them at Palpitoad to inflict enough damage to make it faint with swirly eyes.

"Palpitoad is unable to battle, Snivy wins!" the referee announces.

"That was awesome!" said Ash.

"Nicely done, Snivy-chan!" Naruto called out.

"Why thank you!" said Snivy with a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

That was when Clay began stomping his foot on the ground in anger "Why you little whippersnapper pipsqueak! Palpitoad return!" he recalled the downed Pokémon back into its Pokéball before glaring at Ash "You're really starting to make me mad and I don't like that! One of the few things I do not tolerate is an unfair battle!"

"What do you mean unfair? Using Attract is a part of my battle strategy," said Ash confusedly.

"Strategy!? A young whippersnapper like you should forget about strategy and attack head-on like a man!"

"That's being rather reckless," said Naruto.

"You shouldn't talk since you often do that," said Kurama.

"Maybe so, but to force my opponents to make a move first so I can find a way to beat them, remember?"


"Looks like I'll have to use my secret weapon to teach you a lesson," Clay brought out his final Pokéball "Its power is on a whole new level compared to the rest of my pokemon, I'm talking about my Excadrill! Let's get to work!" he tossed the Pokéball into the field to call upon the Pokémon which looks larger and obviously stronger than Iris's Excadrill.

"Whoa, Excadrill looks very strong," said Ash.

"That's an understatement, better play it safe for now,"

"Yeah, Snivy use Vine Whip!" Snivy immediately lashed out with her vines towards Excadrill who looked calm in spite of the incoming attack.

"Rapid Spin Excadrill!" Clay commanded, Excadrill began spinning its claws at high-speed akin to twin propellers and deflected the vines.

"Ugh, then use Energy Ball!" Snivy fired a green energy sphere but that too was deflected by the rapid spin "That Rapid Spin keeps blocking our attacks, use Attract!"

Clay scoffed in response "Not gonna work this time kiddo, Rapid Spin once more!" Excadrill spun round like a top and effectively destroyed the heart-shaped projectiles aimed at it before charging towards Snivy.

"Snivy use a Leaf Storm Counter shield!" Ash called out in alert, Snivy spun rapidly with the leaves swirling around her like a tornado to act as a form of defense.

"I don't think so, use Drill Run underground!" Excadrill immediately changed into its drill form then spun rapidly as it burrowed underground, it suddenly emerged from underneath Snivy and struck which also dissipated the counter shield "Now finish it by using Horn Drill!" Excadrill's horn extended and spun like a drill before slamming into Snivy, sending her crashing into the rock wall behind Ash with swirls in her eyes.

"Oh no Snivy!" Ash called out in concern while Naruto ran over to check on her.

"Snivy is unable to battle, Excadrill is the winner!" the referee declared.

"Snivy, are you okay?" Naruto held Snivy up with his tails, she groaned before weakly looking up to him.

"I think so," said Snivy.

"Glad to hear, just rest up and leave it to us to win this battle,"

"Yeah, you did great Snivy, return," Ash recalled Snivy back into her Pokéball before turning to Clay who was looking at them smugly.

"What else you got for me?" asked Clay.

"We're not done yet, Oshawott! I choose you!" Ash called Oshawott back into the field for another round "Use Water Gun!" Oshawott immediately fired a stream of water towards Excadrill.

"Use Drill Run underground!" said Clay, Excadrill burrowed into the ground with the water attack completely missing before bursting from underneath Oshawott to send him flying into the air before diving back underground "Keep using Drill Run!" it repeated the process and not gave Oshawott a chance to recover.

"That's enough, Oshawott use Aqua Jet and go in after Excadrill!" Ash called out, Oshawott enshrouded himself in water before diving into the hole which Excadrill just made then moments later, part of the ground burst open to reveal Oshawott having successfully slammed into Excadrill to force it out "Great, now use Razor Shell to wrap this up!"

Clay snarled in response "I don't think so, Excadrill use Rapid Spin!" Excadrill rotated its claws quickly to deflect Oshawott's attack and knocking him down "Now end with Horn Drill!"

"Quick, get out of there!" Ash called out in a panic but it was too late as Oshawott couldn't dodge in time and was damaged to the point of fainting.

"That hurt," Oshawott barely groaned out.

"Oshawott is unable to battle, Excadrill wins," the referee announced.

"Even with a type advantage, Excadrill was still able to win," said Iris worriedly.

"It makes me wonder how Ash will be able to overcome this with his last Pokémon," said Cilan.

"Now what?" asked Clay.

"My goal is to become a Pokémon Master, there's no way I'm giving up now," Ash responded with determination.

Clay shook his head in disappointment "You still don't get it,"

"What do you mean by that?"

Clay then held out his pickaxe "Take a good look at this pickaxe, I started digging this mine along with Excadrill when I was a young whippersnapper just about your age and now look at how large it has become. But you think you're ready to become a Pokémon Master lickety-split, I used this pickaxe to dig every inch of this mine which earned me the title 'King of the Mines', so my job is to show just how tough the road to the top really is,"

Ash clenched his fist upon hearing that "Listen, I already know that the journey to my goal is going to be long and hard but I know that I will be able to achieve it. I'll prove to you just how serious I am with my last Pokémon!"

"Know that we got your back!" said Naruto.

"Yeah!" said Pikachu in agreement.

"I hear you but talk is cheap, so walk the walk here on the battlefield," Clay staked his pickaxe to the ground and waited.

"Alright then, go Pokéball!" Ash threw his Pokéball into the battlefield to call upon his third and final Pokémon, surprising others when the Pokémon revealed itself.

It is a tall and bulky quadrupedal Pokémon which resembles a tortoise as it has a large dark-green shell with a white rim and diamond shape on its back. There is a single oak-like tree and three triangular stony extensions resembling that of mountain peaks on top of the shell with a brown patch like soil next to the tree. To maintain balance and support the overall weight, it has muscular legs with rocklike nails, a short-pointed tail, and it also has two silver spikes on both sides of its head along with a black kite-shaped beak.

"Which Pokémon is that?" asked Iris confusedly.

"It's a Torterra, a Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. It must be one of Ash's Pokémon from his previous journeys," said Cilan.

"That's a mighty fine Pokémon you got there, but let's see if it can do more than just look good. Excadrill, use Rock Slide!" Clay commanded, Excadrill's body glowed white with rings of energy appearing above it then large gray rocks emerged from the rings and rained down on Torterra who simply stood there and took the hit without flinching.

"Why didn't Torterra dodge?" asked Iris.

"Because it can't, Torterra is a very heavy Pokémon so it severely lacks speed but appears to be able to take some serious hits," said Cilan.

"Alright Torterra, use Leaf Storm!" Ash called out, Torterra unleashed a spiraling blast of razor-sharp leaves.

"That same old move? Excadrill use Rapid Spin to get close and then use Horn Drill!" Clay called out, Excadrill rotated its claws rapidly as it rushed forward and shredded through the leaves till it reached Torterra then switched to spinning its horn like a drill and slammed into Torterra's head with the Grass/Ground Pokémon holding strong and not moving an inch from the attack.

Ash smirked at this "Got you right where we want you, Torterra use Bite!" Torterra broke away from the clash and chomped down on Excadrill to make it cry out in pain.

"Come on Excadrill, fight back with Drill Run!" Clay called out but saw that his Pokémon wasn't listening "What's going on with you?"

"Torterra's Bite can sometimes make the target flinch and not move, which we'll continue attacking. Torterra, use Energy Ball!" Torterra opened his mouth to form a green energy sphere before firing it at the defenseless Excadrill and landing a strong hit before it snapped back into focus.

"Come on Excadrill, show those whippersnappers you're tough!" Clay urged, getting Excadrill to stand back on its feet for battle "Now use Horn Drill at full power!" Excadrill's horn rotated at high velocity as it charged forward at Torterra.

"Wait just a bit more Torterra," Ash commanded with Torterra readying himself as their opponent approached them "Just a bit more…attack with Frenzy Plant!" Torterra's body glowed with a light green aura as he raised his front legs up then slammed them onto the ground for thorny dark brown roots to merge and repeatedly strike Excadrill from all directions.

"Excadrill, get out of there!" said Clay urgently but was too late as the Pokémon was unable to endure any more damage and fainted.

"Excadrill is unable so Torterra is the winner, which ean to match goes to Ash the challenger," the referee officially announced.

Music End

"Alright!" Ash cheered happily with a fist pump and Pikachu was jumping with joy.

"Aces!" said Naruto with a smirk.

"They really won!" said Iris.

Cilan nodded in agreement "It certainly is an impressive match,"

Ash ran over to Torterra to wrap his arms around the Pokémon's neck for a hug with Naruto and Pikachu close behind "Thanks for helping us win Torterra, just like old times," Torterra happily nuzzled against the ravenette's cheek to show just how much he missed his trainer.

Clay recalled Excadrill back into its Pokéball before looking at Ash with a small smile on his face, seeing that the trainer truly knew the stakes of his ultimate goal in spite of being reminded from time to time. Later on, they were standing at the gym's entrance with the sun setting in the backdrop.

"Well Ash, that's certainly a battle I won't be forgetting any time soon," said Clay , holding a hand out for a handshake.

Ash took the hand with his own and shook "And thanks for letting me battle you,"

"I worked hard on this here mine to et it to where it is now and becoming the face of Driftveil City, I hope that you never forget to work very hard on your way to becoming a Pokémon Master,"

"We'll be sure to remind him if he does," said Naruto with Pikachu nodding in agreement from atop Ash's shoulder.

Clay then presented the badge to them "It's all yours…the Quake badge,"

Ash took the badge and looked at it gleefully "We just got the Quake Badge!" he struck a pose with Pikachu doing a victory sign.

"Yeah, believe it!" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

Later that night, the group were at the Pokémon center to rest for the night as well as having Ash's Pokémon to be healed by Nurse Joy. They were currently talking about the gym battle with Clay.

"I must say that your surprise reveals of your Pokémon from previous journeys always add exquisite tastes in your battles," said Cilan.

"Just how many more Pokémon do you have that we don't know about yet?" asked Iris.

"I'll leave you to guess, it's not a surprise if you know ahead of time," said Ash with a wink and Naruto smirked as well. They heard the sound for the Pokémon being healed and went to the counter to meet Nurse Joy who presented the Pokéballs on a tray.

"Here you go Ash, all of your Pokémon have fully recovered,"

Ash took the Pokéballs and strapped them to his belt "Thanks Nurse Joy,"

"So where will you be going to?"

"We're setting out for the next gym to earn another badge,"

"Then may I suggest Mistralton city? It has a Pokémon gym and is quite close,"

"Then that's where we're going," said Ash excitedly.

Naruto grinned "Can't wait to see the kind of gym there, the anticipation is already getting to me,"

"Let's see if it's strong enough to have you partake in it," said Kurama, getting the Pokéninja to nod in agreement.

This is Hussbek online with the latest chapter, Ash and co return from Milos Island with the Revival Herbs for Clay and finally got the gym battle which the former wanted since he arrived in Driftveil City. The battle took place underground between Ash and Clay which was tough but Ash emerged victorious in the end thanks to bringing back one of his Pokémon from his past journeys. With another gym badge in hand, the group's next stop is at Mistralton City where another gym lies in wait for them.

Harem List:
Snivy (Serperior)
Riolu (Lucario)
Mienfoo (Mienshao)
Braixen (Serena's)
Kirlia (Gardevoir)
More TBA

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