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"Hey, don't forget about us, eh?" She says to me, patting my shoulder as they prepare the portal back home. I nod at her, we finally defeated The Lich... well I defeated The Lich, seems like only someone from his own dimension can kill him.

"How could I? You're all humans." I say with a tear running down my eye. It was a paradise, I figured out that this was also Earth but since humans exist, this is a different Earth.

"Remember, Finn, Strength and Honor." The Queen of Themyscira says to me.

I grab my huge backpack filled with the things they gave to me. Swords, a whole set of their armor, which I figured I'd best wear pants with since it would definitely show my undies.

With the Lich permanently gone, I could rest easy. The only threat that ever came close to absolutely defeating me and everyone else is dead. For good. Now, I just hope that when I return I haven't been gone to Ooo for a hundred years.

Killing the Lich was faster, the portal is what I waited for. It took them four years to finally create one. So in the meantime, I trained and help the people of Themyscira, which were all female warriors by the way. I was lucky I was 14 when I stepped in their realm. I was a kid and them seeing me fighting the Lich I was able to earn their respect. I later heard that they hated men. Thankfully, being a kid and from another dimension, I was given an exception.

I took one deep breath and step inside the portal.

Them cheering my name was the last thing I heard before the light engulfed me and the darkness that followed.

"Oh glob! My head hurts..." I groan, massaging my head. I didn't remember it was this painful when me and the Lich accidentally entered the portal.

Oh yeah. It was no accident. Lich was trying to rule the next dimension and as we battled one another, we happened to step on the portal.

"Well. This is definitely Ooo." The last time he was on these very grassy field was when he, Jake, PB, Marceline, and FP were battling the Lich. All of them were knocked out before I had my one on one with him.

Then I finally saw the thing I feard most.

Here lies Finn the Human. The Greatest Hero of Ooo. Here he fought bravely against the Lich, in which he valiantly did everything to stop him.

Love, Jake and friends.

"The tombstone hasn't aged that far. And it's well taken care of. I guess, it must have been years as well." I whisper to myself. Something to boost my confidence that all of my friends are still alive and well. My perception has grew from training with the Amazons. Well, everything related to being a warrior.

And so I walk.

Still wearing the leather armor they gave me. It was enchanted by the way. The armor looks awesome. It's indestructible. A pure whire leather armor, with the Amazonian's crest in the middle and gold engravings as well. I wore a long sleeve back shirt and pants. Something I was forces to make, the Amazons aren't really all that popular with clothes. At most times they are in their amor, but at night... well, let's just say I ate dinner and always went to bed early.

The greaves and gauntlets were indestructible as well, so does my new sword. They called it 'Crocea Mors' which to other means 'Red Death' kind of awesome to be honest. The sword is indestructible as well, but it looks like a ceremonial sword. And it never needs to be sharpen again.

"Great." I say to myself again, it's almost night but I think I'm still far from our treefort. I remember the way, but without light... not so much. "I knew this back then, now... ugh." Well, I guess spending the night under the stars isn't so bad.

I build a small fire and took out the fresh grapes from my backpack and along with a bottle of wine, and cheese.

For women who ate a lot of dairy, they sure are fit.

"Who goes there!?" I yell, it was faint, but I heard the bushes rumble. Thanks to the Amazonians throwing me in the forest at night for my training honed my senses. My hand to my sword...

"Ha! Oh. My. Glob. You are such a hottie!"

I... "LSP!?" Boy, this is the very first time I'm happy to see LSP. I quickly run to her side and hugged her. It didn't really matter who is it right now, but to just a friend of mine is enough.

"Yeah, easy there, wolf. I know I'm a hottie so keep your hands to yourself." She says to me, I raised my eyebrow, she really doesn't know who I am.

I just laugh alongside her without revealing my name. I'm just happy right now to feel a friend at my side, and I don't want her to be shock and all from seein my alive.

I left her before the sun came up. I don't really want to hear her annoying voice this early. I mean, I like seeing LSP again but... It's LSP.

I reached the tree house early in the morning, the cold morning breeze as the sun is still preparing for its day. I forgot how peaceful it was in here.

I opened the door. "Oh yeah, Jake moved in with lady long before I as gone." Judging by the dust and the creepy sound made by the door, no one has been here for years.

I removed my cloak and drop my bag down the floor. It made a loud thud, and it echoed through the house.

I forgot how lonely I was before. Jake visited me usually but it still felt lonely being alone in the house. It was just too quiet for me. Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum were too formal whenever they visited me, even when we all teamed up against the Lich. Marceline was still the usual, a bad ass dame who only wanted to be friends with me.


I felt like returning to Themyscira now. Ugh.

Then I felt someone.

I reached for my blade "One move and your dead!" She hissed, putting a pale hands at my neck.


I turn around slowly, knowing that this girl has strength of a demon.

"Hey, Marceline?" I quickly took notice of her puffy red eyes.


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