He and some fellow Candy Knights accompanied him to the Goblin Kingdom. Of course, going in alone is far more better than having four heavily armored knights on your back. But Bubblegum insisted that he should have some company.

"Sir, we can't expect anything good about the Goblin Kingdom. Nothing there is worth saving." One knight said, and Finn clearly saw the tightened grip on his sword.

He was once the Goblin King, and yes they were stupid, chaotic, and weird, they were not evil doers. "What happened when I was gone?" Clearly any large movement of the previous Goblin King should have caught anyone's attention.

"Honestly? We do not know. One day they just expanded their kingdom and kept to themselves. Princess Bubblegum let them be so long as they cause no trouble to anyone then this happened." Billy replied.

"Okay, I'll cover myself and go in there alone. You guys will wait at a safe distance-"

"Sir, Princess Bubblegum's order-"

"Finn is right. Our armor isn't exactly made for covert mission. We'll charge when we see signs of trouble." Finn nodded, thankful that Billy isn't as stubborn as the others. If he was still the fifteen year old boy back then, he would have charged already.

But he learned from his sisters. The best fight is won without using force, but the irony is they solve most problems with force. "I'll contact you guys with this." He handed out necklaces to each knights, also explaining to them that it's one of Princess Bubblegum's invention that will alarm others silently. The gem in the necklace would start to blink at an alarming rate. "Okay, we're approaching the Goblin Kingdom."

Hidden in the forest are four knights clad in steel armors. While another figure, a hooded creature approaches the gates to the Goblin Kingdom. Thanks to Bubblegum once more, they were able to sneak deep into goblin territory and straight to their capital.

"The gates are unguarded?" He whispered to himself.

True there were guards everywhere, but they're slackers. He smirked, checking the entire kingdom might be a piece of cake. Plus, there's a lot of creature that's no goblin, so being different won't be too much of a problem.

"Would you like a slave, good sir?" The goblin's voice caught his attention, and what they're saying is indeed true.


There are hundreds of creatures, different colors, sizes, and everything are locked up. He gritted his teeth, he wanted to free all of them, but attacking means suicide as well.

Forcing every will he got, he looked away. 'Not today, but I promise I will free you all!' He thought to himself, but it's more of a comfort for himself.

Line Break...

"He's been there for far too long." One of the knights said, pacing back and forth. "Should we follow him?" He suggested.

"No." Billy replied, determined. "Trust in Finn. If we go in now we might be putting his life in grave danger." But to ve honest, Billy is just as worries as the rest of them.

"Should we call for reinforcements?"

"No. We were only able to sneak past their outposts because there's a few of us. A large group might alert them, and that for sure will be bloody."

"But, Billy, we won the battle!"

Billy sighed, he cant believe he has to explain it to them.

"We won because Finn was there. He took command and made a second plan, under all that pressure."

"Sorry. I just... you know, the stories of the greatest hero in Ooo. Now he's back and-"

"I know." Billy truly knows what his brother feels right now. "I know."

Line Break...

Does this place even have a leader? The only thing keeping him from thinking that this is a leaderless place is because there's guards everywhere. And the deeper he got in the kingdom, the stronger the guards have looked like.

"I followed your orders, sir."

He quickly moved to an alley upon hearing that voice.

"Good. The Master would be pleased." That voice. Where did he heard that? It seemed so familiar, but then again he can't remember who it is. "Her blood is the key to unlock my Master's full power. And once he has it... everyone will kneel before him." Finally, it's starting to get worth it for him. But, who is this master? Who's this familiar voice?

"Sir... there's a problem."


"My army has been obliterated. I- ack!"

"You promised me you'll be quite until I what I wanted!" The voice growled. Finn positioned himself to his advantage, because if need be he'd jump and ready to attack.

"We-ack! Didn't- sorry!"

"You could have frightened Ooo and made problems for me. Get me the human before I decide to kill you."


Chapter End!

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