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"Damnit, damnit, damnit! I'm late! Never again am I staying up till 4 in the freakin' morning watching tutorials on how to build a pancake helicopter! Especially since the exam is today!' muttered Jaden, running past a few people as she tried to get to the entrance exams on time.

Jaden was an average young teenage girl, although she doesn't really have the looks of a girl considering how tomboyish she is, so many people mistake her as a boy. She had Kuriboh-like hair, with two strips of color in her hair, one of mostly dark brown, the other a bit of the orange side. She had regular jeans and a dark jacket over a red shirt to show off, making her appearance much more boyish.

Meanwhile, a young tri-colored man was walking down the park when he heard a voice coming from behind. He turned around in time to see a young, feminine-looking boy crash into him before falling to the ground, his duel disk and cards scattered all over the ground.

"Oww...the pain!" complained Jaden as she tried to gather her cards all together. "Sorry about that!"

The tri-colored man noticed the things the young teenager had dropped. "You're a duelist, aren't you?"

"Huh?" Collecting the cards on the ground, Jaden glanced back at the man and smiled. "Yup! I'm just going to try out at the Academy!"

The man chuckled, fetching a card out of his deck by his belt. "You don't say."

"Yup!" Standing up, Jaden giggled to herself before realizing who the man was in front of her. "H-hey! You're-!"

"Why don't you take this? Something just tells me that it belongs with you." The man handed Jaden the card and began to walk away right pass her.

"Wow! For real?" Before Jaden could turn it around to see what card she got, she realized she had to thank the man first. "Oh! Thank you! I-I'll make you proud!" she called, bowing her head in full respect.

The mysterious man stopped, only enough to give her a thumbs-up before leaving. If that card was in that youngster's hands, well, he could see that she had a bright future ahead of her.

Jaden took a good luck at her card, which happened to be a monster card no less. His name was Winged Kuriboh, and despite how he looks, which happens to be a small furball with wings, he was...he was...

"EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK! HE'S SO CUTE!~" Jaden let out a loud scream, unable to contain her excitement and eagerness. In fact, her scream could be heard for miles, considering how loud she is.

The man, aka Yugi Moto, was still walking around when he heard a familiar fangirlish squeal. He smirked a little to himself, chuckling. So, looks like Winged Kuriboh's got himself another fan, huh? He almost felt bad for the guy.


Just when Jaden was about to put away her new card into her deck, she heard a strange voice nearby, making her glance at her card. Call her nuts, but she actually thought she saw Winged Kuriboh blink at her.

'Eh, he's cute, but I doubt I saw him blinking,' thought Jaden, giving an eerie grin to her card. Her eyes widen when she saw the time on her watch, causing her to run even more faster than before.

"Your entrance exam is in five minutes. Move your ass," spoke the automatic watch clipped onto Jaden's wrist.

'Well, lucky I have this reminder function on my watch!' thought Jaden, picking up the pace towards her destination.

"Move faster."

"I am, you goddamn sprick!" 'Note to self, throw away annoying watch function.'

"Once again, all academy applicants who already passed their entrance exams, please proceed to registration. To those who failed, better luck next year."

'And have fun at Duel Monsters Community college!' thought a feminine-looking male teacher, looking unimpressed by all the dueling going on. His name was Professor Crowler, always perfering to be called Professor first, and hating Slifer Reds second.

"Also, attention students! A Mokey Mokey has been found! If you are the owner, please come collect it at the office!"

"Oh, that's mine!"

"No it's not! It's mine!"

"Are you kidding me?! I lost it when I was 7!"

'Watching people playing card games is like punching a small squirrel,' Crowler thought to himself. 'It's funny at first, but...then you start to lose interest.'

During one of the duels going on, one of the proctors summoned a worm-like monster to the field and directly attacked a candidate for Duel Academy, a light blue haired young boy with glasses named Syrus, who flinched from the assault.

'Ah man! I can barely concentrate with all these academy students staring at me! Judging me!' thought Syrus nervously as he glanced at the crowd. 'What I wouldn't give to be enrolled in a school like them!'

"Last call for all academy applicants! If you have not checked out for your exam, please do so now!"

Meanwhile, outside in the parking lot, there were two young women and a tall man standing guard in front of the entrance, waiting for anymore applicants to arrive. "Well, ladies! That's it!" said the man, checking his watch. "Mark all the no-shows, no-shows!"

"WAIT! I'm no no-show!" Grunting as she struggled to climb up, Jaden grabbed hold of the railing, brushing past the tough, thick bushes in her way. Twigs and pieces of grass and parts of the bushes were all over her face, hair, and clothing. Still, Jaden managed to keep a grin up. "You can...count Jaden Yuki as present, thank you! Well, so long as I don't lose my grip! Haha!"

Syrus wiped away any sweat of doubt from his forehead as he watched the last remaining match. He was lucky enough to pass his entrance exam, but he barely made it! The proctors around here sure don't show any mercy!

Suddenly, Jaden rushed in right besides him, excited to see the match. "Wow! Look at them go!"

Bastion Misawa - 3200 LP

Proctor - 1900 LP

"Alright, new guy! Multiple choice!" called out the proctor, who had two very high defensive monsters on his side of the field. "You've got two monsters staring you down! You got A) Throw in the towel; B) Beg for mercy; or C, Run home to Mama! Then again, it doesn't matter! Face it, kid! You've got no chance winning!"

"Hmm...I'll go with D) None of the above!" said Bastion, looking stern and confident with only one monster and one facedown card. "Besides, what if I play Ring of Destruction?"

"Well then, you'd probably win. But it's a good thing you don't-"

At that moment, Bastion flipped over his facedown card, which so happens to be Ring of Destruction.

"Aw, come on!"

"Exactly," Bastion nodded. "You see, with Ring of Destruction, I can destroy any monster that's in Attack Mode, and we take damage equal to that monster's Attack Points!"

A small collar with red lights triggered when it came contact with Bastion's monster's neck. Not only was his monster destroyed and created a huge explosion onto the field, but both opponents lost Life Points equal to his Attack Points, which so happens to be 1900.

Bastion Misawa - 1300 LP

Proctor - 0 LP

Winner: Bastion

"Clever move, applicant! Welcome to the Academy!" welcomed the proctor, by all means, impressed.

Bastion bowed his head in total respect for his opponent. "Thank you, oh wise proctor."

Among the audience, three guys wearing blue uniforms were sitting together, having witnessed the whole duel. Needless to say, two of the guys were extremely impressed, but the one in the middle with spiky black hair, wasn't amused one bit.

"Wow, that guy's pretty good. Don't cha think, Chazz?" the glasses-wearing guy spoke.

"Guess the rumors about him being a wiz kid were true, huh Chazz?" said the other guy, turning to the guy in the middle, who's name was Chazz Princeton.

"He's a punk. We went to Duel prep school for the last three years. We're ready for the Academy," scoffed Chazz. "These kids just don't know what they're getting into. But they'll learn. The hard way. The Chazz Princeton way."

"Wow! That last guy really tore it up!" said Jaden, smiling happily.

"Yeah," Syrus spoke up, turning to her. "Bastion Misawa. They say he's got the highest score in the written exam of all us applicants!"

"Wow, I just barely passed." Jaden didn't ever wanted to take the written exam again, especially with all the tough questions, like 'What Card allows you to Ritual Summon White Paladin?'

Even Syrus had to agree, his expression not so good so far. "Yeah, me too. My name's Syrus, by the way. Nice to meet you. I kinda have a thing where I get test anxiety.I dunno how I won my match."

"So you're in! Congrats!" Jaden patted Syrus on the back, an affection he was not so easily used to. "I'll be in too as soon as I win my duel!"

"Wait, you haven't dueled yet?"


Looking concerned, Syrus added, "Then, you might have a problem. I think this was supposed to be the last one."

"HUH?!" Taken aback, Jaden started to panic, grabbing onto Syrus's shoulders and shaking him frantically. "Then what am I supposed to do?! I don't wanna take the stupid written exam again!"

"A-a-a-a-ahhh! C-calm down Jaden! And stop shaking me!"

"Oh! Sorry!"

On the other side of the arena, another audience took place, all seated and examining how skilled the new duelists were this year. It seemed that they were impressed, judging by the happy looks on most of their faces.

"Looks like a pretty good crop this year!" spoke one of the proctors.

"Yes, indeed!"

Meanwhile, Crowler was fixated on his poetry, trying to recite some words and rhythm into his mind. 'Hmm...What rhymes with Golem? Yolem? No...Trolem? No...Mary Poloem? That's not even a word...Solemn? Solemn! Yes! Solemn! I must write it down!'

As Crowler was writing down something in his notepad, one of the adults walked up to him. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but one more applicant has arrived to take his exam, Mr. Crowler."

Crowler twitched his eye. "Did you just call me 'Mr.?'"

"O-Oh! I'm sorry, I'm new here, Mrs."

"I'm a PhD in dueling; I've earned the title of 'Dr.,' thank you! Now, tell the applicant he'll just have to come back next year!"

"Oh, come on, Dr. Crowler! We have time for one more!"

"Yes, let's give this duelist a shot!"

"He was just a bit late, that's all!"

"LATE IT RUDE!" snapped Crowler, his frustration finally being let out and startling the people around him. "You people just don't understand what it's like, being artistic and a great poet like myself!"

"Uh...I don't think poetry is really important right now."

That set off Crowler once more. "POETRY IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT YOU FREAKIN'-!"

At that moment, Crowler's cell phone began to ring loudly, causing the owner to gather his phone and answer it. "Hello ? And who may I ask is-"

"It's Sheppard."

"Ah! Chancellor Sheppard!"

"Just calling to make sure everything's running smoothly, Crowler! Wouldn't want a repeat of what happened last year! When you cut a third of our student applicants for some ridiculous reason-what was it? Calling you Mr. or Mrs.? Whatever! Just make sure everyone gets a fair shot!"

"Absolutely!" Crowler hanged up, a frown written all over his face. 'Doesn't he realize there are enough talentless flunkies at this Academy? But he's the boss, and if he wants to give this punk a duel, fine!'

Seeing how the proctors were waiting for his answer, Crowler announced, "Pardon me, gentlemen! I'll be right back!"

"But, who's going to be the applicant's dueling proctor, and what exam deck shall we use?" wondered one of the proctors, picking up a case full of decks meant for the exam.

"Hmph! Oh, leave that to me!" said Crowler. "Also, wasn't there something else before I was interrupted?"

"Um...something about poetry?"

"Oh yes, you're absolutely-POETRY IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT YOU FREAKIN'-!"

"...And that's the real reason why the chicken crossed the road!" finished Jaden, who was done explaining something to Syrus. When she saw Bastion sitting on one of the seats below her level, she commented, "Tight duel, Bastion!"

"Huh?" Bastion glanced back, thinking it was just another applicant who saw his duel just now. "Thank you."

"Fomr the looks of it, you just might be the SECOND best duelist here!"

Both Syrus and Bastion seemed surprised, and before they could question Jaden anymore of what she was saying, the announcer reported on the loud speakers, "Jaden Yuki, please report to Exam Field 4."

"Go time! Wish me luck, guys!" said Jaden, excited as she started to race down the stairs.

"Hey, wait!" Jaden turned to Bastion, who was just as confused as she was. "If I'm second best, then who's first?"

Jaden smirked, pointing to herself. "Yours truly! It's what I'm best at!"

Watching Jaden leave, Syrus pondered outloud, "Wow, he's so sure of himself! I wonder if he's that good!" He clenched at his chest, also confused. 'And why does my heart beat when I was so close to him?'

"He's going to need to be. Look who he's dueling," said Bastion pointing to the opponent on the field Jaden was heading towards. He had a strange feeling about Jaden, but it wasn't the evil suspicious kind of feeling.

"Oh, Professor Crowler! Your duel disk is so big!"

"Yeah, you like that, don't cha, bitch? They don't call me 'professor' for nothing!"

"Why do they call you professor?"

"Why do you ask so many questions? Go do something girly!"

At that moment, Jaden arrived onto the field through some sort of grid which led her upwards to where the field was. Two girls who were flirting with Crowler also helped him assemble his strange-looking duel disk.

Crowler, who was ready to duel and take down the new applicant, was so full of himself as he stared at Jaden. "Well, you've come so far to lose to the great poet and duelist! Me! Professor Crowler! I assure you that you won't-WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNNY?!"

Jaden, who got annoyed by Crowler's 'long' speech fairly quickly, was trying to entertain herself by posing as a bunny. "Make me! Besides, I like cute bunnies!"

Already five seconds have passed since Crowler met this kid, and he hated her already, despite not knowing she was actually a girl. "Grr...your name?"

"Huh? Jaden Yuki, sir!"

"Well, Jaden Yuki! I'm Dr. Vellian Crowler, Department Chair of Techniques at Duel Academy!"

"Hmm..." Jaden eyed Crowler carefully before asking, "Hey, I got a question! Are you a guy or a girl?"


Jaden scratched her head, unsure. "Yeah, I can't tell if you're a guy or a girl. My intutions are telling me you're a guy, but you're dressed like an old lady...sorry if that offends ya, teach!"

Okay, scratch that. Crowler not only hated this applicant, but DESPISED her as well. Oh, he clearly wasn't going to show her any mercy at all in this duel, not even a pint!

"Duel vest, on!" Jaden watched in astonishment as Crowler was ejecting five cards out of his duel disk which was worn horizontally onto his torso while humming a short tune.

"Whoa! Hey, that's pretty sweet, teach! How do I get one of those cool blue duel blazers?"

"Oh, a lot of hard work and extremely high marks!" replied Crowler, taking her response to be, at least a compliment. 'Of course, you first have to get INTO Duel Academy! And I intend to make sure that won't be happening!'

"Let's duel!" both duelists cried out together, the game starting.

- DUEL -

Jaden Yuki - 4000 LP


Dr. Crowler - 4000 LP

"Here goes!" shouted Jaden, drawing her first card. "Sweet! I'm gonna summon Elemental Hero Avian in Defense Mode!"

A bright light glowed upon the field as a muscular green man with feather-like wings sprang onto action, only kneeling down afterwards to provide some defense.

Elemental Hero Avian - (WIND/Warrior) - LV3 - (1000/1000)

"I'll also throw down a facedown! Alright! Get your game on!"

"Yes, very good. Don't tell me what to do," grumbled Crowler as he drew his card from his automatic duel disk. "Alright, for this first move, I think I'll do this nice and easy! I choose to use the Spell Card, Confiscation!"

Feeling a bit nervous about the card, Jaden asked, 'Okay! So, what's it do?"

"What it does is allow me to pay 1000 Life Points for the chance to peek at your hand and toss one of your cards into the Graveyard!" Holographic cards visually appeared within Crowler's view, getting him a close look at the cards Jaden had. "Oh yes! I remember some of these when I was a naive rookie! Hmm...now which one shall I banish? Monster Reborn to the Graveyard!"

Jaden - 4000 LP

Crowler - 3000 LP

Jaden grunted quietly to herself as one of her good cards was forced to be sent there. Man, she could have really used that card in case one of her monsters was sent to the Graveyard! Luckily, she laid Draining Shield as her facedown card, because that was really one handy card to use!

Crowler wasn't quite finished with his turn. "I'll place two cards facedown! And last, but not least, I'll play Heavy Storm! This Spell Card destroys every single Trap or Spell card that's out on the field!"

Jaden braced herself as several wind storms filled the entire area with so much gusts and winds that could literally blow away everything. Luckily, it was only a hologram, or Jaden and Crowler would be blown away.

"Oops! Did you forget that you had two Trap Cards on the field yourself!" reminded Jaden.

"Now, now! You mustn't speak out of turn, young scholar!"

Glancing at the field, Jaden realized that storm clouds and a dark, eerie mist were taking place in the background, and felt like something was sure to come. "W-what's happening?!"

Crowler smirked. "Nothing's happening. Not yet!" Two strange golden-like creatures sprang from the mist, serving as Tokens. "But that's about to change!"

While the audience gasped, Syrus seemed to be the only one in the row who was confused. "Uh...could somebody tell me what's going on?"

"The two Trap Cards that Dr. Crowler had on the field were called Statue of the Wicked," explained Bastion. "It's special Trap creates a ficious Token monster when destroyed. That's why he played Heavy Storm."

"A card that strong couldn't be in one of the test decks," spoke one of Chazz's friends. "Crowler must have been using his own."

"Then, this is over. No applicant can beat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler!"

"Yeah, it's impossible! Don't cha think, Chazz?"

"Yeah, what do you think, Chazz?"

"I think I'm gonna enjoy Dr. Crowler wipe the floor with our mouthy little friend down there," replied Chazz, a somewhat sadistic smirk forming onto his face. "I only wished that he treated the other second-rate duelists who applied to this academy the same way."

"What a snob, bullying some amateur with his very best cards," a girl in a blue schoolgirl uniform commented, looking down at the dueling field in disgust.

"You're too soft, Alexis," spoke the young man besides her. "I just hope we get to see that legendary rare card Crowler has stashed in his deck of his."

"Ready for your next lesson?" said Crowler, enthusiastic on finishing off the applicant with no mercy given.

Jaden laughed heartfully. "You bet! I can't remember the last time learning was this much fun!"

Crowler wasn't amused that Jaden wasn't the bit slightly scared of what move he was obviously going to make next. No matter, maybe after summoning his high-leveled monster will the applicant tremble. "Yes, well, I'm quite an excellent teacher. And now, I sacrifice my two Wicked Tokens and summon Ancient Gear Golem!"

While the audience stared, waiting for the huge monster to come out, Jaden was the only one watching with amusement and joy in her eyes. She had heard all about the powerful Ancient Gear Golem coming from one of the best teachers in the Academy, and now she was gonna face it right here and now!

"There it is!" gasped Alexis, astonished to see the appearance of the monster. "The legendary rare card!"

"I'd say we're about to see what makes it so legendary," commented Alexis's friend, who happens to be the cool, calm Zane Truesdale.

Coming from the ground, and also a bit torn apart, but still functional, was a huge machine-like monster who showed visible gears running courses throughout his body. His one red eye glowed as he stared down at his target, ready for battle.

Ancient Gear Golem - (EARTH/Machine) - LV8 - (3000/3000)

"Now, now! I'm sure you aren't scared of my legendary Ancient Gear Golem!"

"Nah, no way! I ALWAYS wanted to take one on!" dared Jaden, confidence rising onto her face as she stood her ground.

Avian glanced back at his mistress, a small smile written on his face. That's one of the special traits he liked about her; not only was she a bit cunning and adorable for a tomboy, but she always rises to the challenge no matter how tough it may seem.

The audience gasped when they heard Jaden declare that statement. "Either Jaden's brave or he's nuts!" said Syrus, unsure what the outcome is going to be just yet.

Even Zane himself had to admit, he was a little impressed by her courage. "He's staring down that legendary rare monster like he doesn't have a care in the world! I guess the youth and inexperience have their benefits after all. huh Alexis?"

"Oh, give it a rest, Zane," said Alexis, shrugging off his comment. "At least the kid's showing some backbone."

"There won't be much to show after this."

Crowler laughed like crazy as he was filled with confidence. Nothing could stand in his most powerful monster's way! No facedown cards on Jaden's side of the field, but only her pathetic monster! Plus, there was Ancient Gear Golem's special ability to boast about.

"Golem, attack! Mechanized Meleè!"

The golem machine complied his orders as he stood up straight and prepared to land a punch towards Avian, who braced himself for impact before being punched in the gut, ultimately destroyed.

"Ah, Jaden's monster didn't stand a chance! His Defense Points were way too low!" cried out Syrus, worried. "This isn't looking good!"

"And it's about to get worst," continued Bastion. "When Ancient Gear Golem attacks a monster in Defense Mode, the difference between its Attack Points and the defending monster's Defense Points are gets dealt to the opponent as damage."

"But that means...Jaden's Life Points are gonna take a hit!"

Jaden covered herself with her arms as the Golem's attack went right through, having piercing damage go through her Life Points thanks to the powerful monster's special ability.

Jaden - 2000 LP

Crowler - 3000 LP

"Hahaha! Aw, don't weep!" laughed Crowler, thinking Jaden was trembling with tears. "This is the top dueling school in the whole country! Some people aren't simply cut...out...for..."

Jaden glanced up, her face beaming with excitement instead of despair. "Boy, I really want to come to this school now! You really know your stuff, teach!"

Crowler gasped, then gritted his teeth in irritation. 'Can't he take a hint?! He will not be allowed to pass this exam! And her certainly won't make a mockery of my deck!'

'Just look at him tremble! He must really be impressed by me!' thought Jaden, oblivious to the angry expression on the teacher's face. She drew her card, surprised to see the new card she received from Yugi Moto.

Winged Kuriboh barely knew Jaden for an hour, but already, he likes her, as evident that she was squealing with joy when she saw how cute he was. This caused Winged Kuriboh to be embarrassed, no doubt. At the same time, he admired her courage and oblivious and naive nature, just like him! Only, Winged Kuriboh thinks he's a bit more smarter than her. Still, he winked at her as a sign of good luck.

'Awww! He's so cute! I think that's a sign for me to play him!' thought Jaden, blushing a bit. "Okay! I play Winged Kuriboh in Defense Mode! Then I'll place a card facedown!"

A little monster with angel wings came onto the field, purring in response as he made his debut. He was sorta glad Jaden picked her, but he knew that Ancient Gear Golem was several times more powerful than him. Oh boy, this was gonna hurt next turn.

Winged Kuriboh - (LIGHT/Fairy) - LV1 - (300/200)

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Jaden squealed so loudly, it nearly shattered everyone's eardrums and the windows nearby.

"What is your problem?!" yelled Crowler, thankful that his ears were bleeding. "Why are you suddenly screaming?!"

"I can't help it! Winged Kuriboh is just...SO...CUTE!~"

Everyone else sweatdropped. That was the reason why Jaden screamed? They had to admit, Winged Kuriboh was cute, but he was a weak monster. It wouldn't be strange if they thought a girl had Winged Kuriboh, but since they thought Jaden was a boy...well, who were they to judge who he thought was cute?

Winged Kuriboh blushed and hid his red face. Not only did she comment on how cute he was, but she had to say it in front of an audience! Could this day get any worse? Oh yeah, he was going to get pummeled next turn by a certain Golem.

"Hahahah! As if a Kuriboh will stop me!" said Crowler, drawing a card. "Ancient Gear Golem! Attack that Kuriboh with Mechanized Meleè!"

Winged Kuriboh cried out as the Ancient Gear Golem struck him down with one measly punch, not even considering using his entire strength due to how fragile and weak Winged Kuriboh was. It was like taking candy from a baby for the Ancient Gear Golem.

Jaden shielded herself as her Winged Kuriboh was blown to pieces. "Awwww! That was my cutest monster!" 'Sorry, Winged Kuriboh!'

Crowler was a bit confused. "Huh. Check your gear. Your Life Points haven't changed."

"My turn's fine! On the turn Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I take 0 damage," replied Jaden, silently thanking her little winged friend for the safepass.

"How about that? A technique the doctor didn't know," said Alexis, a bit impressed.

"No one can be expected to learn every technique, Alexis," Zane said, defending Crowler a little. "Especially one as obscure as that."

"Yeah? Well, that kid sure knew it."

"Fine, fine! I guess your lame little monster saved you there," said Crowler.

Jaden was a bit angry that Crowler would refer to her monster as 'lame.' "Hey! Don't call him lame just because you beaten him! He's adorable and fluffy and cute and would pound you if it weren't for your monster there!"

Crowler sweatdropped at her continued use of words to describe her Winged Kuriboh. "Ah yes, well I forget how attached you duelists get to your monsters. I'm sorry."

"Yeah? Well, you should be!" said Jaden. "Because you attacked my Winged Kuriboh, you set off a Trap card! One of my favorites too! Hero Signal! And that lets me play Burstinatrix!"

A fiery woman wearing a tight red jumpsuit flew into the field, ready to fight by her mistress's side with her own fire powers.

Elemental Hero Burstinatrix - (FIRE/Warrior) - LV3 - (1200/800)

"My turn!" declared Jaden, drawing a card. "Alright, Winged Kuriboh and Avian! This one's for you two! Okay! I'm gonna bring back Avian with the Spell Card, the Warrior Returning Alive! And now, I'm gonna summon him to the field!"

Joining his female ally, the wind-based Elemental Hero appeared once more, much more confident than ever to finish the villain in front of them: Ancient Gear Golem.

"Okay, another amateur mistake! But this is good! This is good!" taunted Crowler, not seeing the point to all this. "Now would anyone like to tell me what our little fri-"

"Actually, I wasn't done yet," cut in Jaden. "See, I know my two Heros aren't very powerful by themselves, but, if I can form them together, it's another story! And I have just the card to unite them! Polymerization! Joining together as the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman! I hope your Gear Golem is ready for the clash of the Titans!"

Both Avian and Burstinatrix flew together in the skies, merging together as one being; a much stronger looking monster with combined colors of red and green together. His right arm had the jaw of a monster as His one wing fluttered, his left claw sharpened, and his tail whipped at the ground in response to his power.

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman - (WIND/Warrior/Fusion) - LV6 - (2100/1200)

"Hmm...not bad for an average amateur," said Crowler, slightly amused by a powerful creature such as the Flame Wingman. "But next time, try to summon a monster with more Attack Points than it's already out."

"What's he mean?" wondered Syrus.

"He means that Wingman's Attack Points are no match for his Golem's 3000," answered Bastion. "Shame too, because when the Wingman destroys a monster, that monster's Attack Points are dealt as damage to its owner."

"Wait, so you mean they're deducted right out of his Life Points? Oh, that would have been a great way to turn things around!"

"Well, if your friend says he's as good as he says he is, he might still find a way."

"Wow, did we really seem like friends?" wondered Syrus, unsure. Once again, his heart pounded at the thought of him and Jaden becoming more than...What was he thinking about just now?!

"Alright, young scholar!" announced Crowler. "I don't mean to rush you, but I am a busy man! Are you done yet?"

"Of course I'm not done!" said Jaden, her field card slot opening. "And of course, I knew my Wingman had less Attack Points than your Golem! That's why I have this! Skyscraper! Go!"

Buildings surrounded the entire field as the night sky shined down upon both of them. It looked too much of a grand city to be anything of a battlefield. Then again, a huge city is always perfect for a hero's day, like Elemental Hero Flame Wingman. Speaking of which, the Hero was standing on top of a building, staring down at Ancient Gear Golem.

"Alright, Flame Wingman! Go show those heroics an attack on Ancient Gear Golem!" commanded Jaden happily. 'It's all or nothing now!'

"Fine with me! Bring it on!" challenged Crowler. "This silly little Skyscraper Field Card hasn't lowered my Golem's Attack Power by one point!"

Flame Wingman jumped off the building he was in and flew downwards towards the Golem machine, swiftly turning left and right instantly as he made his way at the ground. He jumped off the ground and flew up, ready to strike.

"You know what, teach? You're right!" said Jaden. "Your Golem's Attack Points haven't lowered, but it does raises my Wingman by a a grand total of 1000!"

Crowler practically shrieked like a woman when he heard that. "WAIT! TIME OUT!"

"Go! Skydive Scrotcher!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman - (WIND/Warrior/Fusion) - LV6 - (3100/1200)

Cloaked in blazing red and yellow flames, Flame Wingman flew down towards Ancient Gear Golem, pummeling down with enough force to take down the machine villain of the day. Once again, the grand hero of the field takes down a villain, the catch of the day.

"This can't be! He was my very best card!' cried out Crowler right before a chunk of rock slammed down on his head from the ruins of his Ancient Gear Golem.

Flame Wingman landed besides his mistress, glad to accomplish his goal in defeating his opponent. "And because of my Wingman's special power, the Attack Points of that Golem are dealt straight towards your Life Points. Sweet, huh?" said Jaden.

"N-no way!" Crowler panicked and tried to run away as his defeated Ancient Gear Golem collapsed and fell right on top of him, creating dust all over the field while his Life Points started to deplete fast.

Jaden - 2000 LP

Crowler: 0 LP

Winner: Jaden Yuki

"That's game! Thank God I'm absolutely flawless!" cheered Jaden, giving off a victory hand gesture as the monsters and field disappeared. "So, I guess I pass the test, huh teach?"

Crowler was still in a shock state over what just happened. "T-there's no way this...delinquent could defeat me!"

Chazz and his two buddies were just as shocked as everyone else who witnessed everything. "I-It must be dumb luck! No way that Crowler could lose to some flunky!"

Alexis seemed happy that Jaden seemed to pass. "That kid's got a future here! Wow!" She turned, seeing her friend Zane leave before she could catch up to him.

"Alright! Yeah, Jaden!" Syrus was cheering happily for his new friend while Bastion smiled in acknowledgement.

'Nice, I could use a little competition,' thought Bastion, finding newfound respect for Jaden.

Jaden was gladly taking in all the credit and applause for herself as the crowd cheered for her, making her do a little victory dance. "Yeah! I did it! Believe it!" She giggled to herself and stared at her Winged Kuriboh card, silently thanking him for his help.

Winged Kuriboh winked at her again. Sure, difficult times may come, but he'll be looking forward to being partners with a tomboyish girl like Jaden Yuki!

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