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Episode 40: Gore's Name


"Look Grandpa, a gore!" a boy's voice cried. Oak blinked. He glanced at his side. Ash beamed as he held up a tiny piglet covered in shaggy brown fur that fit inside his cupped hands. The Swinub snored contentedly.

"A Swinub piglet?" Oak muttered. It must've hatched last night. "Wait a minute. Something's been gored?"

"He's a gore," Ash said, staring at him like he was an idiot.

"A Gore?" Oak smirked."Ash male pigs are called boars."

Ash frowned. "I don't think that's right."

"Who's the Pokemon Professor here?"

"That doesn't mean you know everything," Ash snorted. "Remember when you got robbed by a baby mouse?"

Oak winced. "That was four months ago. Let it go. And it was a pair of Pichu! Not regular mice. "

Ash drew breath to respond when Delia came to Oak's rescue. "Ash! Your partner is here!" Ash's face lit up as the laboratory's back door opened. Delia beamed. She held an orange lizard with a tiny flame on the end of its tail in her arms. Charmander yawned and wiped at his eyes. Oak sighed in relief when Ash turned toward the Charmander. Hopefully, his grandchildren would forget Oak's humiliation. I can still be a cool grandpa. Probably.

Ash all but sprinted up the back porch, nearly dropping Swinub in his haste. Oak smiled. Ash had begged to be given a Charmander for a couple of years now. It stunned them all when he offered to wait three months to get his Charmander. Oak's smile sank into a smirk when he remembered Ash refusing to take a newborn Cyndaquil for a partner. Arcia had been pouting ever since, wondering why Ash wouldn't make one of her grandchildren his partner.

Delia set Charmander on the ground. Ash knelt, placing Swinub on the floor next to him. This was it, a moment that would carve itself in his grandson's memory eternally. Charmander shuffled toward Ash slowly. Ash smiled without showing any teeth and extended his hand. Charmander leaned in, placing the top of his head against Ash's palm. Oak and Delia beamed.

A furious squeal made Ash and Charmander jump. A tiny brown blur rammed Charmander's belly, throwing it to the ground with a pained cry. Oak gaped as Swinub crashed into Charmander again, sending it rolling off the back porch. Ash snatched Swinub up before the piglet could attack again. Swinub flailed and squealed furiously. Charmander sprinted behind Delia.

"Huh," Oak muttered. Barks of laughter came from behind them. Oak looked to the lab's roof to find his beloved Arcia rolling on her back as she laughed. "Stupid honey badger," Oak grumbled. Arcia laughed louder.

They tried reintroducing Ash to Charmander thrice over the next month. Each time, Swinub escaped from his enclosure and tackled Charmander away from Ash. Swinub stubbornly refused to drink his milk unless Ash stayed nearby while he ate. Worst of all, the dratted piglet only responded when called gore, which convinced Ash gore was what one called a boar pig. Oak sighed and rubbed his temple. So much for being a cool grandpa.


Author's Note: I took too long, so I figured I'd at least post this since it's my birthday.

Also, that Pichu pair are definitely canon Pikachu and his little brother.