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Chapter Twelve – All Fun And Games

"Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go,
Will I catch up to love? I could never tell, I know,

Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I,
Feel like I'm glued on tight to this carousel

Come, come one, come all,
You must be this tall

To ride this ride at the carnival
Oh, come, take my hand

And run through playland
So high, too high at the carnival

And it's all fun and games,
'Til somebody falls in love,

But you've already bought a ticket,
And there's no turning back now

Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go,
Will I catch up to love? I could never tell, I know,

Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I,
Feel like I'm glued on tight to this carousel

This horse is too slow,
We're always this close,

Almost, almost, we're a freakshow." Carousel by Melanie Martinez

The mouthwatering aroma of cheese pizza wafted into my nostrils as Seth set the box down on the table and popped it open. Beside it were paper plates and a box of Budweisers. Normally Seth and I made it a tradition to save the Star Wars marathon for May 4th (also known as Star Wars Day), but for whatever reason, we were making an exception this year. I didn't mind for two reasons: 1) I was always up for a Star Wars binge, and 2) I finally got a chance to appreciate Seth's company without being interrupted by Dean as he'd chosen to hit the sack shortly after we all checked in.

"If we're watching the prequels I'm prepared to cringe whenever Hayden Christensen talks or is even referenced," Seth huffed, snapping open his beer and tugging on his Darth Vader t-shirt. Being that we were about to watch one of the best franchises of all time, we made it a must to look the part. In addition to his Darth Vader shirt, Seth was also donning a pair of black pajama pants with the Star Wars script and Millennium Falcon along the left leg.

I selected one of my ROH t-shirts, which had the company's logo on the front and This Is Wrestling on the back, a pair of Darth Vader themed leggings, and Darth Vader slippers. Around my neck was a silver Jedi Order pendant that Seth had gotten for me for my 20th birthday.

"Hey! He was not that bad!" I defended, carefully picking up two slices and placing them on my plate.

"Yeah, he was, you're just defending him because you think he's hot," he said, matter-of-factly. "I wanted to gauge my fucking eyes out and track down the moron responsible for casting him in the first place! Watching him act was more boring and irritating than watching paint dry."

"Say what you will, but I thought he did a great job at showing the reason for Skywalker's descent into the Dark Side," I shrugged and set my plate down on the bed and my beer on the bedside table. Seth's laptop was positioned in the center of the bed with the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope dvd menu arrayed across the screen.

"Anyone but Christensen, that's all I'm going to say," he said, taking a swig of his beer before lying down beside me with his plate on his lap.

"Don't throw your beer at the screen, Sethie, you remember what happened the last time," I teased.

When we watched the prequels last year it was the only time Seth lost his cool whenever Hayden had a scene, and his "rational explanation" was, "If I have to endure yet another wooden performance by Hayden fucking Christensen then I'm gonna need loads of alcohol to make sure I don't throw this TV out the window." And while he didn't do just that, what he did was far more unexpected. He carelessly threw his red lightsaber at the TV, which was both effective in shattering his screen open and said lightsaber. To make matters worse, both cost him an arm and a leg to replace.

"He already ruined my TV and my lightsaber, he's not worth ruining my laptop," he retorted, picking up his slice and munching on it.

Clicking the Play button, I stretched my feet out and breathed out a tranquil sigh as my head hit the pillow. That position didn't last long though, as Seth scooted closer to me so that my head lay against his chest.

"Man, what I wouldn't do to fly the Millennium Falcon," Seth muttered in awe as Luke and Han took on the TIE fighters.

"You saying you can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, Sethwalker?" I joked, playfully swatting his arm.

"That's a challenge I'd definitely be up for," he grinned. "And I'd be up for you sitting beside me in a slave girl outfit, just saying."

"Jesus, now you sound like Dean," I groaned.

"I HEARD THAT!" Dean's voice rang out from the other room, which was then followed by a high-pitched moan and a bunch of, "Oh Dean, yes! Right there! More! More! Oh my fucking God!"

"He brought a fucking ring rat back?!" I whisper-exclaimed, my eyes widening in disgust.

"Apparently," Seth huffed, before tossing a pillow at the door. "KEEP IT DOWN, LUNATIC!"


"Son of a bitch, he is not about to ruin our Star Wars marathon!" I snapped, marching towards the door and throwing it open. Seth yelled after me, saying that it wasn't worth it and that we could postpone our marathon, but I flat-out ignored him.

Pushing Dean's door open, I was welcomed by the sight of a busty blonde riding him and Dean groaning in delight. The girl immediately shrieked, got off Dean, and frantically grabbed her clothes and began pulling them on. Dean, meanwhile, was yelling, "What the fuck, Valentina?!" and "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?!" and "If you wanted to join us all you had to do was ask!"

"Get. Out," I sneered at the girl, who swiftly nodded and high tailed it out of the room. Turning to Dean, I harshly backhanded him across the face and gritted my teeth together. "I fucking told you that Seth and I had plans tonight, but oh no, Dean "The Horny Lunatic" Ambrose can't even keep it in his pants for ONE. FUCKING. NIGHT!" I screamed, my Brooklyn accent instantly slipping out. This only occurred when I was full-on pissed. Suffice to say, I was ready to rip Dean a well-deserved asshole.

Dean's head slowly turned sideways to look at me, and I felt a chill run down my spine when I saw that familiar delirious look in his blue orbs. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Dean was secretly Barry Allen because in a flash he had me shoved me up against the wall, using his body weight to pin me there. His 6'4 frame easily towered over my 5'7 one.

"Let's get one thing straight, Monroe," he said darkly, placing his hands on either side of my head. "You're not the boss of me, and if I wanna bring a girl back and fuck her brains out, I don't need your fucking permission to do so. It ain't my fault you're sexually frustrated. But, on the other hand..." His hand suddenly trailed up my legging-clad thigh and my heart thumped wildly in my chest, but it wasn't from being turned on. I was fucking petrified, and the fact that Dean was showing shades of Jon Moxley wasn't helping the situation one bit.

"I could help you out in that department, you know," he continued. "Tell me darlin', have you ever been fucked against a wall before?"

"D-Dean, l-let m-me g-go, y-you're i-insane," I spluttered, slapping his hand away. He chuckled lowly and raised it to rest against my throat.

"I don't appreciate you barging into MY room and telling my girl to leave, darlin'," he rasped, leaning in to run his tongue down my cheek. "Maybe I think you owe me for it…"

"DEAN, GET OFF HER!" Dean was suddenly ripped away from me and Seth was in his face, breathing raggedly and giving him a murderous glare. "What the fuck's wrong with you?! Are you out of your mind?!"

"She shouldn't have barged in on me," Dean replied nonchalantly.

"ARE YOU SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW?!" I screamed, my mood switching from terrified to enraged in a millisecond. "YOU JUST SHOVED ME UP AGAINST THE WALL AND TRIED TO GO JON MOXLEY ON MY ASS, YOU STUPID FUCK!" I marched over to him, but a bigger set of arms caught me and pulled me back, halting me from spearing his ass through the floorboards. From the olive tanned skin and long black hair I immediately recognized the culprit.

"Roman, let me go," I snarled.

"Rome, take her back to our room," Seth said sternly, never taking his eyes off Dean. "I need to have a little chat with Ambrose."

"You're not gonna kill him, are you?" Roman inquired, cocking a brow.

"I can't make that promise," he mumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he ushered us out.

"Are you alright, baby girl?" Roman asked softly as he sat down on the bed beside me.

"I honestly don't know, Ro," I said. "I knew Dean had an insane side, but…the side I saw tonight was reminiscent of his CZW persona. Yes, I admit I probably shouldn't have gone into his room like a madwoman and told the girl to get out, but I never thought he'd actually…."

"Listen to me, Vee." He lifted my chin up, concern evident in his grey orbs. "This isn't your fault. I love him, he's my brother, but he crossed the line by putting his hands on you like that. And I can promise you that if Seth doesn't straighten him out then I will."

"….Can you give him a spear for me?" I asked quietly, my lips curving into a small smile at his words.

"Anything for you, sis."

The tension between Dean and I was thick enough to cut with a butcher knife the following morning. What's worse was that Raw was in Layfayette, meaning I had to be stuck in a car with him for the next two hours. To most girls that would've been considered a dream come true, but if I had a choice between this and spending a night in Arkham I would pick the latter of the two in a heartbeat.

As a "precaution" (or rather, so Dean and I didn't end up in the ICU for trying to maul each other), Seth told Dean to sit up front with Roman while him and I took the backseat. Being in a sour mood, I didn't argue and shuffled into the backseat, placing my black and red headphones with the Rebel Alliance symbol engraved on them on my ears before plugging them into my phone. Scrolling through my Pretty Reckless-themed playlist, I hit the shuffle button and pulled up the hood of my black and pink UFC hoodie as Sleeze Sister filtered into my eardrums and kicked back.

I'm your sleeze sister,

I'm your sleeze sister,

I'm your sleeze sister,

Be your sleeze sister,

Be your sleaze sister,

Be your sleeze sister,

Fuck conformity,

Fuck conformity,

Fuck conformity,

Fuck conformity,

Fuck conformity!

Fuck conformity!

Seth waved his hand in front of my face, impelling me to let out an annoyed, "What?" before grudgingly removing my headphones and my hood.

"Just wanted to let you know that we decided to stop at a gas station to refill and Rome and I wanted to know if you wanted anything," he replied tentatively, and then looked down at my phone with an amused smirk. "Sleeze sister, eh? Sounds like a very interesting song, Vee."

"You know it," I retorted. "Well, that's good to hear because I'm starving. I'll have a hot dog with ketchup and mustard, a bag of Funyuns and a bottled water. I think I've got a twenty in my purse here, just give me a minute." I bent down and picked up my black leather spell book-shaped clutch that read Black Magic in silver lettering.

"Don't. It's on me," Seth insisted, a toothy grin spread across his face.

"Hate to be a cockblock…actually, no I don't," Dean interjected. "I'll take a bag of fries if they have any and a Gatorade."

Seth nodded. "Be back in a few. Can I trust you two to be alone for five minutes without killing each other?"

"No sweat, Anakin," Dean said impertinently, waving him off.

Once Seth left I felt the need to finally address the one issue that had been grinding my gears ever since we left New Orleans: Dean's seat. I don't know if he purposely pushed it back to the point where it was making my legs ache or what, but either way I was through biting my tongue about it.

"Can you move your seat up?" I demanded sharply, my eyes narrowing into slits.

"Nope." He popped the 'p'.

"Jesus, of all fucking people I HAD to be alone in the car with…"

"It's not exactly pleasing for me either, darlin'."

"Look, if this is because I won't give you an apology then you're even more childish and dense than I fucking thought. If you'd get your head out of your ass you'd realize that I'm not in the wrong here!"

The car was dead silent for about two minutes, and then Dean let out a heavy sigh and spun around to look at me. He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. "So I think we've established that I'm no good at this apology shit…."

"No, really?" I chortled.

He held up his hand. "Just…let me finish, alright? For once I'll admit that I….was wrong."

"Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I'll take it," I said discernibly. "It's better than us getting killed at Raw tonight because we couldn't sort our shit out."

"Then shut up and give your big brother a hug." His tone was playful as he unbuckled his seatbelt. Giggling, I unbuckled mine and maneuvered myself towards the front seat, wrapping my arms around him. His hands soothingly caressed my back as I buried my face in his shoulder.

"Oh my God! It's Dean Ambrose and Valentina Monroe!"

We pulled away from our hug and turned towards the source of the high-pitched voices. Standing right outside Dean's window were two girls no younger than nineteen or twenty. One had bleached blonde hair and the other had black hair with blue streaks, and both were also dressed in Shield t-shirts. Their already thrilled smiles got even wider as Dean rolled down his window. "Well, hey there, ladies. What can I do for ya?"

"We just wanted to say that we love The Shield!" Blondie squealed, holding out a mini –hot pink colored notebook and a pen.

"And that we believe in you til the end!" Miss Two-Toned piped up, holding out her on mini-notebook and pen. "Again, sorry to bother you two, but can we get your autographs?"

"Sure thing," Dean said with a smirk and scribbled down Believe in Dean Ambrose xoxo and I added Valentina Monroe and doodled a bunch of hearts and tiaras beside my signature.

"Thank you so, so much!" Blondie chirped. "And you guys were just hugging! This is the greatest moment of my life! I ship you two so hard! I swear, I even have my own tumblr blog dedicated to Dalentina!"

"Please. Monrollins is OTP/endgame and you know it!" Miss Two-Tone argued as I gave her back her notebook and proceeded to sign Blondie's. When that was done we bid them farewell and snickered to ourselves as they walked back over to the car still arguing over who they shipped more.

"Ah, gotta love the fangirls," I simpered, bending over to rummage through my bag for my phone.

"All I heard was that they're fans of us, and even better, they're fans of Dean Ambrose," Dean replied impudently, crossing his arms behind his head.

"Your ego's showing again, Dean," I scoffed, tapping the screen to pull up my Twitter page.

"You wouldn't be complaining if you actually saw it, Monroe," he shrugged.

NatbyNature: Last night's victory was nothing but a fluke. If Valentina hadn't stuck her nose where it didn't belong I can guarantee that things would've gone differently. Then again, I should've seen this coming from such a classless, attention-seeking cheater.

"Nattie, Nattie, Nattie," I sneered, shaking my head as I angrily began typing out a response. "You have no idea what you just started."

"She's talking shit, isn't she?" Dean scoffed.

"She thinks our victory last night was a fluke," I said icily as I sent out the tweet.

"She's being a sore loser," Dean said. "I say you challenge her to a rematch tonight and show her exactly why that statement is false. You'll have embarrassed her on live TV within the last twenty-four hours. If that's not justice then I don't know what is."

TheKillerQueenOfWWE: A fluke, eh? Well Nattie, how about you put your money where your mouth is? You versus me tonight on Raw. I look forward to embarrassing you again. #TimeToTakeOutTheTrash #You'reAnInjustice #BeliveInTheShield

NatbyNature: I accept, Monroe. And I'll keep that in mind as I'm tapping you out. I'm sure your boys will be your shoulder to cry on when I do. #ClasslessCheater

"You are dead meat, woman!" I roared, just as Roman and Seth entered the car.

"Who is?" Seth asked quizzically, passing me my food and then passed Dean his.

"Nattie's talking shit on Twitter," Dean said, shoving some fries in his mouth. "And Valentina just challenged her to a rematch.

"Don't let her play those mind games with you, Vee," Roman advised. "Let your fists do the talking. Remind her who she's dealing with."

"She's going down," I said assuredly, biting into my hot dog as Roman started the car. "Make no mistake about it."


February 18th, 2013

Lafayette, Louisiana

The Cajundome

I wheeled my suitcase along as I pushed open the door labeled THE SHIELD. I'd stopped to take a few selfies and autographs with the fans crowded outside the arena prior to the show so I wasn't shocked to find the dressing room empty. The boys were more than likely already geared up and going over a post-Elimination Chamber plan for tonight, because let's be honest here; if Natalya wasn't gonna take her loss lightly then there was no way her teammates would either.

Gathering my gear out of the bag, I strutted into the en suite bathroom and closed the door behind me. Minutes later, I was dressed to kill in a black leather corset, black leather shorts, black leather thigh-high leg warmers with black garter straps that hooked onto the hem of my corset, black leather spiked knuckle duster gloves and black combat boots.

When that was done, I stopped by Hair & Makeup for the finishing touches. Within the next hour, my hair was styled in long, loose voluminous curls (God bless hair extensions) and my makeup was plum colored and sensual.

I was able to catch up with the boys just as the show kicked off and we sat down on a set of steps backstage. Well, Roman, Seth and I were as Seth was explaining to me tonight's plan. Dean, meanwhile, was anxiously pacing back and forth with a sadistic grin on his face. Something he had a habit of doing whenever he was fired up.

"Yo Ambrose, could you quit pacing for fuck's sake?" I snorted. "You're acting like you're about to enter a fucking MMA tournament."

"Can't help it," he rasped out, slamming his knuckles together. "Between your rematch against Natalya and us continuing our reign of justice, tonight's about to get interesting."

"Speaking of Natalya, how are your legs, Vee?" Roman asked. "Last night you were screaming bloody murder when she had you in that Sharpshooter. You sure you're one-hundred percent ready to go tonight?"

"Even when I'm not at a hundred percent, I'm gonna go out there and give it my all, Rome," I replied. "That's how it's always been for me."

"Yeah, and the last time you went with that strategy you tore your bicep and your UCL," Seth muttered.

"It wasn't my fault, okay?!" I exclaimed pointedly. "It was a fucking triple threat match and Sara's leg got tangled in with my arm and the ring ropes! Honest to God, I may have been sore last night but I'm more than ready to go tonight."

"You heard the lady, Rollins," Dean snickered. "And I'm sure those gorgeous legs of hers will still be ready to go when they're wrapped around your waist."

"Dean, I mean it, I'll end you and I'll make it look like a goddamn accide-" My rather explicit threat was cut short by Matt Striker's voice, who turned out to be right around the corner.

"Sheamus, last night at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view The Shield were victorious," Striker began. "But you seem to have found a weakness, can you share your thoughts?"

"Please," Seth whispered agitatedly as we all moved closer and huddled together to hear the interview better. "The Shield has no weaknesses, and he's about to get that message loud and clear once I curb stomp him."

"No more luck of the Irish for you, fella," Dean sneered.

"Listen Matt, what happened last night didn't go to plan," Sheamus admitted. "Obviously we were supposed to get our revenge on The Shield and what's happened over the past couple weeks, but uh, I feel like we let everybody down and – Oi!" He narrowed his eyes at Ryback, who was pacing back and forth in frustration. "You think you're the only one who's affected by what happened last night?! We both lost that match! Listen, here's the thing, fella: we have to adapt and overcome! You're Ryback, right?! You're supposed to be a machine! Or are you really just like everyone else says, huh? Are you just some mindless Neanderthal?"

"Mindless Neanderthal?!" Ryback growled, grabbing Sheamus by the scruff of his collar.

"Hey! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! Enough! Both of you stop!" Chris Jericho and Natalya rushed in to break the two of them up.

"Does that make you mad?!" Chris demanded, slapping both of their chests. "Well you should be mad, but not at each other, at The Shield!"

"He's right, remember who the real enemies are here," Natalya interjected. "You two trying to rip each other's heads off is only making things worse."

"They've got everyone on edge around here and you two being in each other's faces does NOT help, okay?" Chris said angrily. "We know these guys are a pack of wolves, they do what they want, they attack then they want, I've seen it happen before with The NWO, with The Nexus, but The Shield's at a completely different level, okay? And you have to do whatever it takes to save this company. WE have to do whatever it takes to save this company. Yeah, I said we, because I love WWE, and I've never worked anywhere else since I first walked through these doors in 1999, and I'll never wrestle for any other place again, okay?"

"And it just so happens that I have a rematch against Valentina tonight and with her out of the way that's already half of the problem solved," Natalya said scornfully. "I take her out of the equation, those buffoons go out of their minds and we all take our company back. This plan is surefire."

"Just like your plan last night was "surefire", Nattie?" I said smugly.

Roman chuckled lowly and clapped me on the shoulder. "All that shit talking's about to bite her in the ass, baby girl. Remember what we said, stay focused, and Natalya won't be leaving that ring the winner."

"She most certainly will not."

"-and there's NO way that that Vickie can deny the box office appeal of Natalya Neidhart versus Valentina Monroe and The Shield versus Ryback, Sheamus and Y2J!" Chris said tenaciously. "And if I go talk to her tonight, I guarantee we're gonna see our matches in Canjun country tonight, on Raw Is Jericho!"

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to take threats from a guy with a ridiculous jacket and a Bon Jovi haircut seriously?" Dean huffed.

"No, Dean, you're not," Seth smirked.

"If you can make it happen, you've got a deal," Sheamus replied.

"Done," Ryback said.

"Since my match has already been approved by Vickie, I'm gonna go warm up," Natalya said. "I won't let you guys down."

"That's what I wanna hear," Chris said confidently before the two of them walked off.

Ryback stepped up to Sheamus with a determined glare. "FEED. ME. SHIELD!" There was the sound of Sheamus laughing and slapping his teammate on the shoulder as the two of them followed Chris and Natalya out.

Craning my head, I turned to the boys with a magisterial smile and we simultaneously nodded. Natalya, Sheamus, Ryback, and Chris's words had our blood boiling, but that only confirmed one thing: they were all in for another ass-whopping.

"This is a Diva's match scheduled for one-fall!" Justin Roberts announced. "Introducing first, representing The Shield, from Brooklyn, New York: Valentina Monroe!"

Hey you know you're lockin' lips with a libertine?

Hey did you know you're knockin' hips with a killer queen?

Another victim of my method of seduction,

I made you look but you never saw me comin,'

Pushing the door open, I flipped my hair over my shoulder and fist bumped a few fans as I walked down the arena stairs. The boys were already at ringside which helped me feel more at ease because if Natalya tried to run or her teammates got involved, Roman, Seth and Dean would be there to put a stop to it.

"And Valentina looking even more annoyed than usual tonight," Michael noted as I stepped over the barricade. "Do you think she's letting Natalya get in her head?"

"Of course she's not, Michael!" JBL scoffed. "Natalya's words don't matter because Valentina's gonna make her eat them regardless!"

"You should've seen their Twitter war earlier, guys," Jerry laughed. "Are there any girls on the roster that Valentina hasn't had beef with yet?"

Stepping onto my apron, I thoroughly placed my right foot on the bottom rope and slowly stretched out my other leg before sliding downward until I was doing the splits on the bottom rope. I had long legs and I was able to use them to my advantage quite often in the ring. With that in mind, I decided to spice up my entrance for a change.

Ducking my head underneath the center rope, I reached up and grabbed the top rope, bouncing on the bottom rope for a couple seconds, I dismounted myself. Doing a 360 spin, I placed both arms behind me and positioned them on the top rope before flipping myself over. I then draped my right leg over the top rope while my left leg was planted on the bottom rope, flashing the crowd a cavalier wink just as the guitar riffs of Natalya's theme rang out.

"And her opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Natalya!"

"Well Natalya looks like she has no remorse for her actions." Jerry joked as Natalya nonchalantly sauntered down the ramp.

"She should!" JBL spat. "She's been nothing but disrespectful to Valentina, she'll be lucky if she leaves this match with her face still intact!"

The ref waved his hand and told the time-keeper to start the match. The two of us locked up, and with a good amount of effort I was able to rearward her into the nearest corner. In order to wear her down, I briskly recoiled my fist and punched her in the face two times before ricocheting off the turnbuckles and striking her with a springboard roundhouse kick.

Digging my fist into her hair – and ignoring the ref's warnings for doing such – I flung her into the turnbuckle and extended my leg and pressed it against her throat before grabbing onto the adjacent ropes for support, choking her while the ref started to count. After he got to three I released the hold and she crumpled to the mat couching and frenziedly rubbing her throat.

Yanking her to her feet, I whirled around so we were back to back and corkscrewed my arms around her neck and falling into a neckbreaker. I promptly followed up with another one before dropping down and pulling her leg up.



Natalya lifted her shoulder up and impatient snarl left my lips. Turning over, I reached for her hair again, but I was met with a sharp slap to the face, which momentarily stunned me and sent me reeling backwards.

Taking advantage, she locked her arms around my waist and fell backwards, hitting me with a brutal German suplex. I didn't have the luxury of rolling out of the ring to regain my breath because Natalya hauled me up seconds after my back hit the mat. Using her other hand to hook my head, she twined her leg around my leg and delivered a Russian legsweep. Rolling me over, she hoisted my leg up.



I heaved myself up and Natalya wasted no time in punishing me for it by dragging me to her level by the hair. Grunting, I raised my arm and pelted her with a clothesline. I could've taken this opportunity to get payback by taunting her, but where would the fun in that be? No, I had other ideas.

Planting her with a reverse STO, I seized her by the ankle and dragged her over to the ring post. Once the post was between her legs, I slid out of the ring and stood next to the ring post and locked in the figure four leglock. Launching myself backwards, I grabbed her feet while hanging upside down. All Natalya could do was scream in anguish and grip the ropes in a useless attempt to get out of the lock.

"Oh my God, what on earth is Valentina doing?!" Cole exclaimed. "Is she out of her mind?! This is taking it too far!"

"She's getting revenge, Michael!" JBL laughed. "And the boys couldn't be more proud! Especially Seth! Look at him, he's applauding her!"

"One! Two! Three! Four! Valentina, let go!" The ref scolded and I mulishly followed his orders.

"This is MY Kingdom!" I screamed at the crowd, brushing off the boos that came shortly afterward.

Re-entering the ring, I crawled over to Natalya and hooked her leg up.



Cue another kick out from Natalya at two and a half and my aggravation intensifying. I exasperatedly lifted her up until she was standing in front of me and placed my shoulder under her jaw, ruthlessly spiking her with a shoulder jawbreaker. I knelt down beside her and grabbed her leg again.


Natalya jerked out of the cover again, much to my veritable chagrin. She sat up and drove her fist into my stomach. I skittered away from her and she countered with two more blows to my face. She hoisted me up and planted me with an atomic drop before trampling over my back and rebounding off the ropes. After her feet slammed into my face in a basement dropkick, she hovered over me and as I tried to recuperate.



Natalya slammed her fist against the mat in irritation as I kicked out just before the ref hit the mat again. As I pathetic and cowardly of an attempt as it probably was, I feebly tried to crawl away from her so I could gather my bearings. But Natalya wasn't having any of it. She grabbed my legs and pulled me away from the apron, briefly telling the boys to go to hell as they yelled at her in protest.

Before I knew it, she had me locked in the Sharpshooter, the pain shooting through my legs and more agonized screams spilling from my lips. I stand corrected, I will be both surprised AND grateful if I have zero health problems by the time I hit thirty.

I managed to get to the ropes in the nick of time, and by that I mean that I was a hair away from tapping out in hope that she didn't break my legs like toothpicks. The ref ordered her to let go and she backed up as I rolled underneath the ropes, using the middle one to pull myself up. Natalya dashed over to me and kneed me in the gut, causing me to lose my balance. I expected the hard, unforgiving concrete floor to greet me with a sloppy kiss so I was definitely thrown for a loop when I landed right in Seth's arms. He hooked his arm underneath my legs so he was holding me bridal style.

Seth just caught me….on live TV. I don't know whether to kiss him or tell him to put me the hell down! Though with the way he's looking at me, that first option sounds a lot more inviting…

Seth's lips curved into a smug grin and, with reddened cheeks I placed my hand on his chest, feeling the hard, sculpted pectoral muscles that lay underneath. He brushed the messy curls away from my face and gently stoked my jawline as he stared intently at my lips. When he dipped his head to do the one thing I wanted for years I moved my other hand to rest on the back of his neck.

But leave it to Natalya to ruin the fucking moment.

In a flash, the soles of her feet slammed into both of us in a baseball slide, forcing Seth to drop me as the impact sent us spiraling into the announcer's table. Gruelingly, I rolled off the table and onto the floor as the ref began the count. Through my blurred vision I could see Dean trying to pull Seth up before I felt Roman gently doing the same with me. Not wanting Natalya to hit him as well – on top of not wanting her to win this via count out – I leapt out of his arms and rushed into the ring again as the ref counted to eight.

She stuck her arm out and ran to hit me with a clothesline, which I quickly avoided by bending myself backwards into the matrix. Arching upward, I waited for her to advance on me again before swiftly grabbing her neck. Hoisting her up, I leapt backwards and followed up with a cobra clutch slam.

Kipping up, I sprinted to the ropes and sprung off them before falling down and striking her in the chest with a snap elbow drop. After repeating this action two more times, I crouched down in front of the turnbuckles and shouted –scratch that, demanded - for her to get up. She staggered to her feet and I abruptly laid her out with an excruciating spear. I went for the pin and the ref started counting.




He motioned for the bell and raised my arm in victory as Justin Roberts announced: "Here is your winner: Valentina Monroe!"

Still undefeated. And with Natalya out of the way it was time to eliminate the three remaining thorns in our side.

"Seth, come on!" I shouted, slapping the apron as he floored Sheamus with a dropkick before going for a cover on the Celtic Warrior.



Sheamus kicked out, but Seth shoved him down and hastily went for another cover. He kicked out at one this time and Seth punched the mat in frustration. Desperate to wear the bigger man down, Seth trapped him in a headlock. When that didn't work Seth angrily kneed him in the face and stormed over to him as he backed up into the corner. Seth kicked him in the face and stomped him a few times before slapping Roman's hand.

"You okay there, hothead?" I joked as Seth bent over the ropes to stand beside me.

"Never better," he ground out. "Let's just hope Rome can end him because my patience is wearing thin here."

"Prepare for it to vanish completely," I muttered, cringing as Sheamus hit Roman with a clothesline that nearly took the Samoan's head off.

"Damn it! Roman! Tag me in, I'm open!" Seth demanded. Roman tagged him in and Sheamus tagged in Ryback.

"Mother of -!" Was all that left my lips as Ryback knocked Roman and I off the apron. Earlier, I had the pleasure of landing in Seth's arms to avoid something like this but now I wasn't as lucky. Eventually, I got enough strength back to climb back onto the apron just as Ryback lifted Seth up and was ready to hit him with Shell Shocked.

"Cover him, Vee!" I heard Roman growl lowly before rolling back into the ring and taking out Ryback with a Spear. Dean was keeping the ref and Jericho distracted by arguing with them. It was now or never, and I had to act fast. Stealthily stepping under the ropes, I raced over to Seth, grabbed his arm and dragged his half-conscious body over until he was covering Ryback before ducking out of the ring. Relief flooded my body when the ref didn't see me and began counting.



Ryback kicked out, prompting Dean to stick out his hand for Seth to tag, which he immediately did. We were dominating them but it was clear this still wasn't going to be an easy victory. Then again, our victories prior to this didn't exclude some level of difficulty.

Surprisingly, Dean kept Ryback at bay and made sure to keep him as far away from his teammates as possible. When he rammed Dean into the corner, Roman sent a clubbing blow to his back before he and Dean used the ropes to choke him.

"You can never catch your breath against The Shield," Michael pointed out. "As I mentioned before, this all-consuming offence."

"Well this is the first time we've seen these guys on Raw in a match like this and I gotta admit, I'm impressed," Jerry said.

"Well they answered their critics last night and The Shield's doing so again tonight," Michael said. "They have completely floored Ryback, just like they did to Sheamus earlier on."

After another failed pin attempt, Seth dragged Ryback over to Dean, who tagged himself in before the two of them rained down punches on Ryback. Dean executed a neckbreaker and went for the pin but Ryback powered out at one. He tagged Roman in and Roman kept control of him. Once he had him cornered, he charged towards him, but Ryback moved out of the way at last minute. This caused Roman to take a painful hit between the legs courtesy of the top turnbuckle.

As Roman crumpled to the mat in agony, Ryback crawled over and tagged Jericho in and Roman weakly tagged Dean in. When he nailed Dean with a series of clotheslines and Seth with a springboard dropkick I couldn't help myself, I started panicking again, which only got worse after Jericho hit Dean with a running bulldog and a lionsault. Jericho went for Walls of Jerico but Dean pulled him down into a roll up pin.



Jericho kicked out and chopped Dean across the chest. Ryback and Roman were now brawling at ringside while Dean struggled to hold his own against Jericho. Next thing I knew, he locked Dean in Walls of Jericho.

"Dean, whatever you do, don't freaking tap!" I screamed.

All I got was a pained grunt in response as he strenuously tried to get to the ropes. Sheamus tackled Roman and stopped him from breaking it up. Just when I thought all hope was lost, Seth jumped off the turnbuckle and Jericho was met with a knee to the face. Dean went for the cover.




Once the ref called for the bell and Justin Roberts announced the boys as the winners, Seth quickly helped Dean up and motioned for us to leave through the crowd.

"So this is where Valentina Monroe officially became a badass."

"You better believe it, Deano. House of Glory taught me everything I know. And the fact that The Amazing Red owns this joint is the cherry on top."

"That would explain all those high-flying moves of yours. You continue to surprise me, darlin'."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

"Well for example, I didn't expect the lethal and mischievous Killer Queen to be such a huge nerd." He gestured to my workout gear.

A pleased smirk crossed my lips as I glanced down at my electric blue colored leggings that had Goku from Dragon Ball Z displayed on both legs and my black t-shirt with the ravishing Mortal Kombat X version of Kitana on the front.

"You say it like it's a bad thing," I retorted, dropping my black and white Turning Up Is My Cardio duffle in the corner and removing my dark gray cropped hoodie.

Since we weren't scheduled to appear on SmackDown and our next house show wasn't until Saturday, I decided to fly the boys back to Brooklyn with me to stop by my old stomping grounds. First we planned to get in a couple hours' worth of training at my old wrestling school and then we'd do lunch and end the day with a jovial trip to Coney Island. Normally the park was closed this time of year, but surprisingly spring had come earlier than expected this year and the park's reopening was announced shortly afterwards.

"Hey, baby girl?"

I raised my head to look over my shoulder at Roman. "Yes?"

"On the car ride you mentioned retooling your Hard Goodbye finisher, what did you have in mind?" he questioned, entering the ring with Dean and Seth following his lead.

"And more importantly, does it involve your legs around my neck?" Dean asked lasciviously.

"Dean, don't start," Seth warned. "I'm sure this place has a strict sexual harassment policy and I don't want you getting banned from the place before we've even started training."

"Anyway," I scoffed, stepping into the ring and clapping my hands together. "I researched a couple finishers on the plane yesterday and decided on the scissored armbar. Description wise, just picture me being seconds away from ripping a bitch's arm out of their socket and they've got no choice but to tap out. I'll call it…" I paused dramatically. "Kiss of Death."

"A little homage to Poison Ivy, I take it?" Seth grinned.

"Damn skippy," I said excitedly, before staring at the three of them with a challenging smirk. "So, which one of you wants a demonstration?"

"I'll pass!"

"Me too!"


"Ding ding ding!" I exclaimed obnoxiously. "Step right up, Dean Ambrose! You're the next contestant on The Killer Queen's Wheel of Torture!" I turned to Roman and Seth with a snort. "Feel free to place your bets at any time, fellas."

"Twenty bucks says he taps out in less than ten seconds," Seth chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I've got thirty that says he'll do it in less than five, bro," Roman replied. "You in?"

"What the fuck you guys?!" Dean thundered, his eyes widening to the size of saucers.

"Relax man, if your arm is hanging out of the socket then we'll step in," Roman said. "Who knows, perhaps you'll actually win this bet."

"You're damn right I will," Dean snapped pretentiously, slapping his taped fists together. "You're going down, Monroe."

"Honey, I'm flattered but that's a privilege you'll never get from me."

"Tap out, Deano! Tap! Tap! Tap!" I jeered five minutes later as I wrenched his arm back using both hands while simultaneously compressing his other arm using my leg.

"Over my dead body," he rasped out, jerking himself sideways as he tried to throw me off him. "Fuckin' A, is this payback for every time I fucked with you?!"

"Maybe," I answered innocently, tugging his arm back a little more before snapping my head up to look at Seth. "You know the drill, Sethie, ask my first victim the magic words!"

Seth stifled a laugh as he knelt down next to Dean's head. "What do you say, bro?"

"Up yours, Rollins!" he spat. "And Monroe, this doesn't mean you win, capeesh?!" He recalcitrantly tapped my thigh and I unwound my leg before doing the same with his arm.

Seth helped Dean to his feet and looked over at Roman. "So bro, how long was that?"

Roman squinted to look at his watch. "Nine seconds. Well there goes my beer money for this month, thanks a lot, Ambrose!"

All Roman got was a middle finger in response before Dean groaned and announced that he was gonna get some ice for his arm and then shower. Knowing we had more time to kill, Roman, Seth and I spent twenty more minutes or so sparring before ending the session and jetting off to Coney Island.

"God, I missed this so much," I moaned in delight as I shoveled a forkful of funnel cake into my mouth twenty minutes later, relishing the sweet flavor that lingering on my tongue while I walked alongside Seth.

"Don't suppose you'd mind sharing some of that with your favorite Superman?" Roman joked as we sat down at a vacated table that overlooked the ferris wheel.

"Only if you admit that my spear blows yours out of the water," I sassed back before taking another bite.

"And speaking of blow…." Dean trailed off with an impish grin as he leaned across the table. "I've got a challenge for you, Vee. You up for it?"

"Dean, don't start," Seth said sternly.

"Put a sock in it, Dad," Dean said coolly, never taking his eyes off me.

"Depends," I leaned back and folded my arms. "If you're about to dare me to streak I'm throwing your ass in the ocean."

"It's not," he replied, taking a fifty from his pocket and placing it on the table. "Fifty bucks says you can't go on the Zenobio AND the Thunderbolt without blowing chunks."

I swallowed thickly. Of course dean would pick the top two macabre rides in the whole damn park! The Zenobio was about a 9.5 on the 1 to 10 macabre scale. At a lofty height, it sweeps you 130 feet in the air at rapid speed, all the while rotating consecutively and performing hair-raising summersaults. And the Thunderbolt? Hands down; a solid 10. As the largest rollercoaster in the park, it also included and exhilarating speed followed by a 90 degree vertical drop guaranteed to make anyone jump out of their skin, and many twists and turns. I'd only been on both of them once and never regretted anything more in my life and was practically kissing the ground afterwards.

But, despite all warnings in my head, I wasn't about to chicken out and give Dean the benefit of tormenting me. So ignoring Seth and Roman as they told me I didn't have to do it, I set my fork down and firmly shook Dean's hand.

"Game on, Ambrose," I answered haughtily. "That fifty bucks is going towards my Sephora and hair extensions fund."

Wrong. The one thing I loathed being more than anything. Not only was I slapped with the fact that I had a weaker stomach than I thought after exiting both rides and hacking my guts out in the nearest trash can, but I was now out fifty bucks and Dean had the golden opportunity to taunt me for as long as he damn well pleased for this. I wanted to go through with my threat from earlier and chuck him into the ocean but instead all I could settle for was…

"I HATE YOU, DEAN AMBROSE!" I shrieked, before violently empting the contents of my stomach into the trash can again.

"Shh, shh, shh," Seth said soothingly while holding my hair with one hand and rubbing my back with the other. "That's it, sweetheart. Let it all out. You're gonna be okay. Ro, can you get Dean out of here please?"

Roman nodded and walked off with Dean, which was well needed solace. When I was done hurling, Seth gently pulled my head up and wrapped a supporting arm around my waist to keep me steady as I felt very woozy. He then wiped the puke away from my mouth and handed me his water, gently instructing me to take careful sips as I guzzled it down.

"Is this the part where you call me a moron for accepting Ambrose's bet?" I grumbled, peeling off my white and gray Poison Ivy sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. I then smoothed out my tank top - which also featured the beautiful but deadly Mileena from Mortal Kombat – before tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

"No, I'm not that heartless," he said, pulling me close and placing a kiss on my cheek. "This is the part where I win you a prize to cheer you up. Come on." He led me over to where all the carnival games were located. We stopped in front of a vibrantly colored trailer that had racks of empty beer bottles attached to the wall.

"Seth, you don't have to do this, honestly I'm fine," I tried to object as he handed the lady in charge of the trailer six dollars. She handed him three balls and wished him luck.

"I know I don't have to, I want to," he chuckled, tossing one of the balls up and down in one hand. "I played baseball for years before I started wrestling. Don't tell me you're beginning to doubt your Architect, Vee."

"No, of course not!" I exclaimed. "It's just that these things are a total rip-off!"

He suddenly drew his hand back before rapidly thrusting it forward. My mouth fell open as the ball hit its target and the glass shattered upon impact and fell into a small pile below.

"You were saying?" he said cockily, pointing to a Daenerys Targaryen plush that hung on the wall. My smile grew as the lady handed it to me.

"Is that all you got?" I teased with a challenging grin whilst clutching the plush to my chest.

"Oh sweetheart, you ain't seen nothing yet."

One Khal Drogo and Sailor Moon plush later, Seth's arm was around my shoulders, holding me close to him in a warm embrace as we walked along the boardwalk. The clouds were tinged a pinkish orange as the sun began to set and the sound of the waves rising and falling on the beach next to us made the setting that much more tranquil, and dare I say, romantic.

As we sat next to each other in the warm sand, I crossed my legs and dipped my head to rest my chin against his shoulder. It was times like this where I couldn't help but be thankful for a lot of things, like having a man like Seth in my life, or for having brothers like Dean and Roman in my life for that matter. I didn't come from a huge family and if it weren't for wrestling I wouldn't have met any of them, which is why I cherished every moment I spent with all three of them.

"You okay?" Seth asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Yeah," I murmured with a reassuring smile before turning my head to gaze at the enthralling horizon. "Perfectly fine."

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References: "Can you move your seat up?" "Nope" is from Captain America: Civil War