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Chapter Thirteen – Eye For An Eye

"I need a gangsta,

To love me better,

Than all the others do,

To always forgive me,

Ride or die with me,

That's just what gangsters do,

I'm fucked up, I'm black and blue,

I'm built for all the abuse,

I got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows,

I'm good on that pussy shit,

I don't want what I can get,

I want someone with secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knows,

I need a gangsta,

To love me better,

Than all the others do,

To always forgive me,

Ride or die with me,

That's just what gangsters do,

My freakness is on the loose,

And running all over you,

Please, take me to places that nobody, nobody knows,

You got me hooked up on the feeling,

You got me hanging from the ceiling,

Got me up so high I'm barely breathing,

So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go," Gangsta by Kehlani

"So what was it you wanted to talk to me about again? Am I in trouble, bro?" I teased, conscientiously stepping inside one of the passenger cars on the Wonder Wheel.

"Not at all, Little V," Roman said reassuringly, taking my hand to steady me as we maneuvered ourselves into the car and sat down. "Just thought I'd have a little heart to heart with my sister, and ask her what the hell possessed her to make a crazy ass bet with Ambrose."

"I had it in the bag!" I protested, playfully slapping his arm. "That damn funnel cake came back to haunt me! If I'd gone through with it on an empty stomach I'd be fifty bucks richer right now!"

"To be fair, you did try to tear his arm from its socket during our training session earlier so I'd say you're even," he shrugged. "By the way, I thought you should know Seth really loves your new entrance. His face said it all. So were you were a gymnast before you got into wrestling?"

I nodded. "I started doing it when I was six and continued with it all the way up until the end of my sophomore year. In addition to that, I was also on the cheerleading team."

"That would explain the dancing, the splits and herkies you've done at the gym," he replied, pinching my cheek. "As a former football player I respect that. Hey, didn't Seth use to play football too? Guess you two really are meant for each other."

"Shut up, Reigns," I grumbled, slapping his hand away. "One more comment like that and I'll push you off this thing to your death."

"If I go down I'm taking you with me, sis," he rebutted. "Saw you two looking all cozy by the beach earlier by the beach too, definitely looked like something out of The Notebook."

"You were spying on us?!" I thundered. "I thought you were busy giving Dean yet another 'Roman Reigns Pep Talk'?!"

"I did. Didn't take long to read him the riot act," he shrugged. "You're lucky I was with him too, he was planning on stealing a bullhorn from one of those game trailers and well, let's just say that the things he planned on saying were not PG."

"Typical Ambrose," I said. "Thanks for that though. Seth and I were enjoying each other's company; I think I would've died of shame if Dean ruined it."

"And after that you would've haunted him for the next fifty years, correct?" He quirked a brow.

"You so get me, thanks for understanding."

"So how many tattoos did you say you wanted to get?" Seth inquired the following day as I drove to our destination.

"I'm thinking at least five, plus I want a stud in my nose too," I replied, removing my black sunglasses and tucking them in my purse.

"Someone's feeling extra ballsy today, you want me to come in and hold your hand during it again?"

"But of course," I giggled, leaning over a bit to intertwine my fingers with his. "I promise I won't try to break your hand this time it becomes too overwhelming."

"Thank God for that, last time that happened it took four aspirins and a bag of frozen peas alone just to reduce the pain in and bring down the swelling."

"Pussy!" I coughed loudly, making a left turn and pulling into the parking lot of Asylum Tattoo Studio. I'd been coming here for the last six years. I'd gotten a couple of my tattoos done at other shops since I traveled quite often and it was convenient, but the majority of my ink and piercings had been done here.

"Valentina, hey!" A petite woman with black and purple hair and a butterfly half-sleeve waved at me from behind the front counter as we walked in.

"Hi, Erica!" I beamed, embracing her in a quick hug as she walked over to me. "I'm so glad you were able to book this on such short notice."

"Anything for my favorite customer," she said before turning to Seth. "Seth! It's great to see you as well!"

"Likewise, Erica," he said warmly, giving her a hug.

"So I got the pictures you sent me and drew up the outlines," she told me as she led us into the back room. "Now just lie down and relax and we can get started."

Given that a couple of my tattoos were rather detailed it came as no shock to me when Erica told me it would be a good six to seven hours before it was all over and done with. I wasn't concerned, given that I had nothing else to do and I had Seth to keep me company.

"Girl, these are amazing, thank you so much!" I squealed as I admired my new ink in the floor length mirror. Along the right side of my ribs was a large cross with a filigree design, a heart with Mr. J written on the inside with an arrow going through it decorated my right collarbone, a small black heart behind my left ear, and lastly, the right side of my nose now contained a small stud.

"Anytime," she beamed, swiping my credit card after I handed it to her.

"Not gonna lie, those all look stunning," Seth murmured, kneeling down and gently tracing patterns around my cross tattoo as I lifted my Marilyn, Bettie, Audrey & Rita tank top for him to get a closer look.

"You said the same thing when we first met," I whispered, my smile growing as the memory returned to my head.

"And I meant every word, same goes for right now," he grinned, standing up and linking our arms together. "Now how do you feel about heading back to your place and making up for that Star Wars marathon by watching all of the Harry Potter movies?"

"I'd say you're a man after my own heart."

"I take it you two kids had fun last night?" Dean snickered as the four of us sat in a booth at Rookies the next day.

"Fuck off, Dean," I bit out as I took a swig of my soda.

"And I'm gonna end this before this turns into another round of Ambrose vs. Monroe," Roman cut in. "I saw the pictures of your new ink Instagram, Vee. Very nice."

"Thanks, Rome!"

"Hey Seth, I'd watch that waiter behind the bar if I were you," Dean drawled.

"And why's that, Ambrose?" Seth inquired. "Is he secretly Voldemort?"

"No, you oblivious nerd. I'm saying you should beat him to a pulp if necessary because he hasn't taken his eyes off Valentina since we walked in."

"WHAT?!" I yelped, choking on my water which prompted Seth to rub my back. "That's not funny, Ambrose, knock it off!"

"Look for yourself if you don't believe me, I'll gladly help Sethie beat him up if he comes over here too because he looks like a fuckrag. If a guy like that even stepped foot in CZW it wouldn't be long before he'd be in the ER getting all the thumbtacks and glass removed from his body."

"Do you fucking mind, Dean?" I growled, my nose scrunching up in disgust. "I'm trying to eat here!"

"Heads up, fuckrag's coming over," Roman muttered.

"So how was everything?" he purred, resting his hands on the table before leaning close to me. He was rather handsome, that I'll admit. Average build, hazel eyes and short black hair. But just because I thought he was attractive didn't mean I was interested in him. If only Seth saw it that way, because his jaw was tense and if he clenched his glass any tighter I was sure he'd break it. What's worse, this guy wasn't about to back off.

"It was delicious, thanks…." I peered at his nametag. "Richie."

"Well we do aim to please here," he replied with a chuckle. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"No, we're fine," I mumbled awkwardly.

"You sure?" he pressed, swiping his tongue over his top lip as he not-so-subtly peered at the cleavage peeking out of my distressed v-neck. "It's no trouble at all…"

"She said no, Richie," Seth spat out his name as if it were the foulest thing on earth. "We'll take that check now."

"Sure thing," he replied vexingly as he placed the check holder on the table, purposely leaning in more when he did so. Jesus, if he came any closer he'd be in my lap!

"You and your…brother," he threw Seth a snide smirk before flashing me a lustful one. "Have a good one. And when you want to be taken care of by a real man, call me."

I could hear Roman whispering for Seth to calm down as the guy scribbled his number down and handed it to me. It was a miracle he did otherwise I was certain Seth would've curb stomped his head through the table.

"You want those thumbtacks now, bro?" Dean snickered once Richie had walked off. "I've got a jar full of them in my trunk."

"No, I just need to blow off some steam. Excuse me." He stood up and left the restaurant without another word.

Raw Super Show

February 25th, 2013

Dallas, Texas

American Airlines Center

"Seth, you've been giving me the cold shoulder for the last four days now, what gives?!" I asked angrily as we walked through the lobby towards our entrance spot. "I told you a million times that I wasn't interested in that jerk, I even ripped up his number after you stormed out in a jealous rage!"

"I'm not jealous!" he argued. "I-I...I just thought he was a dickwad!"

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Sethie," I said in a sing-song voice, pinching his cheek. "Come to think of it, you should get jealous more often, it's sexy."

"You're not helping, Monroe."

"Hey! Knock it off!" Roman interjected. "Save the drama for later and focus on the more important matter at hand right now, got it?"

"Loud and clear, Big Dog," I replied.

Sierra. Hotel. Echo. Lima. Delta. Shield

We put our game faces on as we stalked down the steps and any drama that Seth and I had was forgotten – at least temporarily – as we had bigger fish to fry right now. So once we'd all hopped over the barricade we told the ringside technician to hand each of us a mic so we could get down to business.

"It's always gotta get worse before it can get better," Dean said once we were all in the ring. "And believe us when we tell you it's gonna keep getting worse. A lot worse. There will be no peace in WWE until there is justice, and honor. We are The Shield, we are the most efficient, effective, most dangerous unit in this industry. And that makes a lot of people back there-" He pointed to the ramp with a smirk. "Very uncomfortable. That's too bad, cause we're here to shatter your comfort zones. You can keep trying to take us out, assemble any super team you want! Create an army! And you still won't be able to stop us from doing the job we came here to do!"

"Bring that army, stack every odd in the world against us, we're gonna stand here and we're gonna fight, and we're gonna win!" Roman spat. "We're gonna win every single time, and if you don't believe that, if you don't believe in The Shield, justice is going to hunt you down and we're gonna grind your bones to dust!"

"So make it easier on yourselves and just give up and accept your fate," I simpered. "Because no matter who you recruit, no matter how foolproof of a plan you come up with, and it still won't enough because The Shield will always prevail. And let me just point out that it's been months and I'm still getting Tweets from people asking me, 'Why, Valentina?! Why?! Why did you join The Shield?!' Well first of all, I don't owe any of you an explanation as to why I did what I did, but take it from me: being the goody-goody girl next door only gets you so far in life and I learned that the hard way. The Shield had my best interests in mind and opened my eyes to the injustice that is WWE and who I really am. As a wise woman once said, 'You need to be cold to be Queen. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you.', and I've done just that."

Seth gave me an elated clap on the shoulder and raised his mic to his lips. "At TLC, in one of the most brutal matches in the history of this company, we defeated Team Hell No and the Neanderthal Ryback. And at Elimination Chamber, we did something that no one on planet earth thought we could: we solved "The John Cena Problem". We defeated the superhero squad of Ryback, Sheamus, Natalya and John Cena, and if that wasn't warning enough, that washed up, has been, wannabe rockstar Chris Jericho still wanted to stick his neck out last week on Raw for Sheamus, Ryback and Natalya. Well, he stuck it out an inch too far, cause I put my knee in the back of his skull and dropped him! Just like we've dropped every single person that's came before us! Just like we dropped Sheamus, just like we dropped John Cena! Is there no one else?! Is there anyone else who wants to step up and face-"

It's a shame for they lost their head,

A careless man could wind up dead,

You wear your sin like it's some kind of prize.

We turned to look at the ramp as The Celtic Warrior himself came out and gave each of us a challenging grin.

"Alright lads and lassie, you want to fight tonight?" he said. "Well why don't you come up here and fight me?! What's the matter, you don't have the stones?! I'm standing right here waitin' for ya fella, I'm going nowhere! Come on!"

With a prompt nod from Seth, Roman and Dean stepped through the ring and walked towards Sheamus, ready to pound the crap out of him.

But none of us were prepared for what happened as soon as they did.

A hand came down hard on my shoulder, whirling me around before a knee was driven into my stomach, giving me no time to fight back. An arm coiled around my neck and wrenched my neck backwards before leaping up and back flipping over me. My back was fleetly driven into the mat, and simultaneously Randy dropped Seth with an RKO.

"Randy Orton with an RKO to Rollins and AJ Lee with a Shiranui to Valentina!" Cole exclaimed. "Randy Orton and AJ Lee with a hit and run! Chalk one up for Sheamus, Orton and AJ tonight!"

The sight of AJ blowing me a kiss before quickly exiting the ring with Randy made my blood run cold. Roman and Dean were also livid, but I was still seeing stars after getting hit with a Shiranui to fully register what they were yelling at AJ and Randy.

"Talk to me, Valentina, where do you feel the pain?" Chris, one of the ringside doctors, asked as Seth and I sat on the tables in the trainer's room. The cameraman stood in front of us and I scowled. I was so not in the mood to be filmed right now.

"Where does it hurt?" Dr. Sampson asked Seth, who was holding a bag of ice to his back.

"My back hurts, but not major damage, can I go now?" I huffed.

"I second that, I'll hunt Orton down and kick his teeth in for this," Seth said irately.

"Relax, guys, they're just trying to help," Roman said calmly. "We'll get them back tomorrow night on SmackDown but you two are in no shape to fight right now. When we get out of here we're going back to the hotel and you two are taking it easy."

"Oh, hey, Vee how's your back?" My blood ran cold as AJ giggled and skipped over to me. I hopped off the table and lunge towards her but Roman wrapped his arms around my waist and yanked me back and the ref stood in between us.

"What do you want, Lee?" I sneered. "You're lucky we're not alone right now because if we were I'd jam my foot up your snatch."

"How unladylike, you kiss your mother with that mouth? Oh wait, she's not in your life anymore," she said snidely. "But I didn't come here to start trouble. I came in here to tell you to consider tonight a warning. Either you and your hounds back off, or we'll do so much worse than what we did tonight. Oh, and one more thing." She raised her hand and slapped me across the face.

"BITCH!" I screamed, thrashing in Roman's arms as his grip tightened and glaring at AJ while she laughed in my face before skipping out of the room. "YOU'RE MINE, BITCH! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT WE DO TO SPIDERS WHERE I COME FROM?! I'VE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YOU: BLOW TORCH!"

"Enough!" Roman yelled. "Remember what I just told you?! Get it together! She ain't even worth it!"

"I'm fine!" I answered scathingly, rubbing my cheek. "Let me go, I'm good. I'm cool."

He looked at me hesitantly and briefly turned his head to make sure AJ was out of sight before slowly releasing his grip.

"Should've just let her beat AJ's ass, bro," Dean snorted. "That would've been a sight to see."

"Deano, I have ways of getting back at her. This isn't over by a long shot, I promise you," I replied with a diabolical smile.


February 26th 2013

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chesapeake Energy Arena

The KillerQueenOfWWE: On commentary tonight, folks! What happened on Raw was a….minor setback, to say the least. You know who we are and it'd be wise for you to keep both eyes in the back of your head. Eh, who am I kidding? Even that won't be enough to save you. #Don'tStartAFireIfYouCan'tPutOutTheFlames #BelieveInTheShield #AJ'sGoingToSpearCity

I zipped up my strapless denim corset with studs decorating the bust and tugged on my leather studded jacket, grinning at the Hounds of Justice patch stitched to the lapel. The rest of my look consisted of black denim jeans with contrasting trimmings and inserts and black suede over the knee boots with a platform heel.

Since AJ was scheduled to be on commentary for Randy and big Show's match our strategy was to have me come out and join her, really rile her up for a good five minutes or so during the match and then attack her once the boys' music hit.

Isn't revenge fun?

Hey you know you're lockin' lips with a libertine?

Hey did you know you're knockin' hips with a killer queen?

Another victim of my method of seduction,

I made you look but you never saw me comin'

"And here comes the Killer Queen herself." Jerry laughed as I sauntered down the ramp towards the commentary table. "Looks like you're not the only one joining us tonight, AJ."

"Is that supposed to intimidate me, Jerry?" AJ rolled her eyes before kicking her feet up on the table. "Well lookie cookie, even with three pounds of makeup on you can still see my handprint on her face."

"AJ, if you don't mind my asking, what is your issue with Valentina?" Cole asked.

"I can answer that," I interjected venomously, placing my headset on my head before taking a seat next to Josh. "It's because AJ Lee is an irrelevant insect whose only real talent is swapping spit with 99.9% of the male roster."

"Oh, Vee, I don't like you," AJ sneered as Randy and Big show locked up in the ring. "Now, since the question was actually meant for me, I'm gonna answer it. Michael, the issue I have with Valentina is that she thinks she owns this division even though she's only been here for a cup of hot coffee. The only reason why she's even here in the first place is because of The Shield."

"Well if it ain't the pot calling the kettle black," I snorted, mockingly clapping as Big Show whipped Randy into the corner and hit him with a splash. "Sure, you did the whole Chickbusters thing with Kaitlyn for a while but after that you were known as the girl with a different boyfriend every week. Tell me, how does your "Ziggy" feel about you hooking up with Sheamus and Orton?"

"Valentina, watch your language, there's kids in the audience," she replied disparagingly. "My baby Ziggy doesn't mind me temporarily teaming up with Sheamus and Orton because he thinks you guys are a pain in the ass too and he was more than happy to give me his…seal of approval after I took you out on Raw."

"Yuck, I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit."

"And a kick out by Orton at two!" Cole exclaimed.

"I don't know how Orton was able to kick out of that but Big Show looks like he's got evil intentions now," Jerry said.

"Get up, Orton!" AJ shouted as Big Show climbed to the top turnbuckle. "Move, dammit! Move! Move! Move!"

"Oh, Randy, you've got to move!" Jerry said urgently. "Randy! Big Show from the second rope!"

"And Orton just scooted out of the way!" Cole said. "This could be an opportunity for Randy Orton."

"I wouldn't say that," I said in a sing-song voice.

"Monroe, I swear if your hounds come down tonight," AJ warned, sending me a threatening glare.

"You'll what?" I questioned sardonically. "Throw a tantrum and start throwing things everywhere again? I'm petrified."

"You will be," she said menacingly.

Big Show got out of the ring and Randy followed him, delivering punches Show's way before he was quickly swatted back. Big Show picked him up and ran towards the ring post with the intention of slamming him into it but that plan failed once Randy managed to get off his back and Big Show was sent into it instead.

Randy rolled into the ring and pulled Big Show up and got a large hand wrapped around his throat for doing so. Randy kicked him in the head and weakened him enough to execute a hanging DDT off the top rope.

Sierra. Hotel. Echo. Lima. Delta. Shield.

"Wait a minute!" Cole shouted. "This is not good! The complexion of this night has changed! Cause there's Rollins and Ambrose!"

Knowing that was my cue, I stood up and yanked off my headset before sprinting over to AJ. I ripped off her headset and shoved her chair over, sending her barreling backwards before pouncing on her. Punches and headbutts were thrown and hair was pulled before AJ suddenly raised her fist and clocked me right in the eye.

Scrambling back, my hand flew up to cover my eye and I inwardly groaned, knowing from personal experience that the immediate soreness was a vast indicator that AJ had given me a black eye. With me briefly distracted, she dashed over and floored me with a Shining Wizard. Simultaneously, the boys' attack on Sheamus and Randy came to a screeching halt when Big Show rose to his feet after being knocked into the turnbuckles and slugged Roman in the jaw. Seth and Dean were both caught like a deer in headlights as the blow flung The Powerhouse over the top rope. He sent a menacing glare their way and knowing they had no other option unless they wanted to get pummeled, they both fled the ring, with Seth motioning for me to follow suit.

But there was no fucking way I was about to let AJ have the last laugh.

So when she bent over and grabbed me by the hair, I ruthlessly punched her in the gut before seizing both of her arms. Twisting myself around, I placed her in a straightjacket hold before dropping to the floor and executing a straightjacket neckbreaker slam.

"Valentina with a counter on AJ!" Cole cringed. "How brutal was that?"

"I felt it from here!" Jerry snorted. "You know for sure AJ's gonna feel that in the morning!"

"And that's why I'm The Queen!" I snapped, kipping up and dusting myself off before strutting over to Dean, Roman and Seth. Lucky for us, Randy and Sheamus were slower than molasses so they weren't able to stop me from getting at least 25% of my revenge on AJ (the other 75% I intended on getting in good time). All they could do was roll out of the ring and check on her while we hopped over the barricade.

"So you're gonna nurse me back to health then?" I giggled as Seth sat me down on the bed in our hotel room and gingerly held the bag of ice over my eye. He then let go as I raised my hand to hold and elevate it.

Having opted to crash as soon as possible when we arrived at our suite, I peeled off my clothes and changed into something that was ten times more comfortable: a black oversized t-shirt that read Pizza, Chips, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Nachos, Milkshake, black shorts underneath that read Sexy Bitch across the back with a fuchsia colored heart under laying the writing and black slippers that had Jiji, the cat from the anime movie Kiki's Delivery Service, on the toe part.

"Well you know I'd do anything for you," he smiled. "Look, I know being out for the next week and a half sounds like the end of the world, but you'll be back and better than ever before you know it."

"Permission to shred AJ when I return?" I asked, batting my lashes.

"Permission granted." He knelt down and sifted through his suitcase for a moment and took out a tube of eye cream and handed it to me. "Here, this should help. Worked wonders for me whenever I got a black eye and I keep it on me just in case."

"You're too good to me," I said graciously. It was then that I felt my stomach grumble, my cheeks quickly flushed in embarrassment. On the other hand, the last time I ate today was lunch – due to us having multiple signings throughout the day as well as two radio interviews – and all I had was a Panini from Starbucks.

"Hungry?" Seth teased.

"Famished," I groaned, rubbing my stomach.

"Well if Little V desires food, that's exactly what she's gonna get," he said. "I think the menu for Room Service is in the living room. I'll go check." He started to get up, but I grabbed his arm and stopped him, as it then occurred to me that I still had yet to address the yesterday's incident.

"You're not…." I swallowed thickly and bit my lip. "You're not still mad about what happened last night, are you?"

"No," he shook his head. "I was way out of line and what Ambrose said didn't help much either, but bottom line I shouldn't have blown up at you like I did and I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted," I replied, before playfully poking him in the ribs. "So…you weren't jealous then?"

"Bite me, Monroe," he snorted, swatting my hand away and standing up. I watched as he exited the room and kicked my feet up. My eyes flickered to the bedside table where my phone was and reaching over, I unlocked it and scrolled through Twitter. Just as I suspected, AJ had not only retweeted the picture of my eye – which had surfaced on WE's webisite and Twitter page shortly after the brawl – but she actually had the gall to send out countless tweets bragging about it too.

"AJ, AJ, AJ," I said nonchalantly with a devious grin. "You may have taken me down, but you have not taken me out. Fuck with the Queen Bee, and you're gonna get stung."

A/N: Looks like things are about to go from bad to worse for Valentina and AJ. When I thought about who I wanted Valentina's opponent to be for WrestleMania AJ just seemed like the perfect candidate since it's clear that they can't stand each other, and WrestleMania 29 is on the East Coast too, so New York vs New Jersey only confirmed that idea. Oh, and because she's helped me grow so much as a writer and has been a huge inspiration for this fic, big ups/shoutout to my partner in crime LittleGee. Her Roman/OC fic, Speared Through The Heart, is, to quote the amazing Becky Lynch, '100% Straight Fire!' Also don't forget to check out my fashmates page if you wish to see Valentina's new tattoos and piercings and all of her outfits for this chapter. Ciao!

References: "You need to be cold to be Queen. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you." is from Gossip Girl.