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Chapter Two – An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

"Du du du-du, du du du-du

Du du du-du, du du du-du

Du du...

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me for centuries

And just one mistake

Is all it will take

We'll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

He-e-e-ey ya, oh he-e-e-ey

He-e-e-ey ya

Remember me for centuries

Mummified my teenage dreams

No, it's nothing wrong with me

The kids are all wrong

The story's all off

Heavy metal broke my heart

Come on, come on and let me in

The bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints

And this is supposed to match

The darkness that you felt

I never meant for you to fix yourself." Centuries by Fall Out Boy

I lifted my head up to see none other than Seth Rollins sitting right beside me, having pulled up the steel chair that I threw at the wall. He wasn't alone though. Through my peripheral vision, I saw two other guys with him… Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. It was then that I also noticed that they were all wearing the same attire: black cargo pants and black turtlenecks… Interesting.

I knew all of them, but in different ways. I'd only spoken to Roman Reigns a couple times whenever I passed him in the corridors. He wasn't that much of a talker, but in the ring he was one dominant Samoan.

Then there was Dean Ambrose, and he and I didn't exactly get off on the right foot. When he made his debut in FCW, the number one priority on his agenda was to get under Seth's skin and do everything and anything to take Seth's FCW 15 Championship. And his plan to get under Seth's skin? Sexually harass me to no end. The worst incident to date was when Seth and Dean had a contract signing for the Championship. Once they'd both signed the contract, Dean decided to instigate the situation even further by grabbing me by the waist and dragging his tongue across my cheek, something he used to do on a regular basis with all his little ring rats in his Indy days. Charming, right? For that reason, I tried to avoid him at all costs.

Then there was Seth…. He and I go way back. 2008 to be exact, when I was nineteen. I met him at Final Battle, which was ROH's last pay-per-view event of the year as well as its biggest. Out of all the Indy shows I'd done, Final Battle by far was the most crucial. Not only that, but I'd only been wrestling for the company for three months. Top that off with the fact that Final Battle was also held in New York City, well… to say that I was nervous once December 27th rolled around would be putting it very mildly. Mostly because I was afraid that I was gonna end up doing something to fuck it all up. My mini mental breakdown was immediately forgotten however once I was walking down the corridor. I'd stopped for a moment to fix and smooth out my ring gear, you know, just to ensure that I didn't end up having a wardrobe malfunction.

That's when I got the feeling that someone was watching me. Sure enough, that person was Seth, but in this ROH days he went by the alias Tyler Black. Needless to say, we ended up hitting it off right away and he's been my best friend ever since. Unbeknownst to him though, I've always had a thing for him. Yeah, I was the girl who was secretly in love with her best friend.

Dean moved forward to kneel down in front of me and put his hand on my knee, chuckling once he felt me tense up at his touch. "Relax darlin', I'm not gonna lick your cheek again," he drawled. "We're here to tell you something that may make your day a whole lot better. Not only that, but it'll also help your career."

"And what would that be?" I inquired.

"Let's just say we've been watching you for a while," Roman spoke up, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "You're beyond talented, Valentina. You're an amazing performer, which is why we want to recruit you."

It's a good thing I wasn't drinking any water because I definitely would've spit it out right after he said that. "W-What?" I spluttered, my eyes widening in disbelief. "W-Why me? I-I don't understand..."

Dean grinned. "We need someone like you with us. Word on the street is that the main roster's got a shit-ton of corruption in it, and we intend on taking it out head-on, and you're the perfect candidate to help us do it."

"We don't care if you're on a losing streak, Vee," Seth said softly, raising his hand to brush some hair out of my face. "All that matters is that you're driven, you're talented, and you're deadly. We want you- no, we need you with us. With you on our side, we'll be the most dominant faction WWE has ever witnessed."

It was a hell of an offer, but given that my reputation and career were on the verge of going down the toilet, I wasn't about to pass this up. Especially if it meant redeeming myself and becoming big.

"Alright," I finally said. "Count me in. You guys obviously aren't fucking around… So, um, I heard through the grapevine that you've all got something big planned for Survivor Series, care to enlighten me?"

"You're right, we don't fuck around," Seth replied. "And we definitely don't take kindly to people who think they can end record-breaking title reigns and not suffer the consequences."

"So, I hope you're prepared to do some serious sabotage," Dean added. "We're not gonna rush in there and play a nice game of patty-cake with Cena and Ryback. As soon as we enter through that crowd, shit's gonna get real."

Roman pushed himself off the wall and stood beside Seth. "There is no turning back, do you understand, Valentina? We're about be the center of controversy, but it's gonna be worth it."

Seth nodded in agreement before standing up and holding his hand out to me. "Welcome to The Shield, sweetheart."

With a giggle, I took his hand and stood up. "So, what happens now?"

"You go back to your hotel room and get some rest," Seth replied, letting go of my hand.

"And tomorrow you'll meet us at the Performance Center at nine to do some training," Dean said. "We want to make sure you're good and ready come Survivor Series."

"I'll be there."

Okay, I didn't expect this training session to be a walk in the park at all. Especially when I was training with three guys that were over a foot taller than me and twice my size. However, I also didn't expect Dean to put me in a fucking armbar and then try to tear my hair out from the roots during the first five fucking minutes of the session!

"SETH!" I yelled, glaring at him since he was supposed to be the referee, but he was finding this situation more amusing than serious. "DAMMIT, COUNT! YOU ASSHOLE!"

"Careful, Killer Queen," Seth said mockingly, pushing himself off the ropes and waving a finger at me. "I hope your tiara doesn't get taken away because you just used inappropriate language."

"Seth, I swear to- AHH!" My rant was cut off when Dean decided to be an even bigger jackass by pulling my hair again.

Seth chuckled and did the three count and Dean reluctantly loosened his grip, which allowed me to take control again by slowly getting to my feet. Dean still had a tight grip on my wrist, but I retaliated by snapping my head forward and headbutting him. Then I pulled him into a standing position and countered with a shoulder jawbreaker.

At that point, I went for the pin, but Dean ended up kicking out at two. I grabbed him by the hair and attempted to pull him up again, only to have him punch me in the face and clothesline me.

I gasped and groaned as my back slammed against the canvas, and through my peripheral vision I would see Dean climbing to the top turnbuckle. He raised his elbow and patted it a couple times before jumping off. I stealthily rolled out of the way to avoid a diving elbow drop.

Dean instantly clutched his elbow and that's when I knew I had to capitalize and I had to do it quick. Snatching him up by the hair, I stood behind him and bent him backwards before tucking his head face-up under my armpit and wrapping my arm around his head until my arm was pressed against the back of his neck. Then I jumped up and slammed both of my knees against Dean's back, effectively hitting him with another finisher of mine: Femme Fatale.

I hovered over Dean and hoisted his leg up and Seth quickly dropped to the mat and slammed his palm against it.




"Here is your winner: Valentina!" Seth announced, raising my hand. Then he looked down at Dean with a snicker and said, "How's your back, bro? That looked like it really hurt."

"Don't fucking test me, Rollins," Dean grumbled, pushing himself into a sitting position as he rubbed his back. "Hot damn, Valentina, I think you might've actually snapped something!"

I shrugged. "Serves you right for almost dislocating my shoulder and getting tear happy, Ambrose."

Roman climbed into the ring and nodded his head, clearly impressed with my win. "Nice work, Valentina. You beat Ambrose, but let's see if you can take on the Big Dog."

"….. Can I have a moment to say goodbye to my ribs and spine first?"

After our session ended, my body was in more pain then I wanted to admit, but hey, if enduring grueling training sessions with Seth, Roman and Dean would help me take over the Divas division, then so be it.

Once I'd showered and changed my clothes, I dried my hair and slapped some makeup on before exiting the locker room. To my surprise, Dean and Roman had already left, which meant Seth and I had the Performance Center all to ourselves.

"Hey, Poison Ivy," he greeted me, a playful grin on his face once he saw the Poison Ivy logo on my shirt.

"Don't mock my favorite DC villain, Seth," I warned, playfully punching him in the shoulder. "You remember what happened the last time."

"How could I forget?" he snorted. "You pushed me into the pool of the hotel we were staying at and threatened to rip my ass out through my mouth if I ever did it again. By the way, if you're Poison Ivy, does that mean I'm Batman?"

"Nope, you're Two-Face," I said bluntly.

"…. I seriously hope to God that it's because we both have two-tone hair and you're not implying that I'm hideous."

"And if I am?"

"Then you won't be accompanying me to lunch today."

"You were gonna take me to lunch?" I asked, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks.

He nodded. "Yeah, I figured you earned it after we put your body through hell today."

"Well, I'm flattered, Mr. Rollins," I said teasingly, linking my arm with his. He chuckled and pressed his lips against my temple, which only made me blush even more than I already was… and I really hoped he didn't notice.

"Man, I've got the hunger of a beast," I declared, before taking a bite of my Famous Star burger. Luckily for us, there were a lot of restaurants and fast food joints by the Performance Center and Seth surprised me by taking me to one of my favorites; Carl's Jr.

"Yeah, I can tell," Seth commented before taking a seat right across from me. I wasn't about to talk with my mouth full, so my next response was to flip him the bird.

"Just name a time and place and I'm all yours, Monroe," he replied, wagging his brows suggestively.

I swallowed the contents of my burger and laughed. "Don't start something you can't finish, Sethie."

He smirked. "I never do, sweetheart. You should know that by now."

"So," I said, quickly changing the subject. "I know I didn't get a chance to tell Dean and Roman this earlier, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate you guys recruiting me. I was really close to just throwing in the towel, you know."

"That would've been really devastating," he said, casually stealing one of my fries and plopping it into his mouth. "After what I saw today, I know we made the right decision by choosing you."

"And I'd say that deserves a toast," I quipped, raising my cup.

"A toast to The Killer Queen," he grinned, clinking his bottle against my cup.

I laughed. "And The Shield."

"And The Shield."

I trained long and hard with the boys during any free time I had those next few weeks. When November 18th finally arrived, I was fucking game. Survivor Series was my last chance at proving that I wasn't a joke, and that I was ready to make a statement and show the WWE Universe who I really was.

I stood in front of a floor length mirror in the Divas locker room and took in my appearance. I wanted to look as deadly and cunning as possible and I'd say I accomplished that. Sandra, the seamstress for WWE, had really outdone herself this time. My Survivor Series look consisted of black leather bolero-style crop top, black leggings with metal eyelets and lacing on the sides, and black combat boots with studs along the straps. I accessorized with a black choker that had a silver linked chain and a heart padlock attached to it and black fingerless fishnet gloves. My makeup was dark and sultry and my hair was teased and curled.

"Time to go chew bubblegum and kick ass," I stated, adjusting my top. "Too bad I'm all out of bubblegum."

My heart was racing as I made my way down the corridor, but I knew I had to get it together and fast. I took a few deep breaths to calm down as I rounded the corner to the lobby area of the arena. I couldn't help but smile once I saw that the guys were already standing there with their game faces on.

"Nice," Seth commented, giving me a once over before turning his attention to all of us. "Alright, you guys remember the plan, right?"

"Yeah, we're gonna let them fight it out for the first ten to fifteen minutes or so," Dean said, rubbing his hands together.

"And when Seth gives the signal, we run through the crowd and take out Ryback," Roman piped up and turned to me. "You know what to do, Monroe."

I nodded. "Yeah, deal with Cena while you guys handle Ryback. I won't let you guys down, I promise."

Seth gave me a pat on the back. "We know you won't, Vee."

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