Hey everyone! I know I've been MIA since May when it comes to my story, True Colors, but I'm trying.

My fiancee's grandmother was super sick and in assisted living. Most of our free time was visiting her. Then the week before Memorial Day, she passed. So from that Thursday until Memorial Day, we were helping with arrangements. I've also in the process of wedding planning. Nearly 9 months left and still so much to do! We've also been dealing with the horrible gas company due to a gas leak. We've been without gas for over a month but hopefully soon it will be resolved. My 6 year old also misplaced my outline for True Colors but I expect an update next week.

This is a new and somewhat old story. Some of you may have remembered that I talked about rewritinng Right Here. My writing has improved drastically since I first posted it. I have at least the next 15 chapters outlined and I'm trying to get a few chapters written before I make the next post so please hang in there. For those of you who remember Right Here, I've made some drastic changes but I don't think that any of you will be disappointed. Most of my changes have come from my reviewers. Enjoy :)


The smell of blood was nauseating, but all they could do was stare in horror as Edward tore into his new brides flesh.

"Edward!" Carlisle snapped. "No!" He rushed forward and attempted to remove Edward from Bella. "Emmett, give me a hand!"

Emmett joined Carlisle as the others began to leave the room, no longer able to handle the sight. The scent was overbearing, almost choking, even for the strongest of vampires.

The only one still locked firmly in her place was Alice. She couldn't move, her body frozen in terror as Emmett wrapped his arm around Edward's neck, jerking away from Bella. Carlisle shoved Edward, keeping him from inflicting more damage.

"Edward," Carlisle said. "Come back to us, Son."

Alice looked on as Edward changed back to himself. His eyes widened. Bella – with her neck torn wide open – lay motionless, blood everywhere. On her, the floor, himself.

"No," Edward shook his head. He pulled against Emmett's grip in an effort to escape. "No," he cried again.

How could he do such a horrible thing to someone that he loved and that loved him in return? He's killed her. The only thing that Bella wanted was to spend eternity with him and he had managed to mess it all up. Everything. What was he going to do? How could he have let this happen?

He should have allowed Carlisle to make the change.

"Carlisle," Alice said. Carlisle turned to the raven-haired vampire. "The Volturi…they're coming. They want to see the newest Cullen."

"Damn it," Emmett grumbled. Sensing an opportunity, Edward broke free and took off. He couldn't face his family. How could he continue to be around any of them? He'd hurt them all! Energy coursed through him, sending him into the evening. Bella was dead and he was responsible. He'd known something like this was going to happen. Now, he was broken, his undead heart beating painfully against his chest. His lungs screamed for air that they didn't need. He couldn't go back, ever. All his friends and family were all happy with their mates. He growled, feeling as though he were being crushed from the inside out. The one chance he'd had to have what everyone else did and he lost it. She'd been it for him. Always.

There would never be another out there for him.