1095 days of NaLu. A one-shot for every day, for three years straight, no breaks or days off or anything. I can do THAT, right?

Right. Sure. Sure.

...well, stick with me and we'll see. :3

Day One

Never Change

It was one in the morning, and Lucy was sleepy.

And so she was NOT very happy to come home and find a certain pink-haired dragonslayer crashed on her bed.

Which was why she kicked him.

And she kicked his cat.

And she kicked him again.

And finally she kicked her bed.

By now, her toes were bruised and she was still sleepy, and Natsu and Happy were still very much asleep, so Lucy had accomplished nothing. Needless to say, that did NOT improve her mood.

"Natsu," she groaned. "Not in the mood for this..."

Natsu did not respond.

Lucy groaned again. Since she knew she was not going to get him off her bed, she gave up and grabbed a spare blanket from her closet, dropping it on the ground, and proceeding to drop herself on it.

She was asleep in practically two seconds. No... one second sounded more accurate. Or maybe a half a second. Yeah, let's go with that.

... ... ...

Next morning, Lucy was woken up very rudely.

I'm not even going to tell you who woke her up, because it's already blatantly obvious.

"Luce! Hey, Luce! Get up, we're going to the guild!"

Lucy grunted and rolled over onto her stomach, burning her face in her pillow.

Wait... her pillow? She hadn't had a pillow when she went to bed last night. Confused, Lucy opened her eyes and glanced around her. "Natsu?" she murmured sleepily.

"Lucy, it's noon already. You looked tired when I woke up, so I put you in your bed and let ya sleep, but I think we should go now if we wanna catch a job with Erza and Gray."

"Aye, sir!"

Lucy sat up and yawned, rubbing her sleepy eyes. "Noon? Why'd you let me sleep?"

Natsu grinned at her. "Well, you looked so pre-" He coughed suddenly. "Um, so sleepy. I thought I'd let you sleep a little longer. Or a lot longer."

Lucy barely registered the fact that he had almost called her pretty. She smiled up at him. "Well, thanks for that. And thanks for giving me back possession of my own bed."

Natsu nodded. "Where were ya last night, anyway?"

She yawned again and slowly stood up. She was still wearing yesterday's clothes, which were dirty and - to Natsu's alarm - stained with blood. "Just a job that took longer than I thought..."

"Are you okay?" Happy cut in, looking concerned. Natsu wore the same expression.

"Yeah, just some scrapes," Lucy assured them. "So... I'll just get changed, and after that, should we get going?"

"Aye!" Happy and Natsu called simultaneously. Lucy just laughed, and before they knew it, the three were on their way to Fairy Tail.

... ... ...

"Hey, Lu-chan," Levy greeted happily as her friend walked into the guild. "And Natsu, and Happy!"

"Hi, Levy," Lucy responded with a warm smile.

"Yo!" Natsu called over to Gray, across the guild hall. "Ice Boy! I challenge you to fight me!"

Gray blinked, startled at the sudden appearance of his rival, but quickly leaped up. "You bet!"

"Gray. Clothes," Lucy reminded with a sigh. "Seriously? Two seconds and they're already off?"

"But they're not - ack!"

Lucy laughed as she watch Natsu and Gray start to brawl, as usual. Before long, the rest of the guild had mostly joined in, with the exception of Lucy, Levy, Wendy, and Carla.

She remembered first being terrorized by the guild's nature, but now, she knew she wouldn't have it any other way. She was about to order some coffee from Mirajane when she realized that Mira had also joined in the fight.

With a sigh, Lucy turned back to the brawl. "Beat 'em all up for me, Natsu!"

Upon hearing this comment, Natsu raised a flaming fist and grinned his trademark toothy grin. "You bet, Luce! I'm all fired up!"

Lucy smiled. Never change, Fairy Tail. Never change.

... ... ...

So, I guess I'm gonna have a mix of stuff, and by no means will they be in chronological order. They'll all be random, and set in whatever point in time I feel like setting 'em in, 'cause this is basically just a collection of separate one-shots. And of course, some will be more along the lines of friendship and camaraderie, while others will be more romantic.


So as not to cause any conflict with any other ships (like Gruvia vs Grayza vs Jerza) the only ship prominent in every single one-shot will be, obviously, NaLu. If I feel like it, another ship may be present in a certain one-shot, but that can completely change in another chapter.

So anyway, hope you've enjoyed, and I hope you stick around for the rest of these three years, too!