"WAKE UP TIME!" the Djinn screamed, jolting their masters and mistress awake.

Ivan rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Mmph... Feels like I've been up all night..." He yawned, pulling on a fresh tunic and slipping his Swift Sword into its scabbard. "Oh yeah. I was." he muttered.

Mia glanced at him. There were red rings around Ivan's eyes, and dark shadows underneath them. "From the looks of your eyes, you -were- up all night." she criticized, as he muttered something.

Ivan looked into her eyes, then shuddered and turned away with a sad frown. The other Adepts blinked.

"Something wrong, Ivan?" Garet asked, the concern in his voice surprising the group. Ivan and Garet didn't usually get along that well, making for highly entertaining high speed chases around towns and a lot of apologies made.

Ivan, still facing away from the group, shook his head. Garet snorted. "And there I was thinking Isaac was the one with the voice problem..."

Ivan turned back to them, smiling. Starting to chuckle, he picked up a larger-than-norm Herb and swatted Garet on the head with it.

Garet rolled his eyes. "Sheesh, that's what I get for being friendly for once?"

Ivan raised an eyebrow. "And you call remarking about voice problems friendly?"

Garet frowned, unable to come up with an answer. Isaac was doubled over in soundless laughter, and Mia was giggling, bringing a sad smile to Ivan's face.

Isaac stood, having finished packing away the sleeping pallets and Sacred Feathers. He tossed one to the air to show no disrespect for the sacred, then waved his hand in the direction of the next hallway, motioning that it was time to go. Garet grinned, scooping up his Silver Sword and running off down the hallway, Isaac following in his tracks. Ivan and Mia followed next, though at a more sedate pace.

Ivan was facing the wall, walking slowly and dragging his feet. Mia looked over at him, concerned. "Are you sure nothing's wrong, Ivan?" she questioned him.

"Nothing." he said quietly, eyes starting to water.

"Don't 'nothing' me, I can tell when something's wrong, and something's wrong." Mia scolded, smiling.

"Nothing's wrong!" insisted Ivan, starting to reach into his pack for the Cloak Ball.

Mia looked at him, frustrated. "Look at me, Ivan." He refused to turn. "I took a class on psychology once, maybe I can help."

"You wouldn't be able to help, even if I told you what was wrong," he choked out, remembering Mia's nightmare.

"I'll be the judge of that. Tell me."

"Cloak," came the Psynergetic reply. Ivan melted into the shadows.

Mia smacked her forehead, wishing they hadn't let Ivan take charge of "Operation Rescue Hammet". Setting down her Blessed Mace, she rummaged around in her pack for a candle, then ran up ahead to Garet and Isaac.

"Garet, flame please?" she panted, holding out the candle. Garet shrugged, and complied with a small Flare. The wick of the candle burst into a small flame, small, but big enough to chase away shadows.

Mia strode back to around where she left Ivan. She stepped into the darkness by the wall, clutching the candle determinedly in front of her. As she walked through the darkness, the small glow of the candle lit up the area about 30cm around her.

Finally, the light hit a Psynergetic light. Mia moved forward, and Ivan shimmered into vision. He leaned against the wall, his amethyst eyes to the ground.

"About time." Mia grumbled. Her voice took on a kinder tone. "Ivan, I can see this is really troubling you. Please, tell me what's going on."

Ivan was silent for a while, before he looked up at her. His eyes stared into Mia's, she had the feeling that his eyes were searching for something, though she couldn't feel her mind being Read.

"You always said actions speak louder than words, right?" he asked, voice shaking.

She nodded.

Ivan started breathing faster. *It's now or never.* he thought, leaning forward.

Their lips met. The wind blew harder outside the Lighthouse.