~~~~~ Big Up There ~~~~~

"Hey look, a prayer's coming in!"

The elemental gods and goddesses blinked, as Atalanta blew into the room on a gust of wind, waving a piece of parchment in the air.

"Who's it from?" asked Kirin, a young girl who was in fact the rider of the beast when called upon for Djinn Summons.

Atalanta read the parchment, and frowned. "A Jupiter Adept's in vrai ennui." she answered, momentarily slipping into French in her worry. "He.. died. And this one's the really important Jupiter Adept... one of his companion's currently trying to Revive them, and the girl put all of her Psynergy into the Revive.."

"-Which- Jupiter Adept?" Boreas snapped.

Atalanta looked up, and glanced around the room. "Ivan Hammet." she announced, bringing gasps of horror from around the room.

"He's the one travelling with those kids out to save the world, isn't he?" queried Meteor.

Atalanta nodded seriously.

"Well, we should bring him back from the dead then!" declared Nereid, waving her fan about for emphasis.

"A vote." replied Ramses, always the diplomatic one. "If everyone votes to revive him, revive him we do. All those in favour of reviving Ivan, say Aye."

"Aye!" they all chorused, all except one.

"Judgment?" Atalanta queried gently.

The Venus summon turned. "Just how important is this Ivan to the ones around him?" he asked.

"Isaac, the Venus Adept, considers him one of his best friends." Venus replied.

"Garet, the Mars Adept - he gets a little sick of his joking once in a while, but thinks he's a good guy." Mars added.

"The Mercury Adept, Mia.." Mercury started, trailing off. She bowed her head. "Ivan loves her. After telling her the truth, he ran off and ran into two Wild Gryphons. Mia thinks its her fault he's dead, and feels guilty because of it."

"Then there's Master Hama, his mother." Jupiter stated. "And Master Hammet and Lady Layana, his adoptive parents."

Judgment nodded, needing no more vouching for Ivan's life. "Aye."

Automatically, the gods and goddesses moved into an X formation, with the strongest deities (Judgment, Thor, Meteor, and Boreas) in the center, and the weakest (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars) on the outer regions. The piece of parchment which had alerted them to Ivan's state in the afterlife lay forgotten on the floor.

Thor, being the strongest god in Ivan's element, stepped forward into the middle of the cross. He spoke in the language of the ancients, basically saying that they were going to take Ivan back from the dead. Bowing his head, he stepped back.

Simultaneously, all sixteen deities raised their arms to the air, then crossed them over their torsos, murmuring, "So mote it be."

~~~~~ end Big Up There ~~~~~

The wind suddenly picked up violently.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Ivan shrieked, his voice resembling a girl's as he was rudely jerked from death.

"!" Isaac exclaimed, jumping back.

Garet started. "Obviously it worked..." he muttered. He raised his eyes. "Thank you, all a'ya up there."

~~~~~ Big Up There ~~~~~

"You're welcome.. Garet." Judgment murmured, slightly to himself.

~~~~~ end Big Up There ~~~~~

Ivan glanced wildly around. "Mia..." Finally seeing her unconscious on the ground, he leapt up and tried to run to her, before falling over again.

Garet sprinted over and held his shoulders firmly. "Whoa, easy there tiger, you were only -just- brought back from the freaking DEAD you know!"

Ivan went limp, although his eyes were still wild. "What happened to HER?"

"Isaac used Revive, and it didn't seem to be working. So Mia put.. -all- of her Psynergy into the Revive, and it looks like her Mercury Psynergy gave the Revive a healing boost..." explained Garet.

Ivan's amethyst eyes welled up. "She gave her Psynergy.. for.. me?" he whispered, unable to believe it.

"You betcha." Garet frowned suddenly, letting go of Ivan and crossing his arms. "Now tell us, why did you run in the first place? You wouldn't run from a monster, so I think it was something to do with.. Mia, and that sudden silence back there. I think you owe us an explanation."

"Mmph.." Mia's eyes started to ever so slowly open. "Ivan.." she muttered sleepily. "Is he.."

Isaac walked to Mia and gently held her, his eyes containing the answers. Ivan silently fumed at the close contact.

Garet huffed. "So? An explanation?" he queried.

"Of.. what?" Mia said slowly, still recovering her Psynergy.

"What happened to make Ivan run, and run right into two Wild Gryphons." Garet snapped. "Spill it."

Mia tried to sit up. "I.. think.. he'd like to.. keep it.. pri.." With that, she fainted again.

Garet turned, eyebrow raised. "What was that all about?"

Ivan smiled weakly, blushing. "It's just between the two of us, got it?"

The Mars Adept sighed, obviously wanting to know more about this big secret. "Fine."

Isaac, unnoticed by any of them, was making frantic hand motions. Ivan blinked. "Huh?" He walked over to the Venus Adept and Mind Read him. After a while, he turned, nodding.

"Isaac thinks since our main healer's out of commission, we should stop here and rest for a while until she gets her strength and Psynergy back."

Garet shrugged his approval. "OKay, that's fine by me. Let's make camp."

And make camp they did.

~~~~~ Authoress's Notes ~~~~~

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