Garet lay awake in his pallet, unable to sleep because of the howling wind outside. He turned. "Hey Ivan - still awake?" he hissed quietly. Isaac and Mia were both already asleep, so he thought.

Ivan looked over at the Mars Adept, glaring sleepily. "I'm a Jupiter Adept trying to sleep in the Venus Lighthouse, with wind blowing around outside, and you think I'm asleep. This is -torture-, pure torture. You're insane."

Garet flinches. "SorRY," he said, none too apologetically. "Anyway, I was just wondering." he continued brazenly. "What was it like, being... dead?"

Ivan frowned, thinking back to his time in the afterlife. "All I remember.. There was this HUGE expanse of darkness, and I couldn't hear the wind... It felt like I was underground or something. It was agony, it was torment, it was a hell worse than nighttime here. I felt so stifled. Then I saw this really weak little blue light, I ran towards it but it vanished. The same happened with an even smaller golden light. Then I saw this bigger golden light, I tried to go to it but it was always too far away. And then blue light mixed in with the golden light, and I saw Isaac and Mia, with angel wings... I felt really weak, I was sure I was -really- dead by then. Then there was a huge column of light from above, it had red, gold, purple, and blue strands of light all mixed up into one column. It looked like it was searching for something, then it hit me. I was slammed into the blue and gold light faster than it could get away, and then I woke up. That's why I screamed."

Garet's eyes narrowed. "Wow.. So does that mean if I died, I'd be in the middle of the ocean?"

Ivan laughed. "I don't know, Garet, I really don't know." He smirked. "Although it certainly sounds like it'd be torture for you."

~~~~~ at the same time ~~~~~

Mia lay awake, trying to sort out her feelings. Did she really love Isaac? Did she really only like Ivan as a little brother? Then why did she spend -all- of her Psynergy in his revival?

She turned over. "Mist?" she whispered, sending the musical Mercury Djinni zooming out of alliance with her. "Who was that person, who gave you to me? It had to be another Adept..."

Mist smiled, or at least gave the Djinni's version of a smile. "Not telling," her expression seemed to say.

"Mm.. OKay..." Mia murmured, suddenly sleepy. "G'night... Sweet dreams..."

~~~~~ sort of at the same time... ~~~~~

Ivan was struggling. He -still- couldn't get to sleep... He snapped his fingers suddenly.

"Sleep!" he whispered. The Psynergy washed over all four Adepts and sent them all to dreamland.

*No more nightmares, Mia. Sweet dreams, gods bless. I still love you.* he thought, just before becoming the last to fall asleep from his Psynergy. *And.. thank you...*

~*~*~*~ end story ~*~*~*~