The ocean. Dark, deep, and best of all quiet. It was the perfect place to take a long deserved rest.
After countless years of fighting, the king figured he had earned a little beauty sleep. He was tired and old, but far from weak.
The deep scars that marked his thick hide was testament to his numerous victories over those who would try to claim his throne.
Each of his challengers had been cast down by him. Some claimed he was a danger to the planet, and for the most part, they were right.
He had leveled cities and left them irradiated wastelands. The king didn't care what happened to the world above, so long as nothing encroached in on his territory. Rarely did he ever go out of his way to venture onto the surface, and when he did it was only to feed.
The last time he had gone to feed, he was struck by atomic weaponry.
He survived the blast of nuclear fire, and it proved to be a more filling meal than he had expected.
But all of that was all in the past.
Right now, the king was content with the dark, cold, peacefulness of the ocean.
Right now there were no more enemies, no threats, and most importantly, nothing to wake him.
Or so he thought.

As the king slept, he felt something gently nudge against one of his dorsal spines. At first he figured it was nothing but another confused pod of whales bumping into him and promptly went back to sleep. Then he felt something nudge against his shoulder. Not seeing it fit to open his eyes, the king listened for the annoyance.

"You can't hold me for much longer!" a rough voice shouted angrily.

"I won't let you escape this planet!" a second, weaker sounding voice retorted.

The king was confused. Even with his very limited telepathic abilities, he could tell something was very wrong.
The voices came from the same source, and yet were separate. To the king, it felt like a duel between two clashing minds. It was strange, but he had seen and fought stranger. The king hoped that maybe they would calm down and shut up. But after another five minutes of loud and annoying bickering, the king had to voice a complaint.

Jasper and Lapis fought on a mental battle field while their fusion Malachite rampaged mindlessly on the ocean floor. Both Gems were oblivious to what was around them as they were far too busy fighting for control.

"Release me now you little trollop!" Jasper growled as she pulled against the shackles that bound her. "Your treachery will not go unpunished!"

Lapis strained and pulled back on the connecting shackles as she tried to keep Jasper from breaking the fusion.

"Nothing is going to make me release you!" Lapis shouted back as she regained her footing. "You would only put Steven in more danger!"

"To hell with that little halfbreed!" Jasper retorted as she yanked on the shackles, dragging Lapis to the ground. "He and the rest of those traitors will fall to Yellow Diamond! You're only delaying the inevitable!"





Suddenly, a third voice boomed. The voice shook the mental illusion like an earthquake and froze both Jasper and Lapis in a state of raw shock.


The voice was terrifying and hit them like an avalanche of rage. Lapis fell to her knees and covered her ears. Jasper remained standing, but was shaking like a leaf in the midst of a hurricane. Slowly, Jasper's shock was turned into anger.

"Who dares address me such a tone?!" she shouted hatefully.

The voice didn't respond back, but Jasper knew it was listening. A part of her said that what she was doing was stupid.
Whatever had spoken, it was ancient and powerful. Yet is was no Gem. Therefor it; in her mind, was below her.

"Are too much of a coward to answer?!" Jasper shouted mockingly.

"Please, forgive her! She means naught of what she says!" Lapis cried out to the voice.

Lapis knew this voice, she knew it all too well. The voice was one she had learned to fear during her time in the mirror. She knew who was speaking and what he was capable of.

"Shut up weakling!" Jasper snarled angrily. "If it isn't as spineless as it sounds, then maybe it will prove me wrong!"

The mental illusion began to crumble as the outside words began to quake. Before the illusion completely broke, Jasper and Lapis heard the voice speak again. This time, it was followed by a loud, angry growling.


He would have been just fine had the rock creature heeded his demand. But no, it was never that easy.
Now the creature had insulted and challenged him his own territory. This error needed to be corrected!
If they, them, whatever it was wanted to fight, then he would be more than willing to oblige. He would show them why he had held his title as long as he had.
He would show them the best way he knew; through example.

Malachite watched in awe as what she thought was an undersea mountain begin to move.
The seafloor shook, the water began to bubble and swirl as a thick cloud of silt was thrown about by the great upheaval.
She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Malachite was big, bigger than the other Gems.
But what was awakening before her made her look like a flea by comparison.
The great mass that was moving before her was easily over three-hundred feet tall with a tail five-hundred feet in length.
Both Jasper and Lapis had seen massive Gem fusions in the Galaxy war, but none even came close to the size of this behemoth.
Malachite was thrown back by the force of the creature's tail as it began to swim away from them, only to turn it's massive bulk back around the face them.
It's body was covered in thick black scales. Each of the monster's muscles were rippling with pure primal strength.
The creature let out a low threatening growl as it showed it's teeth.

"Lapis, what is that thing!" the Jasper side of Malachite asked as she took several frightened steps back.

Lapis didn't answer, she was too busy mentally cowering in the back of Malachite's mind. Jasper took Lapis and began to shake her, desperate to break her from her useless state.

"What is it, Lapis?! Tell me what that thing is!"

As if to answer the arrogant gem, the creature unleashed a roar that made volcanic eruptions sound tame.
The ocean water did little to silence apocalyptic sound as it pierced into the fusion's head.
It shook the very ground they stood and made the water boil with an ancient heat.
If Jasper had a heart, it would have stopped dead in her chest. The raw power behind the roar was like nothing she had ever heard before.
It struck the purest form of terror right through her gemstone.
All of that anger, all of that might, and she had just pissed it off.

"His want to know his name?" Lapis rasped as she trembled.

The behemoth began to accelerate at an alarming speed, straight towards Malachite.
Jasper barely heard Lapis' voice over the sound the seafloor breaking underneath her as the monster slammed itself headfirst into her.

"His name is Godzilla. The King of the Monsters."

Been wanting to make a Godzilla fic for a while. To clarify, the Godzilla in this story is the Legendary Pictures incarnation.