The sound of crumbling stone and rock deafened the Crystal Gems to everything else around them. In the blink of an eye, their precious temple had been decapitated. The temple's head hit the ground and rolled along the beach before finally stopping in front of the three Gems.
Luck alone was the only thing that had kept the head from crumbling into dust.
A black pillar of smoke rose from the headless temple as the scorched earth continued to burn.

"Oh, it is on now, lizard breath!" Amethyst shrieked in anger as she summoned her whip and charged the titan.

Garnet grabbed Amethyst and kept her from doing something she would greatly regret. Attacking Godzilla on her own was suicide.

"Amethyst, Pearl, you two fuse into Opal!" Garnet ordered as she pried a very frightened Pearl off of her back. "Use her arrows to lure him away from the temple. He is big but slow, use Opal's speed to your advantage."

"But Garnet...even with Opal, you don't really expect us to be able stop that thing, do you?!" Pearl asked as she tried to stop herself from shaking. "You and I both know how much damage he can take. Remember during the Galaxy Wars? The Home world Gems struck him with a Shooting Star and even that only served to anger him further!"

"He did what?!" Amethyst shouted in disbelief. "That's like walking off an atomic bomb!"

"Listen, I know this looks bad! But we have to keep him away from Steven!" Garnet ordered sternly as she shook her comrades to regain their composure. "Do that, and maybe he will lose interest and return home!"

Pearl and Amethyst finally managed to collect them selves and steeled their resolve. They were expendable, Steven was not.

"Alright...we'll do it for Steven," Pearl stated with melancholy. She knew that the chances of any of them surviving were nearly nonexistent.

"Yeah, for Steven!" Amethyst shouted as she tried her best to get herself hyped up for the fight.

As Amethyst and Pearl began their fusion dance, Garnet turned and stared intensely up at Godzilla.

If only Rose was here. Garnet thought bitterly as she glared up at the primordial colossus.

Godzilla's fiery eyes scanned the land before him. With the temple in ruins, the King let out a low growl of satisfaction.
His attention drifted towards the small city that sat next to the coast. There were no skyscrapers, no towers, and most importantly, no nuclear reactors.
He had hoped that at least he could grab a quick meal before he returned home, but sadly that wouldn't be the case. The city wasn't worth destroying.
As he weighed the pros and cons of simply returning to ocean floor to sleep, a strange scent caught his attention.
The scent was that of a human, but there was something oddly familiar about it.
He couldn't quite put his claw on it, but he felt like he was forgetting something important.
Before he could think further on the matter, he felt several bursts of energy blast against his hide.
As he turned to face the source of the attacks, he was pelted by more energy blasts. He looked down towards the beach and spotted a new invader.
This invader had four arms, was a pale purple in color, had white lavender colored hair, and she was wielding a bow.
He let out a low growl which was answered with another volley of blue energy arrows. The attacks, while not painful in the slightest, were irritating.
His atomic breath would be a waste of energy. The King decided that he would simply crush the four armed archer.
If she would stand still that is...

Opal fired as fast as her four arms could move. She quickly realized that her attacks were hardly doing any form of damage. They only served to pester the titan.
With the grace of a ballerina, Opal moved and darted across the water's surface as she fired her arrows.
The idea was to keep moving and make it as hard as possible for the creature to get a lock on her position.
She knew she wouldn't survive against a direct hit from the creature's atomic breath. But Garnet's plan seemed to be working.
Slowly but surly, Opal began to lure the kaiju away from the coast line.

Garnet let out a relieved sigh as the lumbering behemoth waded after her comrade. Godzilla might have been nigh unstoppable, but he was easily distracted. Eventually he would grow bored with Opal and return to the sea floor. Everything was going according to plan.
Or so Garnet thought. A loud roar was followed by Lion teleporting with Steven on his back.
Before she could say anything, Steven inhaled and shouted at the top of his lungs.


With a loud hum and pink glow, the Quartizine Trio cannons all activated and aimed at the mighty kaiju's back.

"STEVEN NO!" Garnet shouted. But it was too late.

With a blinding flash of pink light, the Quartizine Trio unleashed their fury. The pink laser beams struck against Godzilla's neck and exploded in a ball of energy.
But once the pink aura faded, the Gems found that the attack had done nothing.
There were no burns, no marks, nothing to indicate that they had even done anything to the giant.
Rose Quartz' most powerful weapon had done nothing.

Godzilla turned his head back towards the temple and growled. Attacking him with his back turned was a cowardly tactic.
Cowardice was insulting and needed to be answered for. With his anger now refueled, the King of the Monsters shifted his body back towards the temple.
He failed to notice that his tail had struck the four armed archer with enough force to send her rocketing back towards the temple with the rest of the invaders.
As he continued towards the temple, another volley of pink laser beams swept across his body. He let out an annoyed roar as the cannons fired in rapid volleys.
Finally, he had had more than he could stand. Those cannons needed to be silenced!
His dorsal spines began to glow bright blue as he readied an attack of his own.

The Gems knew this was the end of the line. Even if they tried to run, they would still be caught in the blast.
As the blinding blue light of their impending doom flashed towards them, a dazzling pink light flashed.
Standing with his shield raised was the young half gem Steven. With his mother's shield raised, Steven braced for the impact, and boy did he feel it.
Even with his mother's shield, the full brunt of the attack smashed against him like tidal wave of primordial wrath.
He could feel his skin burning and the legs weakening as he strained to keep his shield from breaking.
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all braced against the shield with Steven as the sand around them began to melt.
After what felt like an eternity, the shield reflected the attack; back towards it's sender.

Godzilla felt his skin burn as his own attack was used against him. Bits of skin flew off and he roared in pain. He was confused.
What force on earth could possibly reflect his attack? This angered him further.
As Godzilla's spines lit up with another atomic blast at the ready, he smelled the familiar scent again. The scent was coming from the human child.
That's when he remembered where he had smelt that scent before. It was the scent of a Crystal Gem named Rose Quartz.
But why did the human child smell like her?

The Gems were all huddled together as the colossal monster lowered it's head.
Steven was petrified as the monster's massive nostrils flared and was thrown back by the force of the creature exhaling.
He was being sniffed by the King of the Monsters himself.
Suddenly, Godzilla's gigantic maw opened as his tongue slide across Steven and the rest of the Gems, covering them in a thick layer of mucus.

"Uhgg! He licked us!" Amethyst groaned as she whipped the slime off of her face.

"That's a good sign," Garnet responded as she removed her slime coated shades.

"How is this a good sign?!" Pearl asked as she trembled, unable to think with the sheer amount of filth she was covered in.

"It means that he finally remembers us," Garnet stated, now much calmer than before. "More precisely, he remembers Rose."

"D-did my Mom fight this critter?" Steven stuttered, still terrified out of his mind.

"No," Garnet responded. "She reasoned with him. She convinced him that she was not a threat to his domain."

"How?" Amethyst asked as she pulled a clump of mucus out of her hair. "This guy isn't the most reasonable of people!"

"Rose loved this planet, and everything that lives on it," Garnet stated. "This creature is a prehistoric alpha predator. He has survived every mass extinction event. He is as much a part of this world as everything else. When Rose lead the rebellion against the Home world Gems, he responded by attacking both sides of the conflict. He viewed us as invaders...which we were..."

"He was just defending his home," Steven muttered as he raised his hand up Godzilla's massive snout.

Godzilla snorted and growled as if he was saying, "Don't touch me, worm!" which brought Steven back to reality.

"Rose never tried to tame him. She respected him too much," Garnet stated as she left the frightened half gem cling to her. "She said that he was this planet's natural defender. Rose promised him that so long as she remained, no harm would come to his kingdom."

"So why did he attack us?" Amethyst asked, still wary of the titan.

Garnet shrugged her shoulders.

"He is old," she stated flatly. "He must have forgotten about us. That is until Steven showed up."

"Old but spry..." Pearl groaned as she rubbed her sore muscles.

As the tiny Gems continued their discussion, Godzilla began to grow bored. Now that he was aware that these were not the same Gems that had awakened him, he had no reason to linger. With a low growl, Godzilla rose himself to full height and began to move back out towards the ocean. The ground trembled as he marched into the deep blue waters of Beach City. He was tired, all this fuss, just because people wouldn't let him sleep. He looked back at the temple.
It was wrecked, he had reached his minimal quota of property damage.
Before he finally submerged himself within the cool darkness of the ocean, he let out on last earsplitting, window shattering, heart stopping roar for the whole world to hear. Once he was sure his message had been heard, the King of the Monsters slowly slipped back beneath the waves.

Amethyst let out a loud groan as she fell forward into the scorched sands.

Pearl crumpled into a tired heap on the ground.

Garnet fell backwards like a collapsing stone pillar.

"We got lucky..." she stated tiredly.

"Indeed..." Pearl sighed. "Who was it that fired the laser cannons?"

Steven was silent as he realized how much he done goofed.

"Steven, you're grounded..."

And there you have it folks! If it seems like they got off too easy, that's because they did.
Lets face it. Godzilla vs the Crystal Gems.
They wouldn't stand a chance.
The moral of these story, don't piss off the King of the Monsters!
Stay classy.