"Two Blades"



"Y'know, a philosopher from my world once said to never give a sword to one who can't dance."

Lon'qu deftly deflected my next strike. "…And?"

"I find that statement ironic because: 1.) I was given a sword, and 2.) I have never danced in my life."



"Hnngh—!" Forcing his sword hand skyward, I swung wide, causing Lon'qu to lose his grip. His Killing Edge fell to the ground with a dull Thump.

We stared at each other, panting heavily.

"…Hm. Well fought," the myrmidon decided.

"You…think so?" I asked, breathing heavily.

Lon'qu nodded. "I can see why you're a veteran. You've fought with…a drive that you've used from the beginning."

"Huh." I shrugged. "I always thought it was the will to survive."


"You, on the other hand—"

"I fight to grow stronger," Lon'qu stated. "That's why I decided to join the Shepherds."

"Huh. For me, that's a means, not an end." I shrugged again. "But that aside, the goal to become stronger…we seem to share it."

Lon'qu nodded, a small smile slowly forming. "Yes… It seems so."