Author's Note: With every ending, comes forth a beginning. But is this really over? :)


"Book Club Entry 3"


By this point, we'd completely forgone talking about books.

"…So after Edea came into the changing room with the garment in question," Dreyza continued, trying really hard to keep a straight face, "Agnès turned beet-freakin'-red, and I said, 'That's a what?!' Then I let out a laugh. 'O-kay! This'll be fun!'"

Severa rolled her eyes. "What was she thinking?"

Bluefield groaned, somewhere between wanting to laugh at the memory and not wanting to laugh at Agnès. "To be fair, Ms. Oblige didn't know what a bikini was until she actually saw it. That's how sheltered she was."

Inigo scratched the back of his head, but oddly enough, stayed quiet. Perhaps fair enough, as, before Dreyza started telling this story of "The Clothes of Terrible Power", Blu preemptively told him that she's "kinda already devoted to someone", that she currently has things to deal with without another dandy, and that he shouldn't waste his time.

"Yeah. So, Agnès starts stammering. Things like, are you sure this is clothing?! I'll catch my death of cold! And while Ringabel and the sage are outside, urging her to put it on, I'm still in the room with her, trying not to A.) laugh my ass off, and B.) imagine how the bikini would fit on me."

You wouldn't believe how red I turned. "Oh, dear gods…" Bluefield groaned.

Owain started. "N-No! You will not tempt myself or my comrade, Temptress of Tempests!" He put a hand in front of his face and his other over Inigo's.

Dreyza laughed, before pausing. "Hey, that is…actually pretty damn clever! Okay, anyway…"

As she continued on with that story, I scanned the occupants of the table, existant and otherwise.

Severa and Dreyza were a far cry from most of the girls I'd met while staying at Miriam's and attending North Lhiasah High School—they weren't spiteful like most of the popular ones, and they were far more honest. Plus, they were more likely to punch your lights out and bugger off. Inigo and Owain likely would've fit right into drama class—the very class that the bullies and the jockeys often picked on for not being "manly enough". Then again, those people likely would've had their butts handed to them just as easily.

Then I looked over at Bluefield, groaning and pinching his nose underneath his glasses.

Bluefield—probably the most complicated individual I've ever met.

When he stopped by North Lhiasah High to check on us—before everything began for us—he'd been accousted by some of the popular crowd. These bous and girls did the usual stuff to him what they'd do to us future Wolves: call him names, insult him, spit on him. Anything that wasn't…constructive. After about a minute of this, Blu rounded on them, asked, "Which of you said something important?", then took the stairs to my classroom's floor. The crowd stayed behind because they'd started arguing about just that.

When I saw him peering through my classroom window, I recognized him, then lied that I had to use the restroom. At the same time, he tried to lose me as he went back downstairs, toward the entrance.

(Yikes, I don't think this is written well.)

I tried to call out to him, but I got accousted by the Populars again. Normally, they wouldn't lay a finger on me if either Dreyza or Vespyr were around with me—"punch beats slap", Ves told me—but not this time. And, they brought some people from the football* team to do their bidding.

They didn't get to do anything to me again, though.

Because that was when Blu turned around—and with a few words—got the Populars and the best of the footballers* in detention for attempting to leave campus during school hours.

Then, one month later, Umbrals attacked the school in broad daylight. They'd killed many of the Populars there, or worse. When Blu arrived to retrieve us and kill the monsters, he'd saved one of the Populars from an Umbral that had absorbed her friends, becoming an unholy amalgamation of human body parts that took her hostage. When Dreyza asked why he'd saved—ahem—"Queen B*tch", Blu remarked that while that was an option (in fact, the female half of Vaire had even pointed that out), he wasn't going to just kill a civilian, no matter how much he hated them.

That said, he wasn't sure she deserved to be insane for the rest of her life.

I came back from reminiscing as Dreyza finished the story. "…and though she got last place in the pagent, Agnès still got her message through. But—" here, she got a little somber "—that's a story for another time."

"Huh." Inigo scratched his chin. "You Wolves have had quite the adventures before coming here."

I shrugged. "Well, technically, Bluefield has at least three years on us. What other silly stories were there, sir?"

"Hmm…" Blu thought (noticeably ignoring what I said about "sir"). "Let's see: I covered the Bad Laughing, Celestine's Epic Love Potion Fail, Meeting Riki, Riki and Co. and the Dinobeast…uhhh…Dreyza already did Agnès and the Bow…"


"Hm… But what of you and your brethren, Bluefield? You haven't really spoken of their deeds and hijinks."

"Eh?" Blu scratched his chin at Owain's words. "…as for other things, there was the—oh, yeah!" The senior Zero's eyes brightened up. "There was the time Chisari burped out the whole English alphabet after drinking soda!" Chuckle. "Oh, gods, she was not above that kind of stuff…"

Then a new voice popped up behind me. "Hey, everyone. What's going on?"

We all turned. Dysren was leaning against the barracks doorway. He seemed a little stressed—my guess was today's war council was rather taxing for him.

Blu grinned. "Oh, we're just talking about anything." He reached under the table and pulled out an unopened can of cola. "Wanna join us for some laughs?"

"…that she currently has things to deal with without another dandy…" - …but that's a story for another time. —Blu

"Plus, they were more likely to throw punches, not just slap their victim." - I'd like to add Sumia, except that time was an accident! —Noan

* Of course it was an accident, d*ckhead! —Blu

"Bad Laughing" - It was supposed to be like that, you clowns. —Noan

"Celestine's Epic Love Potion Fail" - Apparently, the said Love Potion only works on humans and the elf-like Mahré. —Vaire

"Meeting Riki" - It was like…what, Blu? A ten-second volleyball game? —Dreyza

* Yep. And remind me to tell you guys what volleyball is. —Blu

"Riki and Co. and the Dinobeast" - Oh, man, the ending to that must've looked a little silly. —Kyoku

"Agnès and the Bow" - I don't need to tell you how that got started. —Blu

"Oh, gods, she was not above that kind of stuff…" - Indeed, Kyoku's sister did live through the Sengoku era of Japan. "Goofing off" was not exactly high on their lists of priorities. That would be "survival". —Vaire