AN: Sorry for the bad description, but the thing Dante pulls out of his pocket later is supposed to be a smart phone and it's showing text messages.

Warning: Pretty sure 'Dark Themes' from chapter one covers this, but Warning mentions of suicide, both contemplated and (in SAO) actual suicide.

Vergil was sitting in his cell, trying to get some sleep when the door to the prison area burst open and banged against the wall. He jerked up and looked towards the door with horror, thinking all the while, 'Mundus couldn't have caught Dante. Not Dante please. Not Nero either. If there's a God I'm begging you.' Despite what Dante might believe he loved his brother and son dearly. It was true that Vergil had attempted to open the real Hell Gate, but what Dante didn't know was that Vergil used to have a soulmate. She died when Nero was 7 months old, Vergil managed to resist the temptation to commit suicide, but realized two months later that he was beginning to lose his mind. So to protect Nero from his own father he left him at an orphanage, after making sure it wasn't run by demons like the one Dante grew up in of course. It was why he'd done those despicable things, because he'd been mad with grief. When he'd stayed behind when the Hell Gate began to destabilize, Mundus had captured him. He'd been very shocked to find out that both his parents were alive, just captured by Mundus. It had taken them a bit, but his parents had broken him out of his grief induced insanity. That wasn't too say he was an angel, no joke intended, he was still as Dante would put it 'a cold asshole', but he no longer wanted to rule or destroy the world and loved his family, even if he still didn't usually show it.

Mundus walked in and ran his gaze over the three occupants, all in separate cells, while a demon dragged someone in by their hair. It appeared to be a little girl. Sparda stood up in his cell and asked, "And just what has a poor little girl done to you, that you feel the urge to lock her up down here Mundus? I thought you had reserved this high security area for me and my family, hmm?"

Mundus snorted then smirked, before saying, "She was born, and I did. I suppose I should induce you, traitorous Sparda meet Marzanna your granddaughter, Dante's daughter."

Marzanna heard a feminine gasp, a sharp 'bastard' from the male who'd spoken earlier, and someone almost whisper 'Dante? She's Dante's?'. She temporarily ignored all of this though. Instead being careful not to get caught, she hooked the stupid arm band that kept her from using the majority of her powers on the strange piece of armor around the hips of demon who was holding her, the armor almost looked like a spiked belt, with the spikes going up and down the demons body instead on jutting out. She made sure to hook the metal arm band in such a way the demon would have to break the band, she knew this 'Mundus' wouldn't let it break her arm, she heard him tell Agnus he wanted to wait till he had her whole family, then execute them all in a public event. Since that strange ritual they'd done to her had almost killed her, he wouldn't let the demon remove her arm when she was so close to death already.

Sure enough when the demon went to deposit her in her new cell and found the arm band stuck, Mundus stopped the demon from ripping her arm off by saying, "Don't. It's amazing she survived the ritual to break Sparda's seal, but since she has she'll be executed when I get my hands on the last two of her family. So I won't have you killing her now. Just break the arm band, it was just so her human watchers could control her demonic powers, which the cell does anyway, so it isn't needed anymore."

Once the stupid band was off and she was in her cell, she continued listening, waiting for them to leave. She was getting out of here and no one was stopping her this time. Mundus and Sparda continued to banter for a while, then finally Mundus and the demon who was carrying her left. Activating the ability she'd absorbed from the great demon she killed in Agnus' base, she cracked her eyes open and scanned the other three occupants that were supposedly her family. The abilities were ocular based, and did many, many things. Amongst those abilities was night vision, thermal vision, the ability to see the flow of demonic and angelic energy, and see magic. Since she could see the flow of multiple energies when the ability was active, she was able to tell if someone was using an illusion or was a doppelganger demon. Her mother had said that her father very briefly spoke of his twin brother, Vergil. Since he wasn't a doppelganger or under an illusion, she knew he was the real deal, and as he had identified the other two as his parents during the conversation she knew they were really her grandparents as well, since they weren't doppelgangers or under illusions. Though her father told her mother that his brother and parents were dead, but she figured that if they were imprisoned in Hell, it was an easy mistake. Even if her father was a Nephilim and demon Hunter, something she'd learned from Agnus' research in his library, which she stole everything from, stored it all in her mother's trunk, and burned the library bad enough that Agnus wouldn't know it was all gone instead of destroyed.

Now that she knew they were really her family and not some ploy by Agnus or the demons, she stopped feigning unconsciousness. Being careful of her injuries from that foul ritual the demons did, she slowly sat up and began pumping magic and angelic energy to her wounds starting with the worst. With the ability she gained from the great demon Agnus had been draining she could see seals that completely blocked the use of demonic energy so she didn't try to heal herself with that, but it only stopped the destructive abilities of angelic energy so she could heal herself that way. She wondered if Mundus didn't know she was a witch, which was unlikely, or was just too arrogant to think she could get away with magic, the far more likely scenario.

Normally her wounds would have healed automatically, but that strange ritual tainted her injuries with a horribly type of demonic energy that stopped her natural healing abilities, so she first purified the energy with her magic and angelic energy. Once it was gone her angelic healing kicked in automatically, as she knew it would.

Sighing in relief when her injuries began to close, she turned her attention to the shackles around her wrists. Eva, apparently she was her grandmother, quietly said, "I'm glad to see your starting to heal Little One, but I wouldn't bother with the shackles or chains. Sparda, Vergil, and I have tried for years. Those seals are thorough, it's impossible to use angelic or demonic abilities, well rather the angelic abilities that could break them."

Marzanna looked at her just staring for a minute, then looked back to the chains saying, "I don't know about you lady, but I'm getting the fuck out of this hellhole, no pun intended. That Mundus guy is arrogant. I'm not about to pass up the opportunity that fucking bastard's foolish arrogance gives me."

Sparda and Eva got pinched looks on their faces at her language, but Vergil just laughed then said, "Well your defiantly Dante's kid, you talk like a more intelligent version of him. Foul language and tendency to insult everyone and all, hell even that 'you can't fucking stop me' attitude. Anyway, since I'm now apparently an uncle, how old are you Little One?"

Without glancing up she said, "Stop calling me little, I'm six thank you very much." Having come to a conclusion about the chains she hummed then cast a wandless spell with a sharp, "Delebo!" The chains disintegrated immediately at her command.

Sparda and Eva both made startled sounds, but once again Vergil just laughed. Then he laughingly commented more to himself than anyone else, "Of course you are. Dante's luck as a playboy gives out and he has a kid, but this is Dante so of course his luck just happened to give out when he was sleeping with a witch. That's just Dante's luck isn't it?"

Ignoring Vergil's muttering she looked at the three and said, "Unless you guys have been in here so long you've come to like being imprisoned, I'm going to assume you're coming with. However I'm warning you now. I don't know you, and I certainly don't fucking trust you, but I'm not the type to leave people behind, so I'll tell you once and only once. You may apparently be related to me, you may even be angels/demons and older than me, but I won't fucking hesitate to end you if you betray me."

They started at her for a minute wondering what kind of life could make a child say a threat like that and more importantly mean it completely and utterly, but they all pushed those thoughts away and each nodded their assent. Marzanna nodded sharply in return, and quickly freed all three.

Dante was in limbo, the first layer of hell. When he, Nero, and Kat had finally made it to the facility the Hell Gate was being created it, they found the Gate finished though it was obvious it had only been finished sometime in the past 1-2 hours. A plan had been made quickly. Real Hell Gates had two physical anchors, one in hell the other in the human world. All the energy that flowed through the gates really did was just connect the two anchors like a bridge. So Dante was going into hell to destroy the anchor on that side, while he was doing that Nero would simultaneously destroy the anchor in the human world. If Dante wasn't a Devil this would leave him trapped in hell, but Devils had a unique ability to cross between the two dimensions at will. The only reason him and Vergil hadn't done this when they were younger was because neither of them knew how to use that ability back then, though Dante had figured out how to do it in the time since Vergil's death.

So Dante was currently looking for the anchor for the Gate that resided in hell. Just as he found it though, he heard a male exclaiming, "Dante?!"

He knew that voice, would recognize it anywhere, but that was impossible he was dead! Turning sharply on his heel he started at the source for almost a full minute trying to find his voice, which seemed to have uncharacteristically disappeared as soon as he laid eyes on him. Eventually though, he managed to force words out, "Vergil? How?! I thought you were dead! Prove it's really you, that you aren't a doppelganger demon. If you are a fake, I swear I'll fucking kill you for such trespass."

Vergil smiled lightly then said, "I'm surprised you'd react so violently towards a doppelganger, purely for taking my form. Anyway, proof huh? Hmm, do you remember that time in Egypt, when your playboy tendencies-"

He didn't get to finish, as Dante completely embarrassed abruptly said, "Ok! It's you I get it. Though I thought we agreed never to mention that?"

Vergil chuckled amusement clear in his eyes, "No you said we'd never speak of it again, I never responded. So I never agreed to anything."

Dante stared at him for a while then said, "If you hadn't just given me proof you were really you, I would think you were a fake right now. Since when are so amused, and that amusement not be dark morbid amusement?"

Vergil turned to look at something behind him, it was only then that Dante noticed that there was a bit of a cliff. Well it was more like it was incredibly steep steps than a cliff, Vergil shook him from his observations when he bent to look down to cliff/steps and absently said to Dante, "I'll explain later." Then clearly speaking to someone else, he continued, "Is she ok? Or do you need help, I know being in those cells for so long weakened you both."

A low male voice replied, to quiet for Dante to properly make out either the words or the man's voice. There was a brief pause then the male said something else, and Vergil nodded before he reached down and carefully grabbed something, while saying, "Come on Little One up you get, and no protesting you still haven't fully healed." Then obviously speaking to the male again he continued, "Are you sure you don't need help with her?"

The male huffed and said something else causing Vergil to nod and straighten. This revealed who he'd picked up, though Dante had never seen her he instantly recognized the tri colored hair that Agnus had described. He stiffened a bit his mind racing, focused on one thing only, 'Marzanna. My daughter. That's my daughter Marzanna. The daughter I only just learned of. Oh dear God!'

Dante felt like he was going to feint. First Vergil, now his daughter? What next? For the rest of his life afterwards Dante could never figure out how he stayed conscious, when abruptly Vergil leaned down with his hand extended, and a moment later another hand grabbed his. Then without further ado, his supposedly dead mother climbed up the steps with Vergil's help, even more shocking she took Marzanna and Vergil promptly helped their father up. His parents. They-But-They were dead! They'd been dead since he and Vergil were seven! How?! He wasn't complaining by any definition of the word, but still how?

Eva, his precious dear mother, turned to him once his father was safely up. Smiling she walked over to him and said in a quiet obviously tired voice, "Dante. It's so good to see you. Though I must confess, I'd given up hope that we'd escape a while ago, so for a while I didn't want to see you or Vergil, since it meant Mundus had captured you. Still, I missed you so much."

He stared to her in wide eyed silence for a while, then desperately looked at Vergil over her shoulder, Vergil nodded at the unasked question. Dante immediately turned his gaze back to Eva, tears appearing in his eyes. He only managed to hold that small bit of composure he had left for a moment, then he cast it aside and engulfed his mother in a hug burrowing his face in the juncture between her neck and shoulder, as he used to when he was a kid. Though he was careful with it, his mother had been imprisoned for years, so she was probably incredibly weakened, and he didn't want to hurt her. Besides she was still holding Marzanna, and he didn't want to aggravate the injuries that were littering her body, nor did he wish to crush her.

Eva reached up with one hand and carded her fingers through his hair comforting him like she used to when he was a child. After a moment she gently said, "While I normally wouldn't mind. We need to get going Dante."

He stepped back a second later, then asked, "I'm assuming you guys can't to cross to the human world on your own, or you wouldn't have come this far from wherever Mundus was holding you."

Vergil nodded, then said, "Though it was very unlikely we would succeed since Mundus no doubt has it under ridiculously tight security, we heard that he'd broken dad's seal and made a Hell Gate, so we were going to attempt to escape that way."

Dante snorted, then pointed down the overhanging of the cliff he'd been standing on when Vergil had called out to him, replying with, "While I know your skilled Vergil, and I assume the others are your all injured, besides your unarmed. So damn straight you would've failed. See for yourself."

The other walked up to the cliff and looked down, Vergil immediately cursed violently. The area was swarmed with demons, it would be impossible with their current conditions. He turned back to Dante and said, "I might have been able to put up enough of a fight for them to get through if I had Yamato, but it was broken." Then after a pause he sarcastically added, "Don't suppose you know of a conveniently unguarded back door?"

Dante grinned before he responded with, "Matter of fact, I do." Seeing Vergil jerk in surprise, and the other three gape at him, he said to Vergil, "In fact, you know it too. Oh and Yamato was repaired a while ago, I'm sure the kid wouldn't mind giving it back to its owner since you're alive." Ignoring Vergil's confused look, he pushed his hair out of the way, and pressed a button on a device that looked like a Bluetooth, and said, "Hey Kat you there. Good. Listen I've got some people here. No I'll explain later just trust me, Ok? So than can you-. No I wasn't insinuating you're incapable, I just didn't want to assume you knew of a rift nearby, preferable not anywhere near the Gate. Gotcha, Nero can you head over and guard it so no demons get through? Thanks kid. Be there soon."

With that he pulled something out of his pocket and messed with its screen a bit, then the screen showed something with Kat's name at the top and little bubbles with messages coming from either side at intervals. The most recent one showed a string on numbers that seemed to be coordinates, since he immediately began to lead them off.

After they'd made it to the portal and gone through, Kat gasped and exclaimed, "Vergil?! You're alive!"

Vergil nodded at Kat, and quietly said, "Ya, I am. Kat I- I'm sorry about before. I should explain. You see I had a soulmate, but she died I managed to resist the usual suicide, but I-I kinda went crazy. That's why I tried to do what I did, and why I treated you how I did. I'm still not fine, but now I'm at least mostly sane. I know you probably can never forgive me, but I truly am sorry for my actions and behavior."

Kat searched his face for a moment, then seemed to find what she was looking for, as tears appeared in her eyes and she hugged Vergil tightly while saying, "It's ok Vergil. I may not have a soulmate but I know people who do, and I know the madness that can come purely from them being in danger, for your mate to be dead-" She cut herself off before saying, "I may never be able to understand the pain you were in, but I do understand your actions now. So you're forgiven."

Nero stayed quiet, staring at the man who was his supposedly dead, but apparently alive father. He figured his father's soulmate was his mother, and wondered if her death was why he was left at that orphanage on Fortuna Island. Dante broke him from his thoughts by saying to him, "Oi, kid. Vergil's not really in any condition to fight, but you wanna give him back Yamato just in case?"

Vergil turned and immediately stiffened, now that he thought about it Dante had said over that headpiece the name 'Nero'. He hadn't realized it till now, as he was busy keeping an eye out for demons. Now though, his son was standing right in front of him, he was much older that the seven month old Vergil last saw, but it didn't matter he recognized his son anyway. Nero nodded, and lifted his right arm, it was strange it looked like his arm was Devil Triggered, but the rest of him was in human form. Then out of the part of his arm that seemed cracked open with a blue glow coming from inside, an energy of the same color began to flow out, abruptly it expanded and solidified, becoming the ever familiar Yamato. Vergil accepted Yamato when Nero extended it to him.

Dante then butted in asking, "Are they down?"

Nero nodded and said, "Ya the charges are set on the Hell Gates anchor, we're just waiting on you, unless you managed to set the explosives before you found them?"

Dante shook his head, but before he could reply Sparda spoke up, "Destroying the Hell Gate is all well and good, but unless we recreate my seal they'll just make another one in a few days."

Dante frowned and said, "Ya I know, but I don't know how your seal is done, and you're in no condition to do it."

Sparda shook his head responding immediately, "It doesn't matter. We can't afford to let them get and use an operational Hell Gate. It would be disastrous. Besides the ritual only requires demonic energy and my blood. The blood isn't a problem, a few drops will do, it's the demonic energy that's the hard part. The ritual to make the seal requires a ridiculous amount."

Before Dante could respond Nero cut in, "Dante. He knows how to do the seal, and we can use his blood. I can supply the energy, so get going and set the charges."

Dante looked at him for a minute then nodded and said, "I can see you're not going to budge, so I won't bother arguing. Just make sure you keep them safe kid, ya hear?"

Nero nodded his understanding.

Once the Gate was destroyed and Sparda's seal in place, they'd all gotten in Dante and Kat's cars and left. The only reason both cars were there was because Kat left before them to scout the area. When they arrived Dante soon discovered that Marzanna had fallen asleep on the way, so he gently picked her up and went inside. Immediately he came onto the scene of Lady and Trish armed and eyeing Vergil wearily, despite Kat and Nero's reassurances.

He felt Marzanna stir in his arms and frowned, she'd been exhausted by the time they'd all gotten in the cars, so he didn't want her to wake up. Dante was usually laid back, and rarely commanding, but while they mostly did whatever they pleased he was the one with final say. So mustering up the commanding tone he rarely used, but making sure to be quite enough not to wake Marzanna, he snapped, "Lady, Trish that is enough! Put your weapons away now. Yes my brother has done some horrible stuff in the past, but it's different now. I will explain, but only after I put Marzanna in the guest bedroom. So keep your voices down. I won't have you waking her."

He didn't walk away just yet though, giving them his incredibly rare stern glare, waiting for them to put their guns away. Once they'd done that and backed away from Vergil, Dante nodded sharply and went upstairs to put Marzanna in bed.

Since Nero and Trish constantly went back and forth teasing and purposely trying to get each other in trouble, he childishly said in a sing song tone, "Oooh someone's in trouble."

Trish glared then smirked, not bothering to reply. Instead she just waited for Nero's personal Armageddon, which she knew was coming. Sure enough a moment later Kyrie called in an overly sweet voice, "Nero? Is that you? You were supposed to be home two days ago."

Nero blanched then heatedly demanded in a hiss at Trish, "What did you do?! She only uses that tone when she's royally pissed, and she's always understanding of the fact that hunts can take longer than expected unless you say something to her. So don't try to act dumb or innocent!"

Trish just smirked evilly, before shrugging and saying, "I haven't the faintest clue. The only thing I said to her about you being late was that she was lucky you two were soulmates since you were with playboy Dante. After all the chances of him dragging you to some strip club or some other place was quite high, so she was lucky that as your soulmate you only had eyes for her."

Nero glared murderously at her, then at Kyrie's sharp 'Nero!', called back to her, "Coming!" Before mumbling to Kat, "If you'll excuse me, I've got some hardcore Groveling/Explaining to do."

Kat snickered into her hand before quietly saying back a quick, "Good luck. You'll need it."

Once he was gone Vergil whirled towards Kat and asked, "Does Dante really take him to strip clubs and stuff?"

Kat rapidly shook her head before explaining, "No he doesn't. However Trish and Nero not only tease one another, but are constantly trying to get each other in trouble. So Trish implies all sorts of lies to Kyrie, who continues to listen to her since she never outright tells lies, just implies."

Vergil sighed in relief. He really didn't want to have to murder his little brother after seeing him for the first time in years, especially since his most of his sanity had finally returned.