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Summary: Felicity Lance had not always been a Lance; her life began as a Smoak. She was adopted when she was nine and had lost everything. She went from being an only child to having two amazing Sisters. Laurel was always perfect while Sara was a free spirited wild child and Felicity; well Felicity was just the other Lance girl. When tragedy rocks not just the Lance's but Starling City as well Felicity has no choice but to step up and become the woman she never thought she could be.

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Chapter 12

Honour thy Father part 7

Quentin Lance loved his Daughters more than his own life but sometimes he was sure they existed purely to torment him. They were both mad at him for warning the Queen boy off and even after it had nearly gotten them killed they were stubbornly refusing to let the Sommers case go.

He prowled back and forth across Laurel's sitting room while the two girls sat on the sofa glaring at him. His girls had always presented a united front, they stood together against most challenges, normally this fact filled Quentin with pride but this time he just found it to be truly frustrating. Didn't they understand what they meant to him? Couldn't they see they were all he had left?

"Laurel, tomorrow you are going to go into that court and you are going to recuse yourself from this case or drop it all together" he told his oldest Daughter firmly. "I don't care witch you chose but you are off the case and you Felicity" he said turning his attention to the younger girl "this is your last CNRI case, you are done, am I clear?" he asked them both.

There was a moment of silence in the wake of the Detective's demand, Quentin held his breath and waited for the back lash that he was sure was coming, he didn't have long to wait.

"If you think I am just going to abandon Emily Nocenti then you don't know me that well" Laurel spat while Felicity just carried on glaring at him, she hadn't spoken a word to her Father since Oliver left.

"And if you think I am going to let the two of you risk your lives in a fight that's not even yours you don't know me very well young lady" Quentin seethed "I will lock you up in a cell if that's what it takes to keep you safe" he warned them

"Then I guess that what it's going to take" Laurel yelled unable to stop herself, she had been trying so hard to keep a hold of her temper but she had finally lost it.

Laurel was ready to ream her Father out but Felicity shocked them both by finally breaking her silence. When she spoke, her tone was both quiet and sad "Emily Nocenti's Dad was prepared to take on Martin Sommers and the triad, he was going to do it to keep her and Starling City safe and it cost him his life" she stated softly.

"Felicity" Quentin sighed.

"No Dad, don't Felicity me" the girl cried, her voice getting gradually louder as she went on. "Laurel is not about to leave Emily and Joanne face Sommers and the triad alone and I am going to do whatever I can to help them, we have to finish what Victor Nocenti started" she tried to reason with him but Quentin wasn't having any of it.

"Someone else is going to have to take Sommers down because it is not going to be you girls" he told them "It's my job to keep you girls safe and you may not like it but that's just too bad, so no more Martin Sommers and no more Oliver Queen, are we clear?" he asked them.

"No" Felicity countered in an icy tone "you may be our Father but we aren't children anymore, as much as I am sure you hate it, we are adult's now, so it is up to us which fights we pick and which friends we have, not you" she practically spat. Felicity could not remember the last time she was so angry at anyone. She could actually understand where her Dad was coming from so she didn't know why she was reacting as angrily as she was but she did know she needed to back down and get a hold on her temper before things got any worst.

Spinning on her heels the blond made to march out of the room, she didn't need to look behind her to know Laurel was right behind her. If Felicity, the calmest of the Sisters was this close to losing it with their Dad she dreaded to think what stage the hotter-headed Laurel was at.

The girls were almost out of sight when Quentin who had been momentarily silenced by his Daughter's coolness found his voice again. "Damn it girls" he yelled after them "I thought after what happened to Sara you two would just stop being so reckless". As soon as the words left his mouth the Detective knew they were the worst possible thing he could have said -particularly in the wake of Oliver's return and the confirmation of Sara's death- but there was no taking them back once they were out.

"It's not about being reckless" Laurel yelled turning back to him as she did "It's the exact opposite" she told her Father and he was surprised that she sounded more hurt than angry "We are trying to make the city safer" she explained.

"Just like you are" Felicity added frostily immediately backing up her Sister.

"Girls" Lance sighed some of the fight going out of him "the two of you are all I have" he told them. Crossing the distance between them he took one of their hands in each of his, he needed them to listen to him, really listen and understand what he was telling them. "The two of you are what I live for" he confessed effectively robbing the girls of their righteous anger.

"But Dad what you want for us isn't living" Laurel told him sadly "having Cops follow our every move, not being able to do our jobs" she tried to explain but her Dad quickly cut her off.

"CNRI is not Felicity's job" he pointed out anger re-entering his tone "and your job is not to go after the Triad or people like Martin Sommers".

"My job is to use the law to fight for what's right" Laurel countered fiercely.

"And if I can use my skills to help Laurel or someone else don't I have a responsibility to do what I can for them" Felicity added to the lawyer's argument.

"Isn't that what you have always told us?" Laurel asked softly.

"Well that's dirty using me against me" Quentin blustered "you can't to that". The girls could see the fight finally seep out of him as he gave into the words he himself had spoken so many times over the years. Slowly he sat down on the sofa they had vacated not long ago.

"Well maybe we picked up more from you than you think" Laurel said wiping away the last of her angry tears that had escaped and moving to sit beside her Father. Wordlessly Felicity sat on the other side of him, the girls each leaned into their Dad's side, it wasn't quite a hug but it was comforting none the less and it signalled that while they might not have reached an agreement they at least understood one another and of now the argument was over.

That was the moment Detective Lance's phone chose to ring. Both girls sat up giving him space, knowing he was going to answer, he always answered, without fail.

Leaving his Daughters was never easy for Quentin Lance but leaving them just after they had had -what was by their standards- a pretty big fight felt even worse. When he heard, the Vigilante was attacking Martin Sommers company the Detective was very tempted to drag his heels on his way to the docks and let the guy have some fun with Sommers before arresting him, but that wasn't what a good Cop would do and if nothing else he was a good Cop.

Cornering the Hooded Man on the docks Quentin truly believed that he was ready for whatever trick the guy would pull in an effort to escape, he hadn't expected him to pose a simple question.

"Are you really going to shoot the man that saved your Daughter's life Detective?" the synthesised voice demanded and Lance found himself pausing. Felicity did owe this man her life, she would never forgive him if he killed the man that had saved her and her friends.

"If you come quietly I won't have to" Lance yelled across to the Hood Guy.

"Sorry Detective that's not going to happen" Lance was sure the guy actually smirked right before he shot the gun right out of the seasoned officers hand, using a miniature arrow of all things.

Quentin knew he should have been bothered that the Vigilante had gotten away and that he was the Cop that let it happen, but considering the guy had left him both a severely beaten Martin Sommers and all the evidence he needed to put the scum bag away for life he wasn't going to complain.

Martin Sommers had confessed to having Victor Nocenti killed, Laurel's case was closed and both of his girls were safe again. What more could he have hoped for when he left them under armed guard earlier that night.

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