The other Lance girl

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Summary: Felicity Lance had not always been a Lance; her life began as a Smoak. She was adopted when she was nine and had lost everything. She suddenly went from being an only child to having two amazing Sisters. Laurel was always perfect while Sara was a free spirited wild child and Felicity; well Felicity was just the other Lance girl. When tragedy rocks not just the Lance family but all of Starling City as well Felicity has no choice but to step up and become the woman she never thought she could be.

Chapter 1

Coming home part 1

Waking up was never much fun for Felicity Lance but it was especially unpleasant at 2.00 in the morning. At first the tech genius thought she had somehow messed up the setting on her alarm, seen as the offending noise was coming from her phone. She seriously considered burrowing her head in her pillow and ignoring the insistent ringing until it stopped.

All thoughts of hiding fled Felicity's mind as soon as she recognised the irritating noise was not her alarm but Thea Queen's personal ring tone. There were very few people that could make Felicity jump out of her nice warm bed and Thea was one of them.

The teenager had gone through so much in the last five years and Felicity had been there for her the whole time. It hadn't always been easy, sometimes it still wasn't and a call this late (early?) was never a good thing.

"Yes, hello" Felicity stammered as she managed to answer the phone and get it to her ear.

At first there was no sound from the other end and Felicity wondered if she had been butt dialled but then gentle sobbing began to drift down the line and as awful as it sounded Felicity was glad to hear Thea crying. Crying normally meant one of two things 1) Thea was very drunk and needed help getting home or 2) Thea had been dreaming about either her Father or Oliver and needed someone to talk to. Neither of those situations usually involved the police and that was always a bonus.

"Thea, sweetie are you OK?" Felicity asked softly, hoping she could calm the girl down enough to get a reply.

"It's Ollie, he's coming home" Thea managed to get out whilst still sobbing.

"Oh Thea were you dreaming again?" Felicity sighed; she couldn't help but feel for her friend. Sometimes Thea's dreams were so vivid that she needed someone to remind her what was real and what wasn't.

"No Flick, it wasn't a dream" Thea insisted "He really is coming home, they found him, he's alive". The girl's tears subsided as she went on and Felicity was getting really worried, Thea clearly believe what she was saying and Felicity had no idea how to help he friend face reality without breaking her heart.

"Thea-" she began softly but she was interrupted by a loud alert noise that came from the phone she was currently holding very close to her ear.

"Frack" she hissed as she instinctively pulled the device away from her ear even though she knew Thea was still on the other end of the call. Glancing at the screen Felicity was shocked to see that she had an email from none other than Moira Queen herself. She didn't open the email but she didn't need to the subject title that flashed across the screen told her all she needed to know. There in bold letters it clearly read OLIVER IS ALIVE.

Felicity felt like her whole world had been turned on it head and she needed a moment to centre herself. It took Thea yelling her name down the line for Felicity to recall that her young friend was still there.

"Thea, he really is alive" she gasped down the phone.

"I told you so" Thea shot back and Felicity could practically hear the knowing grin she was wearing in her voice.

"Will you come over Flick?" Thea asked suddenly sounding very young and slightly lost "I hate to ask" she added quickly "but Mom is at the hospital and Walter is all tied up with how Ollie returning is going to affect the company, I kind of don't want to be alone right now" she sighed.

"Of course I'll come Thea" Felicity assured the young woman "I just need some time to process, but I promise I'll be there soon, OK".

"OK" the teen agreed softly before quickly perking up "hey Flick if Ollie made it maybe Sara's still out there too" she suggested hopefully.

"Maybe" Felicity agreed sadly, she didn't have the heart to point out to Thea just how slim her sister's chances were. "I'll see you soon sweetie" she whispered.

"OK, bye Flick" Thea signed off in a much brighter tone that the she had stared the call with.

Once Thea had hung up Felicity allowed herself to fall back onto her bed and just have a moment to gather her thoughts before making her next move. With her aging teddy bear clutched to her chest Felicity opened Moira's email to see what the Queen family matriarch had to say on the situation.


Message: Yes Felicity dear it's true. My son has been found alive. He was stranded on a deserted island in the South China Sea. I am sad to say there was no mention of anyone else being found with him but I promise I will be making enquires in the area to see if anyone could have survived on any of the many islands surrounding Oliver's.

If Oliver is alive we must hold out hope that perhaps Robert, Sara and everyone else on board the gambit could be too, at least until we are told otherwise.

I am sorry to ask this of you but we have somehow managed to keep Oliver's survival and return out of the public forum so far and I need you to help us keep it that way. We want to give Oliver a chance to adjust to his surroundings before the press descend on him so I must ask you not to share this information with your family yet.

I am sorry to put this burden on you Felicity I truly am but we both know my Daughter will be contacting you at any moment and I just wanted to prepare you for what is about to happen.

Your cooperation in this matter, no matter how reluctantly given is greatly appreciated. I would also like to a sure you I will be speaking with your Father myself very soon. I would never expect you to keep something like this from him for a prolonged period of time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer you the next two days as personal leave from Queen Consolidated, I think we both know you will be facing a lot of distractions over the next few days and I would like to do what I can to make the process easier for you.

Many thanks.


Felicity knew she should be grateful to Moira for her thoughtfulness but over the years she had learnt than Moira Queen's kindness usually came at a price and in this case it seemed to Felicity she would be paying twice. Once by keeping her Dad and Laurel in the dark about Oliver and once by spending her two personal days by being there for both Thea and Oliver if they needed her, which they probably would.

Over the past few years Moira had been more and more hands off with her Daughter, pushing Felicity into the parental role so much so that she had become the person Thea would call if she were drunk and or under arrest.

As much as Felicity loved Thea she couldn't help but resent Moira for putting her in that position. Not to mention she had just asked Felicity all but lie to her Father and Sister, that was something she both didn't want to do and she was very bad at.

Her first instinct was to contact them right away despite Moira request. The only thing stopping her was the knowledge that they would both jump at the same slight hope that Thea had, they would want to believe that Sara was still out there somewhere and as much as she wanted to believe the same Felicity wasn't sure she could.

Felicity was an optimist but she was also a realist she dealt in facts and right now she didn't have any to give to those she loved, at least none that pertained to Sara. So until she did she would do as Moira had asked not for the sake of the Queen family but for the Lance's, they had been through too much heart ache in the last five years she was not going to add a fresh set of dashed hopes on top of everything else.

Sighing Felicity climbed out of her bed and got ready for her journey from the Glades to the Queen Mansion. Her Dad hated that the only apartment she could afford was in the Glades and he was always trying to talk her into staying at the house. Tonight she was very glad she had said no because sneaking out with Quentin Lance around was impossible.

Felicity dressed simply and comfortably, she didn't think anyone would care what she looked like and if they did she had plenty of nicer clothes stashed at the mansion from all the times she had stayed over with Thea. She put on some leggings and a big baggy jumper, she couldn't remember where she had gotten it but was by far her favourite item of clothing, and she called it her comfort jumper because she tended to wear it when she was upset or worried. She didn't bother with any make up or anything else frivols like that, she just put on her glasses because she needed them to see and her Birth Fathers pendant because in her waking hours she was never without it.

The pendant was a tiny yet intricately carved dagger with a red gem set in the hilt that hung on a long leather cord. Felicity didn't have many memories of her Father but the day he gave her the pendant was one of the clearest, sadly it was also the last as that was the night he had left her and her Mother behind forever.

In times of stress Felicity would find herself stroking the tiny dagger as if she was seeking comfort from the man that gave it to her. Sometimes she wanted to hate him, she wanted to take the pendant he so treasured and throw it away, freeing herself from him but she knew she never could.

For a long time she had refused to take the necklace off at all but her Mother had finally convinced her to remove it when she slept for fear she would cut herself during the night, the blade had never been very sharp but she had understood her Mom's concerns. Those concerns had no basis anymore because Quentin Lance was not going to let one of his little girls run around with a possible weapon around her neck. It had taken a lot of discussion but she had eventually agreed to let him take the pendant away and have the blade ground down so it was completely blunt.

He had promised Felicity she would only be without her link to her Father for two hours then he would never take it from her again, she had trusted him and he had gotten her necklace back to her in less than an hour.

When he had given it back to her Quentin had given her a speech about how he didn't want to replace her Dad he just wanted to be there for her when he wasn't, which by that point had been quite a long time.

That was the moment that she had stopped seeing the detective as Quentin Lance her Moms childhood friend, he had become her Dad. She began to think of the man that had put the pendant around her neck as her birth Father, she was always going to love him she didn't know how not to but he had no claim to the title Dad any more he had given it up when he walked out the door that night all those years ago.


Five year old Felicity Smoke was a light sleeper she always had been and living in Vegas that meant she was always waking up at all hours of night. Normally when she was disturbed during the night she would stay in bed trying to ignore whatever noise had woken her and hoping it stopped soon but for some reason that night was different. That night she felt the need to get up and go down stairs.

She found her Father in the living room, he was dressed strangely and he had a big bad with him. He was slowly looking around the room and he looked so sad that Felicity had to go to him.

"Daddy are you alright?" she asked walking into the room. Her Father didn't answer he just held his arms out to her and Felicity rusher into them without a thought.

"What's wrong Daddy?" Felicity had never seen her Dad cry but in that moment he looked like he just might

"Felicity, honey I have to go away for a while, I have some busyness to finish" he told her as he stroked her dark hair.

"Will you be back soon?" Felicity asked him softly.

"I want to come back very soon" he told her "But I don't know how long I will be gone I wish I did" he sighed, he had learnt not to lie to his little girl she always saw right through him.

"I'll miss you Daddy" Felicity whispered hugging even tighter.

"I'll miss you too An-Nur" he said using his special name for her the one he only used when it was just the two of them. "Here" he said as he put Felicity down and took off the necklace she had never seen him without "you take this sweetheart, My Father gave this to me a very very long time ago and now I'm giving it to you. As long as you have this I'm with you" he told her solemnly as he slipped it over her head.

Felicity suddenly wanted to cry, she may have only been five but she knew a forever goodbye when she heard one.

"Please don't go Daddy" she pleaded trying to take the necklace off and give it back to him as if that would make him stay.

"Hey, hey now" he said softly catching her chin and making her look at him "I love you and your Mother very much Felicity and if I had a choice I would never be separated from either of you" he swore pulling her in for another hug "remember that" he ordered as he release her.

"OK" Felicity said firmly as she wiped her tears away trying to be brave like her Dad always was.

"OK, let's get you back to bed" he smiled the same way he always did and if Felicity wasn't wearing his necklace she could have fooled herself that this was just like any other normal night.

"Will you tell me a story?" she asked as she climbed into her bed. She knew as soon as she was asleep her Daddy was going to leave but she wanted to hold onto him for as long as she could.

Her Dad just smiled, tucked her in and started with one of her favourites "Once upon a time there was a Princess, her name was Felicity but no one called her that".

"What did they call her?" Felicity asked just like she always did at that point in the story.

"Felicity had such a good heart and she bought so much light into the lives of her people that they called her An-Nur which means the light". The man paused in his story telling to directly address his daughter "you have so much light Felicity, more than anyone else I have ever known, don't ever lose it, don't let this world steal your light" he begged her.

"I won't Daddy" Felicity sighed she didn't want to admit it but she was getting sleepy. Her Father smiled softly as he continued to regale her with stories of Princess Felicity.

Finally just as he was reaching the end of the last tale Felicity felt her eyes begin to droop, the sun was starting to rise, her Father had stayed with her the whole night and that made her smile but she knew when the last story was done he was going to leave and she was too tired to stop him.

"Princess Felicity learnt a very important lesson that day, she learnt that nothing can stand without a strong foundation, not a building not a relationship, not a man, nothing" her Dad said wrapping up the very last story.

"Remember that honey" he whispered to the almost asleep little girl who lay at his side. "Strong foundation, Strong structure" he said reiterating a lesson he had taught her over and over again. Felicity was too sleepy to do anything but nod her head.

The last thing she was aware of before she gave in and fell asleep was her Father pressing a kiss to her temple and wishing her goodbye. "Live well little one, I love you and I'll be watching over you, always".

***End Flashback***

The drive from the Glades to the Queen Mansion didn't take anywhere near as long as it normally would; Felicity probably had the ungodly hour to thank for that. Once she arrived the blond use her key to open one of the huge double doors.

She still wasn't sure how she has qualified for a key to the biggest house in starling but she was glad she did, if only so she didn't have to wake any of the live in staff to let her in. She tried to close the heavy wooden door quietly but given its size it was almost impossible. It turned out she needn't have worried about how much noise she made the whole house seemed to be up anyway.

"Miss Felicity, you heard the good news" Raisa the Queen's house keeper greeted her with a warm hug.

"Thea called me" Felicity said returning her warm embrace.

"Of course she did" Raisa smiled as she release the younger woman "You are her Mama after all".

When Raisa had first used the endearment she had been trying to make Felicity see that she had become more of a mother to Thea than her own mother and it had made her cringe to hear it, now she had excepted her roll in Thea's life it made her smile.

"And you are Oliver's" Felicity beamed at Raisa, it hadn't taken the young woman long to realise the relationship Raisa shared with Oliver was the same as the one she and Thea had. "You must be overjoyed to know he's coming home Raisa".

"I am" Raisa agreed "But this must bring you as much pain as it does joy Miss Felicity".

"No it doesn't" Felicity did her best to smile at Raisa "yesterday I believed both my Sister and my best friend were dead. Now I know at least one of them is alive, how could that make me anything but happy?" she asked.

"Because you are human" Raisa stated "missing your Sister and wishing that it was her that was found is natural, it does not mean you wish Oliver any harm and no one would blame you if you had not come here tonight".

"I know that Raisa, I really do" Felicity insisted "but is it wrong that I don't resent him in any way at all, not for taking her on the Gambit, not for surviving when she probably didn't and not for coming home when I don't think she ever will. I should be mad at him or hurt something like that but I'm not. I'm just kind of shocked and very grateful that he is alive and I know that my Dad and my Sister -the living one at least- are not going to be OK with that but it's just the way I feel".

Felicity always had a tendency to babble when she was happy or shocked or nervous or anytime really she just really whished that now was not one of the times her mouth chose to run away with her. She didn't know how Raisa would take her rambling and she really didn't want to detract from the woman's happiness in anyway.

Thankfully Raisa didn't take offence at anything Felicity had said instead she let out a heartfelt laugh. "Oh Miss Felicity you have a truly good heart" she said almost reassuringly. "Your family should be proud of you for that even if they cannot be so forgiving" she gave Felicity one more hug before pointing towards the grand staircase "now I have kept you from Miss Thea long enough".

Felicity gave the older woman a thankful smile and then did something she would never have dared to do if she knew Moira was home, she ran up the stairs that led to the second floor of Queen Mansion.

Felicity expected to be bombarded by Thea the second she tapped on the girl's bedroom door but the room beyond was surprisingly silent. Creeping in slowly she found the teen asleep on the window seat, she must have been watching out for Felicity just like she used to when she was younger.

"Thea, Thea sweetie" Felicity called softly, giving Thea a gentle shake in hopes of waking her without scaring her.

"Flick" Thea muttered as she slowly awoke "Your here" she actually sounded surprised.

"Of course I'm here" Felicity smiled at the disorientated girl. "Thea sweetie, let's get you into bed shall we" the older girl suggested as she helped her friend to get up "you have a big day ahead of you" she pointed out "and you clearly need some sleep".

"Flick, is Ollie really coming home or did I just dream that?" Thea asked sounding so much like the twelve year old Oliver had left behind that it made Felicity's heart ache for her.

"He's really coming back" Felicity told the young woman as she tucked her in the same way she would a young child. "But Thea you can't expect him to be exactly the same person he was when he left" she warned her friend. "He has spent five years alone on an island, look at how much you and I have changed in those five years and that's without the whole castaway thing" she needed Thea to understand that just because Oliver was coming back that didn't mean they automatically got a happy ending but it did mean they had a chance at one if they were prepared to work for it.

"I don't care" Thea sighed as she snuggled into her pillows "So long as he's back that's enough for me".

"Me too sweetie, me too" Felicity agreed as the other girl fell asleep again.

Felicity took up the spot by the window that Thea had just vacated. Unlike the younger woman sleep didn't come for Felicity. She spent the remainder of the night watching as the sky grew steadily lighter and wondering just what the next day would hold, not just for her but for everyone she loved. All of their lives were about to change, she didn't think any of them were ready for it but Oliver Queen was coming back and they were all going to have to deal with the emotional fall out from that, Oliver included.

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