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Haruhi wasn't sure how she got here. Currently, she was standing in front of a large, elaborate mansion, gripping onto the top of the door on the limo that had arrived at her apartment. All she had wanted was to go and get grocery shopping, since there was a discount on carrots and mushrooms. The small girl stepped outside her humble abode, and was immediately stopped in her tracks. Aside from the commotion that arose from a foreign, expensive car outside an common apartment complex, her eyes landed on a certain tall teenager decked in a fancy, black suit, leaning against the front door.

She wasn't used to seeing him like this, in a formal suit. As she gazed upon him, she realized he looked much older than 17. His black hair was slicked back, and a playful smirk rested on his lips. For some reason, his legs looked much longer, and his eyes gleamed with a provocative gleam that screamed 'Notice me', but not in a sexual sense. He emitted power, and everyone within a mile-radius was caught by his aura.

With an annoyed look, Haruhi walked down the steps to her school-friend. "Kyōya?"

He had a pleased look on his face, and suddenly she felt even more teensy than usual. "Haruhi, I need a favor from you."

"A f-favor? From me?" The girl stuttered, unsure if he was serious.

"Yeah." He smiled again, and Haruhi felt her chest tighten at the sight of it. "I figure it will compensate for the favor I completed a few weeks ago."

"Compensate?" A small chuckle of amusement escaped her lips. "How amusing…I should have known I would have to repay you somehow."

"Well, I did say that. It's not my fault you couldn't remember." Haruhi felt an overwhelming urge to make a snappy comeback, but held her tongue.

"Can I…ask something?" A nod was her green-light, and she played with her fingers as she tried to find the right wording. "Why…why are you dressed like that?" Not that she actually minded how he looked, in fact it made her cheeks color in a blush, but it was drawing attention.

"Oh," his eyes were obstructed by a glare on his glasses, "that has to do with the favor."

-I Don't Need Diamonds-

"Hikaru? Kaoru?" Haruhi noticed the twins in Kyõya's limo, wearing matching suits. Their hair was just as usual, as wild and untamed as the look in their eyes. The twins smiles at the brunette, greeting her simultaneously. "What are you two doing here?"

"Not happy to see us, Haru?" Hikaru teased, his signature smirk on his face.

"No, it's not that. I just…" Haruhi struggled to find the right words. She was happy to see them, but it didn't help explain what was going on. She knew that there was no big event scheduled, especially since Tamaki had just got back from France. "I wonder…" she thought.

"Haruhi?" Kyōya called. "Why don't you get in? I can explain on the way."

She complied, getting inside the dim limo. Her hands touched a soft, beautiful velvet that covered each seat, and it felt amazing under her fingers. There was a lit-up bar on the left wall of the limo, glasses and full liquor bottles were lined up on the bottom. The lights from underneath the bottles made the alcohol inside glow a brilliant amber color, almost like a beacon. Blue and soft red lights shone across the ceiling, which illuminated the plush, black carpet below.

A brush of someone's hand on her shoulder startled her, drawing her from her observations of the vehicle's interior. The twins raised a pair of matching eyebrows, their gaze flicking between the two friends across the limo. "Haruhi." A deep voice called to her, making her look away from the twins. "Let me explain now, okay?

"It started last night, when I met with my father. He was talking with me about the usual, nothing out of the ordinary. And, for some reason he turned the conversation towards marriage. I didn't completely realize until he handed me this."

From his bag, Kyōya produced a manilla folder and handed it to her. She flipped open the cover, and started at what she saw. A photo of a girl, no younger than herself. The traditional black hair and dark brown eyes, small body and pretty features made up this mysterious lady. She wore a fitting black dress that reached her knees, paired with modest kitten-heels of the same color. The woman was posed in front of a large, beautiful garden, and a mansion could be seen in the background. Clearly, she was wealthy. Beneath her photo was a small pile of papers, and as Haruhi skimmed through them, she learned quite a bit:

Her name was Sakura Kuronoma, and she was 16 years old. She stood at 4'10", and was 100% Japanese. Her father owned a top-tier fishing business, who ran and managed a majority of Japan's naval ports. Kuronoma's family was heavily invested in the law as well, and almost every single one of her siblings was either a lawyer, judge, or psychologist who specialized in the mindset and actions of serial killers and major criminals. Kuronoma planned to go into law school, and was the youngest in her family, so she was unable to inherit the family business. Her father was in poor health, and wished to see his youngest marry – at least become engaged – before he passed.

"She's not as wealthy as a majority of us students at Ouran, but she's well off." Hikaru commented off-handedly, shrugging.

"Alright." Haruhi closed the file, and turned to Kyōya. "What does any of this mean to me?"

"Well, my father has said he wishes for me to meet her, as a potential bride. I suppose you could say that I may have reacted a bit childish, and told him I was already engaged. After getting passed his shock, it took me a while to convince him. I sort of didn't expect him to ask me who it was, and I may have said it was the honor student at school. To put it simply," he turned to look at her, "I need you to pose as my betrothed."

-I Don't Need Diamonds-

"OW!" Haruhi yelped, her hands plastered to the wall in front of her. "Kaoru, that hurts!" She gritted her teeth as he tightened the corset again.

"I'm sorry Haru. Just a bit more, okay?" He apologized, tugging on the ribbon once more. "This is the first dress that Hika and I designed on our own, with no help from our mother." His voice took on a dreamy tone, one that made Haruhi relax as he spoke. "I think it'll look great on you, but I guess we got our measurements a bit too small." He chuckled, finishing with the corset. "I hope Kyōya likes this dress, and I hope you do as well. I understand that this is a weird favor, but I think…it'll be good for the both of you."

"What…?" She wasn't entirely sure what he meant, but she shoved the thought into the back of her mind.

As she turned, her eyes landed on the dress she was supposed to wear. It was a long dress, that had an empire-waist cut. The entire dress was pleated, and was covered in small diamonds. It was a gorgeous silver color, and the neckline stopped right at the base of her neck, and covered her shoulders. She guessed that heels would be required to wear the dress, since it was probably designed for someone of a more model-height.

"I'll help you, come here." Kaoru motioned for her to step close to him, and she watched at the dress was taken off of the hanger and placed over her head. It slipped over her body like water, fitting to her every curve – actually, in Haruhi's opinion, it created curves. Kaoru stepped behind her to fasten a button at the back of her neck, and adjust the dress's skirt so it laid properly.

Next, she was taken to a small room, where Kaoru did her hair. He curled her locks in chunks, making them fall gracefully around her jawline, framing her face. As she reached up to touch it, Haruhi noticed that it felt softer than usual. After he was done, he did her makeup. She was less ready for this part, but she did trust him. He gave her an elegant smokey eye and a neutral lip, making her eyes stand out. Mascara coated just her top lashes, and a bit of liner framed her eyes.

"Ta-da." Once he finally let her see, the small girl honestly didn't recognize the person in the mirror. She was outstandingly beautiful, and looked nothing like Haruhi. It was crazy, how much a little bit of makeup could drastically effect how she looked.

She couldn't wait to see what Kyōya thought.

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