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Raiden: The Dancing God


Raiden reappeared in the NetherRealm, determined for help to stop Shao Kahn. He walked forward, looking around. Noticing the only albino was not his sights, he stepped forward.

"Quan Chi!" Raiden called out the NetherRealm sorcerer's name. "Quan Chi!" Once again, no response. Instead, he decided to say, "Albino sorcerer!" In a flash of hellfire, Scorpion appeared instead. "It disappoints me to see you here," Raiden stated, eyes lowering in impatience.

"Save your pity," the hellspawn ninja replied. "Plus, I don't think he likes you calling that."

"I will have an audience with Quan Chi," Raiden demanded.

"You may address me. I will inform him, he's busy trying to find more puns for me right now."

"Is this why you chose not to save your family and clan? To maintain your place at his feet and trying to be funny?" The Thunder God questioned, getting irritated from this waste of time. Fire coursed through Scorpion, angry at the mention of the word "family."

"Do not talk of my family, Raiden! I will bring Hellfire to your bones! Hellfire, dark fire!" Before Raiden could speak, Scorpion danced like Frollo as he finished the rest of the lyrics to what is the darkest Disney song in existence.

"Save The Hunchback of Notre Dame reference another time. Fetch your master, Scorpion, I must speak with him."

"You speak only with me."

The two began to fight. While Scorpion's power was boosted thanks to the NetherRealm and Raiden's at a disadvantage outside of Earthrealm, the Thunder God demonstrated that he didn't become the protector of Earthrealm by being a pushover in kombat. He's a god, so it would be pathetic if he was a pushover. With his electricity, Raiden managed to defeat the fire from Scorpion and win the fight, amazed of how he was not overheated.

"Now, Scorpion. Fetch your master," Raiden commanded again. The former Shirai Ryu ninja teleported away, Quan Chi appearing in his place.

"You seek an audience," the sorcerer claimed.

"I seek cooperation. Between Earthrealm and the NetherRealm. Now that I think of it, Liu Kang was right about me going mad."

"Losing the battle, are you?" Quan Chi mocked the Thunder God.

"We will prevail," he backfired. "But with the NetherRealm fighting at our side—"

"You lie poorly, Raiden. Earthrealm's defenses are overwhelmed. You have mere hours before Shao Kahn can take over Dancerealm."

"Couldn't he just deal with that now?!" With a sigh, Raiden said, "...Name your terms."

"What do you offer?" The albino sorcerer asked. "Money, fame, Sareena? Where the hell is she?!" The Thunder God looked down slightly, knowing that he would regret his decision.

"I offer... I offer the souls of Earthrealm warriors who die in this conflict." Quan Chi burst out laughing. It made him laugh so hard he started rolling on the floor, and stopped in horror before his face touched the lava. "They would agree... sort of."

"You are cavalier with other men's souls. I bet you're glad that you couldn't participate in this tournament." Quan Chi turned away and prepared to leave. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to help Scorpion with his homework.

"Not just others! I offer my own soul as well. If I die, you will have it." Quan Chi stopped and turned around with the biggest grin he could muster.

"How noble, Raiden, yet utterly pointless. Now excuse me while I do an M. Night Shyamalan plot twist." He channeled his magic and created the warriors who fell in battle reappear before them. All of them had their eyes glazed over with white and their bodies a sickly gray in color, with cracks across their skin and clothing.

"No! They look awful, like dead plants!" The sorcerer chuckled and replied,

"You see, their souls are already mine. Shao Kahn's payment for NetherRealm's allegiance."

"No! This was not meant to be! One of resurrected warriors laughed like a maniac, which questioned the Thunder God mentally. "Wait, why is that clown with them? He was never a part of this!"

"Oh, I plan to use him for... other reasons. Earthrealm has lost, Raiden. Now so shall you. Finish him." Jax, Stryker, and Kabal walk forward.

"As you command, my master," Jax said, his voice sounding completely different than when he was alive. The two began to fight, but it was pretty much one sided since Raiden knows his moves. Unfortunately, he had to defeat him. No sooner does he managed this, Stryker attacked after Jax fell unconscious. After he repelled the former police officer and took him down, Kabal charged in. Raiden again is forced into battle, where upon he defeated Kabal as well.

"May the Elder Gods watch over you," he said to his fallen comrades.

"The Elder Gods cannot help them. Their souls are mine. Kitana, Nightwolf, Kung Lao." The three mentioned walked up the Raiden, the former princess of Edenia speaking beforehand,

"You sealed our fate in this place, Thunder God. You have condemned us all and ruined my chance to be with my love!" The princess and the Thunder God started their fight. Raiden is forced to fend off Kitana's assault, but manages to stop her. Nightwolf jumped into battle, but Raiden took care of him and then faced against Kung Lao, which pains him since he's like a son to him. After another reluctant battle, Raiden managed to defeat him as well.

"Curse you, Quan Chi," Raiden said to the NetherRealm sorcerer.

"Shao Kahn's victory is nearly complete. Soon he will arrive in Earthrealm."

"No! The Elder Gods cannot allow it."

"The Elder Gods are toothless," Quan Chi backfired, which is kind of true, much to Raiden's dismay. "Your world is near destruction, yet they do not act, simply because they love partying up there."

"They must!" Raiden cried out. "Only through Mortal Kombat may Shao Kahn merge the realms. Lest he face the judgment of the Elder Gods..." Raiden realized what he'd just spoken. "...Lest he face the judgment of the Elder Gods! He must win!"

"It is you who face judgment, Raiden." Jade, Smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero walked toward Raiden, preparing to fight.

"Thank you, Quan Chi. I now know what must be done. Besides, I'm not fighting them anymore because it'll be the same result." He teleported away in a flash of lightning. Quan Chi smirked as he does so. Raiden reappeared on the rooftop Stryker and Kabal were at earlier in the day. The area is now devastated from Outworld's assault and a giant portal has been opened on the rooftop. Shao Kahn's throne has already been placed on the rooftop, looking larger than an ordinary. Liu Kang ran toward the rooftop and spotted Raiden, folding his arms in disgust.

"Back from the NetherRealm empty-handed, I see." He began to walk toward the portal. The Thunder God felt relieved when he heard his pupil's voice.

"Liu Kang! Liu Kang, I now realize what we must do. We must allow Shao Kahn to merge the realms!" The Shaolin warrior made a disgusting face at Raiden.

"That is insane! Is there a mental hospital for gods?"

"The Elder Gods forbid it without victory in Mortal Kombat. When he does, the Elder Gods' fury will fall upon him." Liu Kang shook his head in denial, placing his fingers in his ears and blocking out his voice. "Defeating Shao Kahn before the merge is but temporary. He will return, bringing Armageddon. I have foreseen it from my cracked medallion!"

"Enough, Raiden!" A sound from the portal catches their attention. Shao Kahn is beginning to walk through it, making funny faces as to mock the two of them.

"He is here." Liu Kang waved to the emperor of Outworld with a cheesy grin, moving closer to the portal, but Raiden grabbed his arm.

"No! Do as I say! Have faith in the Elder Gods." He released Liu Kang's arm. "Have faith in me." Liu Kang shook his head and started for the portal. Again Raiden, stopped him. "Liu Kang, I cannot let you fight Shao Kahn! You'll experience cheapness and him being a cheater!"

"Then you are my enemy!" the Shaolin warrior said coldly.

They began to fight. Raiden is forced to defend himself against Liu Kang's furious assault. Fueled by desperation, both kombatants fight with all their strength, and it is an even match due to the merger weakening Raiden's powers. However, Raiden managed to get an advantage and he knocked Liu Kang to the floor.

"Liu Kang, do not interfere! Or you will be grounded when we get back to the Shaolin Temple!"

Liu Kang struggled to his feet. Shao Kahn continues forward through the portal. Johnny and Sonya finally arrive at that moment to witness Liu Kang get to his feet and rush to the portal.

"Liu Kang, stop this instant!" Raiden blasted lightning at Liu Kang's feet to stop him. In response, Liu Kang charges up his fist with his signature fire.

"Liu Kang! Raiden! No!" The actor warned. He and Sonya ran forward.

"Enough of your madness! If you must die, so be it!" Liu Kang charged forward with the intent of running through Raiden as he did Shao Kahn. In self-defense, Raiden generated a shield of lightning. As Liu Kang collided with the shield, the resultant backlash not only blasted Liu Kang with lightning, but his own fire as well. The Mortal Kombat champion screamed as his body is both electrified and scorched at the same time.

"By the gods, no!" Raiden rushed to Liu Kang's side as he fell over, the electricity and fire wearing off. He cradled Liu Kang's head in his hand. "No. This was not meant to happen."

"What did you do?!" Johnny exclaimed in shock. Liu Kang was having a difficult time breathing and his left eye became blind, but the look of hatred on his face said everything.

"Liu Kang, forgive me..." Raiden said remorsefully.

"You'll never... know how to get to... Sesame Street..." He gasped for air and died. Raiden closed his eyes sorrowfully. Meanwhile, Shao Kahn has finally stepped through the portal, which took him longer than it should have really.

"C'mon! It's up to us!" Sonya and Johnny ran forward to face Shao Kahn, but he laughed and blasted them away with his magic, knocking them both unconscious. Seeing Shao Kahn approached near him, Raiden got up and bowed to him.

"Ah, Raiden. You have come to your senses. You know, I can spare you and we can invade Dancerealm together."

"Your voice changed, Shao Kahn, did something happen?" the Thunder God asked. Shao Kahn gave him a puzzling look. "Anyway, Earthrealm's citizens suffer. Further resistance serves no purpose."

"All these ages you have fought me. You denied me my rightful claim. Not this time, this will end like Annihilation."

"Don't ever talk about that movie!" Raiden said angrily. Shao Kahn uppercut Raiden across the rooftop. Raiden landed hard on his back, his hat falling from his head. A scene briefly flashed forward to Armageddon in Raiden's mind, where the same happened to Raiden in the future, before fading back into the present.

"The Elder Gods fear me now!" He laughed and picked Raiden up. Again, Raiden's mind flashed to the parallel scene from Armageddon. "Their pathetic Mortal Kombat shackles me no longer!" Shao Kahn methodically pound Raiden across the face, with the foreseen event flashing between the present and Armageddon. In the present, the emperor of Outworld threw Raiden across the rooftop and his amulet landed on the ground, shattering into pieces. Raiden landed on the very edge of the rooftop and Shao Kahn stalked over to him. His hammer magically appeared in his hand. "They masquerade as dragons, but are mere toothless worms who just do nothing but party like animals." As Raiden rolled over, Shao Kahn slammed his boot into his chest, the scene similar flashing back to Raiden's mind. "I know you can feel it. It is the end of all things."

"Elder Gods, where are you? Why do you forsake me?" Raiden rasped, beginning to feel hopelessness. Shao Kahn picked Raiden up again. The scene flashed to Armageddon once more.

"Your time has passed." In the present, he threw Raiden across the rooftop. "Ages wasted in foolish resistance." Raiden struggled to his knees, groaning from the blows he's been given. "I have won."

"Yes... you have won," Raiden replied, giving up.

"Now, Raiden. Your world ends."

Shao Kahn lifted his hammer up and prepared to deliver the finishing blow. Before he could, golden lightning flashed before his feet. More flashes strike the rooftop around them, and from a portal from the heavens, six golden dragons fly out and around Raiden's body, lifting him into the air and revitalizing him. With a final flash, Raiden stood before Shao Kahn, his wounds healed and his hat back on his head, because heaven forbid Raiden not having his hat. The dragons still surround him and when he spoke, his voice is of the Elder Gods.

"You violate our will, Shao Kahn. You merge realms without victory in Mortal Kombat. Our penalty is clear." Raiden charged up a golden variation of his lightning and blasted Shao Kahn with it. It had no effect and Shao Kahn laughed out loud.

"An anemic effort from ineffectual deities. Today, I become the Elder God!" This was it, the battle that would determine Earthrealm's fate. The battle is truly epic, with neither the newly powered Raiden or Shao Kahn getting any clear advantage for most it. Thankfully, it wouldn't be one sided like the bullshit that was the fight from another universe, since it was surprisingly a dance off. The Outworld leader danced the Charleston, while Raiden did a surprising one, the Napoleon Dynamite dance.

For what seems like an age, the two titans danced with everything they have, but eventually the Thunder God prevailed and knocked Shao Kahn to the floor. As he struggled to his feet and tried to charge again, Raiden blasted him once more with the golden lightning.

This time, the blast had an effect, and the dragons surrounded Shao Kahn as he is blasted. They bit into his body at various places, causing him to scream in pain, while the dragons barked like dogs for some strange reason. His body scorched thanks to their magic while Raiden was finally released from their control. As he fell forward in exhaustion, the Elder Gods' assault on Shao Kahn cause the warlord to explode in a flash of golden light that reached to the heavens. The Elder Gods immediately departed in the same light, and as the portal dissipated, the dark clouds surrounding the sky clear away, leaving the sun to shine through. Raiden remained on his knees, and looked to his amulet one more time. Finally, the cracks adorning it were removed, and it remained as it once was.

"It is over," Raiden announced to himself. He placed the amulet back on his chest as Sonya and Johnny Cage helped him to his feet. "But only at the gravest of costs." They all walked over to Liu Kang's body. "So many are gone. Their light has sunk into the earth. I am responsible for their loss and awful appearance."

"You did what you had to. To protect Earthrealm," Sonya stated to the Thunder God. Her voice began to break as she continued, "Losses in war... are... are inevitable."

"Come. Let us tend the fallen. Then we must help our realm rebuild. Our work has only just begun." Before Raiden could teleport the three of them away, footsteps that were not theirs' became louder.

"Wait!" a distinct voice called out. The three turned around, noticing a man in black and red garb.

"Kenshi?" Johnny questioned. "Where the hell have you been?! You could have helped a lot in this damn fight!"

"I'm DLC, remember? I apparently am not allowed to be in the story so I couldn't help out." He looked at Liu Kang's dead body. "Damn, he got cooked alright." The Thunder God sighed, teleporting himself, Johnny, Sonya, Kenshi and Liu Kang's body away in a flash of lightning. Only Shao Kahn's war helmet remained on the rooftop, forgotten by all except the one who walked through an unseen portal and picked it up: Quan Chi. As he examined the trophy, another being faded into existence before him.

"Your plan worked to perfection, Lord Shinnok," he said to a man who looked like a hologram from Star Wars.

"Shao Kahn was blinded by rage and his strange addiction to dancing. How easily was he convinced that the Elder Gods would ignore his merging the realms.

"Yet the Thunder God still lives."

"No matter. Neither Earthrealm nor Outworld can now withstand the NetherRealm's onslaught. It is time. Soon I will be free. Earthrealm and Outworld will be ours. My birthday party will finally be what it was supposed to be!"

"Twilight themed?" the sorcerer asked. The former Elder God glared daggers at Quan Chi.

"No, you albino!"


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