A Naruto story

In the village of Konohagakure ninja reign supreme, and school is literally a battle field. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are teenage classmates and ninja-in-training working together (sort of) toward a common goal to become the greatest ninja in the land whether it be good or evil.

Chapter 1

[7:00am Konohagakure home of Sasuke]

As Sasuke's alarm clock rang he begrudgingly rolled out of bed in his crinkled cotton boxers. Walking across the apartment in to the bathroom he silently striped and stepped into his cold shower. Quickly washing himself from head to toe he reached down and turned the water off while reaching for one of the crisp white towels located on the rack beside him. Hastily wrapping it around his hips so that it covered nothing but his soldier he strolled out into his bed room. Opening the shades opposite of his bed Sasuke became bathed in light as he stepped forward toward the closet. With his chest still glistening with access water he started to look for today's outfit when his phone went off singing "Move bitch get out the way, get out the way bitch, get out the way". Rolling his eyes Sasuke walked toward his desk and plopped down in the chair flipping the phone open without even glancing at the caller ID.

"Hello Sakura" he said sleepily.

"OH! Hi Sasuke, called to see if you were coming to the academy today? There are going to be some new ninja transferring in."

Sasuke let out an annoyed sigh as if he didn't already know that.

"Yes Sakura I'll be there"

"Great, I can't wait to see you" she replied cheerfully.

Sasuke couldn't help but frown into the receiver but finally signed and said "Sure whatever…I got to go bye."

Hanging up before Sakura could get another word in Sasuke threw the phone on to his king sized bed and made his way back to the closet and couldn't help but think.

Why the hell did I give that Harpy my number?

It wasn't like they used cell phones on missions or anything they could be to easily tracked but regardless of that he had still given her his number and felt like an idiot for doing so now Sakura would have a constant way to bug him to death even more than she already did. Signing once more for at least the third time today he grabbed a blue shirt and white shorts from out of the closet and hastily got dress after looking at the nightstand.

"Oh shit I'm going to be late" he yelled as he grabbed his back pack and went running out the door.

[Naruto's home]

There on a twin sized bed a lazy blond sat up and yawned smiling to himself and dreamily saying that he had just had the best dream ever before noting that there was no one in the room and berating himself for talking to thin air once again. Naruto sat there in his bed for a moment thinking of how it would be if he had a mom and dad just like in his dream. That way if he ever woke up in the morning as he had on countless of other mornings someone might just ask him what made his dream so good and he could smile at his parents and tell them everything. But alas again as he was sucked back into reality he admitted it was only a dream one that would never come true. Signing to himself Naruto sluggishly got out of bed and sat down at his little dining table and started to eat all alone.

After putting away his milk glass Naruto glanced over at the clock on the window seal only to scream out a moment later "Oh no I'm so late Master Iruka's going to kill me!" As Naruto ran out the door he to fell down the stairs startling most of his neighbors and passing pedestrians.

[At the Ninja Academy]

"Hip Hip hooray I made it" Naruto cheered as he entered the classroom at the final bell.

"Naruto! What are you doing here? This class is for students who didn't fail the final exam." Shikamaru stated with a smirk.

"Well I passed you Dumbass so stop bringing it up" Naruto exclaimed hotly.

Walking away Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders and whispered "Yeah well sorry if I still can't believe it slacker"

Frowning Naruto glared at Shikamaru and muttered curses under his breath only have his eyes widen in surprise as Sakura told Shikamaru to get the hell out of her way.

Sa…Sakura! No way…sh…she wants to sit by me this is so cool.

Turning toward him Sakura glared down and growled "Naruto get the hell out of my way. I can't move around your huge ass."

"Huh! Wha...But Sakura"

"Move it now!" she growled again as she peered over his shoulder and breathed sweetly "Hi Sasuke is this seat taken?"

The moment the question left her lips there was a sea of protest from girls even Naruto didn't know. With their full attention now turned to Sakura most hissed, yelled, and screamed "Who the hell said you could sit by him BITCH!"

Then without even batting an eyelash Sakura smirked and replied "I told myself I could"

Sasuke Uchiha he thinks he's so cool…man I hate him so much.

"Hey boy" a girl beside him taped him on the shoulder and he turned around with a frown clearly displayed on his features.

"Do you want something?" Sasuke hissed to the girl before his eyes went wide. So cutehe thought as a blush slowly spread its way across his cheeks.

"Do you mind if I sit here or would you rather have your girlfriend do so?" the girl questioned with a look of distain as she gazed over his shoulder.

Sasuke frowned inclining his head as well to look over a Sakura arguing with a few other girls from their class.

God she's a pain in the ass why can't she just shut up and sit by Naruto.He contemplated while he turned back to the girl feeling just a little bit angry "I really don't care if you sit here or not" he snapped back at her with what seemed to be a bit of a growl on his part.

Turning her attention back to the boy in front of her with eyebrows raised she stared at his slightly colored cheeks and held back a smirk.

"Okay whatever you say" she smiled and took the seat next to him her eyes never leaving his quickly reddening face. Cute she supposed well at least when he didn't let his own attitude get in the way.

Alisia had been awake since four o'clock that morning breaking into the academy so she could find the files that the teachers kept on the students. She had been curious ever since they had arrived in the leaf but when it became obvious that Dylan had no intention of telling her what she wanted to know Alisia had settled for breaking into the academy and looking at all the student files. It was there that she had found out which team she would be on and which students would be in that group the only thing she didn't find out was who the Jônin in charge of her squad was.

As annoying as Alisia thought prying was she was glad that the Jônin's name had been nowhere in sight the girl already had enough on her plate why ask for more. It really didn't seem like she would get along with at least two of the members on her team perhaps if she asked the teachers would put her in another group. By the time the other academy student had started filing into the classroom she had waited right outside the door until at least two of her teammates had shown up and then moved swiftly into the nearest corner of the class room.

While she waited for the last of her teammates to show her face Alisia regarded all the students in the class with weary eyes and let out a breathless chuckle. These were Konoha's new generation of ninjas Alisia couldn't help but sneer most of these kids would be dead by the time the chunin exam took place. They hadn't even noticed her presence yet hell they hadn't even notice their teachers presence either it was pathetic.