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While she waited for the last of her teammates to show her face Alisia regarded all the students in the class with weary eyes and let out a breathless chuckle. These were Konoha's new generation of ninjas Alisia couldn't help but sneer most of these kids would be dead by the time the chunin exam took place. They hadn't even noticed her presence yet hell they hadn't even notice their teachers presence either it was pathetic.

Chapter 2

"Wow o Wo, who the hell do you think you are?! And why the hell are you sitting by my Sasuke!" Sakura screamed while glaring viciously at Alisia.

"He's not yours he's mine" the chorus of fangirls chimed in.

"The hell he is! All of you can go to hell for all I care. Now you what do you think you're doing?"

"Sitting down obviously" Alisia stated in a bored fashion while Naruto was silently fuming

What's so great about Sasuke? I just don't get it I mean he looks like a normal jackass to me.

"I can see that you idiot "Sakura hissed with every inch of annoyance she could feel.

Who the hell did this girl think she was sitting by her Sasuke? Wait a sec who the hell was this girl?

It was obvious to Sakura that she didn't belong to the village of Konohagakure but then if she didn't why was she here in their class?

Raising an eyebrow at her soon to be female teammate Alisia was silently contemplating slashing the girls throat and throwing her body into the woods for the wolfs to get a hold to. When she noticed Sakura take a hesitant step backward glancing at the door. Alisia gazed at her face completely devoid of any emotions and wondered if this Sakura was really as stupid as she seemed.

It's not like I'm openly letting my blood lust out for the general public to look upon. I wonder if I have that look in my eyes Ichigo always said that I had a gaze that promised blood shed but I didn't think he was serious. I should probably check into that after I write him this afternoon.

Iruka had been standing in the class room for the last hour and a half glancing over his students and carefully studying the new girl standing in the corner. So this was the new transfer student that had arrived from the Auhisa clan. Normally he wouldn't have really been so interested in the kid but she had this unreadable expression and chilled aura about her that made her presence hard to miss or ignore it was baffling to him.

While standing and idly gazing about when had first arrived at the academy he couldn't help be surprised by the fact that the Auhisan student was the first to arrive and if that wasn't surprising enough then the fact that she had looked him directly in the eye and smirked had most certainly been quite unnerving, but Iruka was as sure as he had ever been that his presence was completely hidden. Nevertheless when she kept smirking at his and gazing into his eyes he couldn't help but wonder. As the first of his students began to trickle in he waited to see if was indeed hidden from everyone and unsurprisingly he was. So the kid just had to be smiling or rather smirking to herself.

Well that's sort of creepy.

Why weren't any of the other students staring at the girl who was so obviously out of place in their classroom? It confused him to no end until he Auhisan shifted so suddenly that he couldn't help but watch as the child pressed herself into the shadows. Holy shit, she was concealing her presence wholly hell why hadn't he noticed before and as if the girl could hear Iruka rebounding thoughts she turned again and gave him a blindingly bright smile and waved at him.

Well isn't this a surprise the kid had made sure that I could see her and she can see me. Well bloody hell!

Turning her back the Auhisan seemed too had been gazing at someone just outside the door of the classroom moving slowly to the side as the child stepped out of the room to continue her scrutiny. Iruka saw Sasuke Uchiha walk in and in that moment he wondered if the Auhisan knew that she was going to be in his squad. After Sasuke had entered the class room he noticed the child did not enter again.

Well isn't that curious it's almost as if she was waiting for him to walk in so she could walk out. Or maybe I'm just overthinking things.

With a short huff of irrigation Iruka prepared for the worst as Naruto ran into the class room like a mad man with his tale on fire bumping slightly into Shikamaru who proceeded to start the day with his favorite question and statement for the hyperactive blond.

"Naruto! What are you doing here? This class is for students who didn't fail the final exam." Shikamaru stated with a smirk.

"Well I passed you Dumbass so stop bringing it up" Naruto exclaimed hotly.

Walking away Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders and whispered "Yeah well sorry if I still can't believe it slacker"

As Iruka rolled his eyes at his laziest student's antics he noted his new student once again entering the classroom and scowling in the doors direction with distain.

Well that's odd what could be wrong with her

Staring at the door as if it would give him the answers he saw an auguring Sakura and Ino enter the class in a rage.

God can't those girls go one day without fighting? I can see why the kid came back in the classroom they must have disturbed the whole neiborhood with their yelling.

Curiously glancing back to the young Auhisan Iruka prepared for his grand entrance, and with a Poof Iruka looked as if he had just appeared out of no were. It was amazing that after all this time his students could still be surprised at his so called arrival in the classroom, he almost wanted to laugh, but held back.

With a sidelong tilt of the head Alisia causally pointed her finger in the direction that Iruka was now standing and Sakura let out an audible sigh of relief and sat down. If master Iruka hadn't gotten rid of the girl yet then she must not have been a threat to anyone in the room. So with a sharp glare sent Alisia's way Sakura sat down next to a now silently fuming Naruto.

While Alisia had several veins on her forehead throbbing painfully she couldn't help but wish that she had took Kisuke up on his offer to stay the school year with him. Because there was no way in hell she was going to make it to or through the Chunin exam without killing at least one of her teammates.