Joy felt helpless.

She stood, hands pressed against the invisible barrier; her usually cheerful face contorted into a grimace of horror and grief. No matter how hard she pushed; no matter how hard she struggled, Joy could not get through.

It hurt.

It physically hurt her to see what was happening. And it hurt all the more that she knew there was nothing she could do about it; nor could the other members of Riley's collective emotions. Disgust stood slightly behind Joy, eyes wide and hands ceaselessly clenching and unclenching in front of her. Her gaze locked, she had long since given up her efforts of breaking through. All Disgust could do was watch; her stomach twisting inside of her. It made her sick; an illness founded in deep, growing repulsion.

But there was nothing she could do.

To Joy's left, Anger continued to pound and fight against the barrier, just as he had been since the structure had first been erected. The top of his head glowed with a warningly bright mix of light and heat; a testimony to his frustration and temper. But a look in his eyes; a hint of desperation, proved just how scared he truly was.

But there was nothing he could do.

And Sadness, who stood motionless, hands resting, unmoving, against the structure's smooth, impenetrable surface, took in the sight with sorrowful, pained eyes. Her compassion flowing from her very being, she watched, as they all did; wanting nothing more than to hold out a hand and help their friend, who stood so close, but was so out of their reach. Trapped and separated by his own choice, they could not get through to him; the barrier blocking their every attempt. It robbed them of hope; paralyzed their function; crippled their purpose.

For no matter how hard they fought, and argued, and begged...

Fear would not let them in...

That...That must have been the worst moment of Riley's life...Of our life. I can still remember it so clearly, even though, now, it no longer carries the pain it once did. But those feelings haven't been forgotten, though Saddness, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and I have often considered chucking the Memory Orbs into the Memory Dump many a time. But something always stops us; a calm understanding that wasn't even present; couldn't even exist back when the Memories were made. We know now that those Memories are important; crusial to Riley's very soul. To our very soul. It was a turning point we never could have forseen. Especially when we had fought so hard against it at the time.

Sometimes the worst moments of our lives turn out to be our best...Or lead to the best. People change, after all; and most times for the better. It's the process that hurts. And, boy, did it hurt! But, now, looking back, we see a reason behind the hurt. A reason for the tears, and confusion, the fears...

Which led to something so wonderful; so amazing, that it even makes me, Joy, dim in comparison.

Hi, I'm Zeragii!

I saw the movie Inside Out and instantly fell in love with the character of Fear; which is ironic, since fear has been something I have struggled with for many years. Then I got the idea that, 'Hey, why don't I tell the story of how I dealt with those fears, using the characters from Inside Out?'. Hmmm, worth a shot. I know there are already a few stories about Fear 'taking control', but I couldn't help myself. And since it is my real life story, based on my real life, it shouldn't be a copy of anyone, since all our lives are different. But still, if you are bothered, please let me know. :) And if it somehow relates to your own life, let me know; because sometimes we suffer certain things so that we can help others through something similar.

So why would I want to share something like that; after all, it's pretty personal, right? Well, I am a firm believer that the reason we go through certain experiences, is so that we can share them with others; so that maybe, just maybe, we can help someone else through the same kind of trial. I believe that completely. I will use Riley in this story, since the first part of her life largely reflects my own. We both went through the hardship of moving, and the emotional joys, angers, disgusts, sadness, and fears that come along with it. Which leads to a much longer story...

I do not own anything related to Disney and Pixar's Inside out. I do not write for profit; I write only for my own enjoyment and, hopefully, the enjoyment of others.

To be continued...