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1st here is a quick look at their ages.

Inuyasha- Human years(16) Demon years(216) B-Day is January 14th *Half Dog Demon*

Sesshomaru- Human Years(18) Demon years(218) B-Day is September 21st *Dog Demon*

Shippo- Human years(14) Demon years(114) B-Day is July 8th *Fox Demon*

Kouga-Human Years(16) Demon years (216) B-Day is May 16th *Wolf Demon*

Ayame-Human Years(15) Demon years(215) B-Day is April 13th *Wolf Demon*

Kagome-15 years old. B-Day is November 2nd *Priestess; Perfect Archery; Spiritual Powers; Her mood Changes the Weather; Goddess of the Moon, love, beauty, and controller of the 4 elements. And can do pretty much anything. (Miathsma takes her powers while she is in contact with it). * ~She also wears a concealer necklace which hides her demon traits. She is really a Neko Half Demon.~

Sango-15 years old. B-Day is October 4th *Demon Slayer*

Miroku-16 years old. B-Day is March 19th *Monk*

Rin-12 years old. B-Day is June 1st *Human*

Naraku-18 years old. B-Day is UNKNOWN *Unkown*

Kikyo(Kinky-Hoe)-16 Years old. B-Day is October 29th *(Not a very good Priestess)*

3rd Person POV

It was the last day of Spring and Kagome just moved into this new town and was walking home with her old friends Sango; a Demon Slayer, Miroku; a lecherous Monk, Shippo; a Fox Demon, and Ayame; a Wolf Demon.

When she got to her door she said goodbye and greeted her cat Buyo. She gave him food, then she took a shower using her favorite Shampoo, and Conditioner.

When she came out she creamed her very long, toned, silky, pale, legs. She went downstairs ate dinner, did some work, then came back upstairs not bothering to set her alarm because tomorrow was Saturday.

She went to the mirror and put her thigh length midnight blue hair that had beautiful natural streaks of silver in it, into a braid.

She had bright blue with a mix of Cyan colored eyes, full blood red lips, and was by far the most beautiful girl at her school.

Her braid landed right on her perky butt, and her eyes traveled up her perfect hourglass shaped body. Past her big eye catching bust, to her face reflection.

She put her silver bangs out and climbed in bed. She turned over on her side and looked out the window thinking about what she and her friends spoke about earlier.

Flash back

"Yeah Kags, you really should get a dog. This world is dangerous and u can't always rely on your powers to save you." Sango told Kagome. Kagome sighed and looked at her friend.

" I know Sango, it's just that I already have Buyo and I have no idea how he will react to a dog." Ayame looked at her like if she was going mad.

"You can't be serious. That fat cat won't even budge if it woke up with a monster in front of its eyes!"

Shippo chuckled."Ya, so come on Kagome! A dog cant be that bad! And besides u live alone it will be good protection." Kagome looked at everyone and they stopped in front of her house. "Well bye guys I'll think about it."

"C'ya Kags." Miroku chimed, followed by a slap in the face from Sango "Pervert!"

End Flash Back

The next morning she awoke to a blinding light in her eyes. She sighed and climbed out of bed then headed downstairs. "Morning Buyo, did u sleep well?" "Mrrow…" Was the answer she got.

She chuckled and fed her fat cat and got out some cereal for herself. She turned on the TV and it was on Fairy Tail. Kagome giggled at plopped down on the couch.

She watched out the episode then put her dishes in the sink, and went upstairs to take a shower. And then she changed into a red tank top which showed her curves, and black skinny jeans.

She left her hair down and curled the bottom and left the top wavy with her silver streaks and bangs straight.

Before she left the house she put on a light see through white jacket, and hopped in her red Corvette and drove to the Pound.

At The Pound

Inuyasha's POV

'Arg I cant believe I let these dumb Dog catchers get me!' Suddenly I heard the door open and in walked this girl caked up with too much makeup, and pin-needle straight greasy black hair, and muddy brown eyes.

I sniffed in and got the smell of WAY… to much perfume! And its so strong I wanna faint. I got the tinniest sniff of her natural scent and it was…. Alchohol, and… garlic? 'Ewww!'

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