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Kagome's POV

I stared into his familiar, beautiful silver rimmed eyes. How is this possible?... He walked to Shou, my eyes following his every step, and he laid Sota on Shou's shoulder.

We locked eyes, and he stood in front of me. His snow pale hand reached out, and his fingers grazed over my cheek to my chin. I felt my heart warm. He still looks like how I remember...

No words were spoken as the wind spoke for us. How can this be? H-he died! I-I can't...

3rd Person

Kagome closed her eyes, and she crumpled onto his chest, silent tears flowing down her face. She wind blew her hair back, and the stars were brighter shining onto his and Kagome's long hair.

She gripped his dark, lavender tinted lokes, and let loose and cried. Shou came behind Kagome, and rested his head on her back.

They all moved down so they were kneeling, and he wrapped his arms around his three babies. He looked to the face of the guy with silver hair, and nodded at him, mouthing a 'thank you.'

Inuyasha nodded, still terribly confused, and then he made a 'come here' motion with his fingers. Inuyasha came over, and with a flick of his wrist, Inuyasha was on the ground.

He took hold of Kagome's hair, and ran his fingers through it, and he watched the family reunite. A piece of his heart softened, and his eyes showed a soft gaze. He felt something inside him warm when he looked at Kagome.

A tear drop fell on Sota's cheek, awakening him, and he looked up to see his bright comforting eyes gazing at him softly, "D-dad..."

(BOOM! Time skip)

"OH MY GOODNESS! HONEYS, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ALL!?" Kagome's smiled at her, and looked towards the door, "Quiet Mama... Please, go into the backyard..."

She gave them a strange look, and went outside still holding her dish towel. That's when she noticed the hair. She looked into his eyes, everything went right at that moment.

"K-Kaito?.." He gazed at her hair, cheeks, and features, "Yes... Amy?" She walked up to him, and took her dish towel, and smacked his cheek, sending his face, whipping in the other direction.

The three teens and tween chuckled watching the scene.

"Oh Kami! It is you!" Then two went into a long embrace and started smooching away. "Yeah... let's stop now..."
The four all went into Kagome's room and sat on the bed.

"Shou, how was this possible?" He shook his head, "It isn't. Unless... Dad really didn't die..." Sota scratched his head overwhelmed, "So he didn't die?"

Shou shook his head, "Let's discuss this tomorrow... but oddly, Dad seems to know about Inuyasha over here," Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah, he even called me over to sit and stuff..."

"Well did you sit anyw- Oh!" Inuyasha face planted, "Sorryyyyy I forgot!" He grumbled some incoherent words and sat back up.

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