The counciling room consisted of a small couch and a swivel chair currently turned facing away from me. The chair was tall, and the man in it was even taller. His spiked black hair peeked over the top and shot out in all directions. "This is a big step for us." He was on the phone. "We'll talk about it tonight. Yeah, my patient just walked in. Love you, too."

I heard his phone click off, and the sound of the chair shifting closely followed. He stood abruptly, and we met eyes for the first time.

The first thing I noticed was his height. I had to crane my neck painfully upwards to even get the chance at making out his features. A smile stretched its way across his face, but not a warm one anyone would expect to see coming from a therapist. This man looked dangerous, almost amphibious, like at any given moment a tongue would slip its way out of his lips and he would let out a hiss. I instantly put my guard up.

"You must be Kenma," he said, holding out a hand for me to shake.

I glared at his hand like it was a fungus. "I don't do the whole touching thing."

He chuckled lowly while we both took our seats. "Well, nice to meet you, too." His tone was deep and sarcastic and I didn't like it. "My name's Kuroo."

"You look more like a Pokemon than a therapist, Kuroo."

He flipped to a specific page in the notepad he had been holding. "Hmm.. It has written down, according to the school, you're quiet, uninvolved, and lazy.. Should I go ahead and add bitch to the list?"

For once, my eyes widened from their usual half-lidded state of boredom. What kind of a therapist cusses at their patients?

Kuroo smirked at my expression. "Now, you want to be here probably just as much as I do. You're the last thing holding me back from getting my major, and I hold your fate in my hands, so try not to be difficult, and we can both go our separate ways within a predicted month."

I rolled my eyes. Even a single day with this guy was proving to be a struggle.

"We'll start with a self-evaluation," Kuroo muttered, flipping to a new page in his notepad and clicking his pen. "How old are you?"

"If you would've read my information sheet the school provided, you'd already know."

Kuroo gave me a warning look, causing me to mutter out seventeen.

"How old are you?" I asked, genuinely curious.

He glanced up from his notepad. "21. I-"

Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate, completely cutting him off. "-m sorry," he finished before picking up the call. "Hello?" The other line was muffled, but still recognizable as a woman. "Babe. Babe. Babe. Babe. I just got off the phone with you a few minutes ago! I told you, I have a session! I'll talk when it's over. No, I'LL call YOU this time."

Kuroo clicked off his phone.

"Girlfriend?" I asked.

He chuckled. "I'm supposed to be the one interviewing you," he said, "but yes." He picked back up the notebook. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I shook my head. The entire dating world had never sparked an interest within me. I had heard stories of love, but the farthest I had ever gotten with it was in my dreams. Certain girls I found attractive, although just the simple thought of taking things to the next level caused a sense of uneasiness to wash over me.

"Do you have friends?"

"One. He goes to a different school, though."

Kuroo nodded, beginning to scribble something down in his notepad. "As long as you have someone. It's more about quality than quantity." His eyes met mine, and for the first time he flashed me a toothy, genuine smile.

A feeling of discomfort fluttered within me and I quickly cast my eyes to the floor. "You can cut the mushy stereotypical therapist shit, it doesn't suit you," I muttered back.

Kuroo let out an over exaggerated sigh of relief, causing me to fight back a smile. "Tell me more about this friend, then."

"Hinata," I corrected. "He's obnoxious and annoying."

"..anything else?"

I shook my head.

Kuroo sighed in defeat. "I guess we'll get further into relationships when you're more comfortable around me and your surroundings."

I rolled my eyes. "What am I? Your new pet gerbil?"

"You're more of a kitten." Kuroo flipped a page before I could ask what that was supposed to mean. "How tall are you?"

I shifted slightly in my seat. Height had always been one of the leading causes of my insecurity. People constantly looked down on me, literally, so I started thinking of myself as lower than everyone else.


My head shot up. "H-how did you know?"

"I read the information sheet." The cocky smirk that I had grown accustomed to hating returned full force.

"You said you-"

"I know, I just like hearing the sound of your voice."

My face blushed crimson. "Fuck you."

Kuroo chuckled. "You're insecure about your height, aren't you?"

I nodded, refusing to further satisfy him with my words.

"The problem isn't your height. The problem is how you go about perceiving it. Don't think of short as being weak or inferior, think of short as being... fun-sized."

I raised an eyebrow and actually let what he was telling me sink in. "That's.. not the worst advice someone's given me."

Kuroo beamed. "Thanks. That means a lot coming from my first patient."

BOOB LOO MILK! An alert began ringing on Kuroo's phone. I blamed his girlfriend until I saw him stand up and extend his hand. "See you tomorrow, Kenma!"

I stared up at his hand before grabbing my gameboy and proceeding to leave.

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