I cast my attention away from my gameboy for a fleeting second while uttering the three words that basically summed up my therapist's entire existence. "He's a douchedick."

Hinata flopped onto my bed, a giggling mess. "Just handle him how I handle every situation with Kageyama!"

"Flail around and make an idiot out of yourself while he ignores you?"

Hinata glared daggers at me. "NO!"

I focused back on my Gameboy. "Sure.."

He chose to ignore me and continue on with his little rant. "Kill him with kindness! Get on his nerves with how nice you are and then he'll have no reason to act like such a dickdouche."

"Why couldn't you be my therapist, Hinata?"




I walked towards the now-familiar counseling room with a new goal set to mind. If I tried to be more friendly, maybe this whole therapy thing would pass over faster, and I could get back to my normal life sooner than expected. I had never really attempted at making friends, but I guess there was a first for everything. Kill him with kindness.

"Hello," I squeaked, my voice coming out a barely audible murmur. Kuroo spun around in his chair to face me. "How are you?" That was all I had. If those two statements didn't instantly form a relationship between the two of us, I was going to need to abort this mission quicker than expected.

"Kenma! You look more uncomfortable than the last time I saw you, if that was even possible," he smirked, and the reason why I hated him instantly came back to me.

I twiddled with my thumbs, casting my eyes to the floor. 'And whose fault is that?' I struggled hard not to shoot back. Instead, I returned his comment with an overly forced smile. "Why don't we just forget about last time? Forget about it and start over?"

Kuroo stared at me blankly.

I nodded like I knew what I was saying and decided to keep up with the direction I was going in. "Y-yeah. No more side remarks or rude comments or... video games.." I put up a fight to force out the last one.

Kuroo's expression still hadn't changed from that of utter confusion. "You're up to something Kenma.. But I'll play along for now," he said, lowering his head and allowing a devious smile to snake its way across his face. "Since you're so insistent on playing nice this session, prove it with a hand shake."

I glared daggers at Kuroo's out-stretched hand. I really hated physical contact, especially with strangers. How had I so easily revealed one of my biggest weaknesses to Kuroo on the first day? I had never considered myself readable, but if I was this easy to figure out for him, it was going to become a long rest of the month.

Based on the smirk he was shooting me, he thought I couldn't handle it. Just his face alone was starting to piss me off. I wanted to prove to him that I could handle anything- way more than just a simple handshake! So with that thought set in mind, I grabbed his hand and yanked him out of his seat into me. I wrapped my arms around his torso- too short to embrace him any further without help. He remained frozen in place, and I almost feared letting go for the sake of seeing his expression. The hug.. almost had me wishing I could take back all the years of avoided contact. It felt warm, secure.. AWKWARD AS FUCK. KENMA, WATCHU DOIN BOY GET YO HANDS UP OFFA HIM BEFORE HE BUSTA CAP UP YO ASS. My inner black woman unleashed itself, and I dropped my hands that had previously been clinging onto the back of his shirt.

Kuroo stood stiller than a corpse. I glanced up at him, only to be met with an unreadable expression.

"Um.. sorry," I apologized lamely, like it would make the situation any less awkward. This is why I didn't have friends.

Kuroo sat down in his chair. "It's.. okay." He clicked his pen a few times before snapping out of his sudden trance. "I just didn't know you wanted me so badly." Kuroo smirked, signaling the return to his normal asshole self.

"I'm missing valuable education time for this.. Can you shut up and cure me?" I snapped, trying to cover up my embarrassment.

Kuroo chuckled. "Last time, we talked about mostly the physical aspects of who you are. The 'get to know you' questions. Today, the things I'm going to ask are going to go a little bit more in debt." He took notice to my look of discomfort. "But this is only the second day! Don't feel forced to answer anything," he quickly added.

I nodded, happy that his eagerness to move on was almost as strong as mine.

"How long has the bullying been going on?"

I realized he wasn't kidding about the difficulty of the questions. "Way too long," I answered honestly.

"Did it happen before you came to this school?"

I nodded. "It's been happening all my life.. I guess I'm just an easy target."

Kuroo wrote something down. "What's the worst anyone's ever done to you?"

An onslaught of memories began circulating through my mind- memories of getting punched and kicked and on one circumstance tied to the school flag pole. They were all terrible and unforgettable, but out of all things.. "Words are the worst weapons. When I get beaten, it's at least a sign that I've won in one sense. They can't argue with me verbally, so it's almost like they've given up when they resort to violence. I'm short and weak, so it's not much of a fight in the first place."

Kuroo gazed at me thoughtfully. "People usually target others to get a reaction. You're insecure, and come across as even more insecure, which makes you equivalent to this school's punching bag."

"That's a.. harsh way of putting it." Just bringing up the topic of insecurity was enough to make me resort back to my in-class behavior of gazing at the ground and biting my lip.

"The truth is harsh, but that's why I'm here. I won't hold back anything, because bullying isn't something to be taken lightly."

Kuroo's gaze was like one I had never seen before, his eyes ablaze with an energy of intense compassion. In normal circumstances I struggled to make eye contact with even the least threatening of individuals, but something about the almost intimidating nature of the man in front of me held my eyes captivated.

"I would know," he continued, "In high school, I was a bully."

No matter how hard I unconsciously struggled against it, I managed to tear my eyes away from his own.

"Bullies are just people who have a different way of dealing with their own problems. Victims are so blinded with fear that they fail to recognize that people like the past me were even more insecure than they were. Back in high school, I felt like the only way to feel better about myself was to make others feel just as bad as I was." Kuroo

I sighed. "It's kinda hard to sympathize with the people who've made all of my school existence a living hell."

"I'm not saying you have to feel anything towards them. I'm just trying to get you to see where they're coming from, and know that the reason they bully has nothing to do with you, it has to do with all the problems they're dealing with in their own lives."

"Then why am I here and not them?"

"Because you let it happen. What you don't know, Kenma, is that you're worth a lot more than you think you are, and I'm here to prove it."


The alarm went off, instantly destroying the first and probably only serious mood the two of us could ever hope to have.

"Finallyy.." I muttered, earning a glare in return.

"Get used to it, Kenma," Kuroo chuckled, "if you think today was bad, just remember it's only the second and you still have an entire three days ahead with no escape."

I rolled my eyes and stood up to leave, but was met at the door with an outstretched hand. "What the fuck is that and why is it in my way?"

Kuroo smiled innocently. "It's another chance."

Well, I reasoned with myself, at least he was already past the awkward earlier embrace, and whenever my mind would drift to us shaking hands it wouldn't instantly bring up that awkward hug fail.

I grasped hands with him, only to be quickly yanked into his chest. I hit hard but was easily stabilized by the feeling of arms wrapping around my waist. It was my turn to remain frozen, left rapidly breathing in the faint smell of cologne radiating off of his chest. I tried pushing him away with a shove of my arms. "Are you done?"

His smirk widened. "Nope," he replied, squeezing me tighter. "I'm just getting started."

I glared up at him.

"No one's managed to surprise me like that in a long time. This is payback."

"I hope you already know this, but I really hate you."

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