Ninjago: Those feelings.

(A/N: Before we start. Cole's father is this didn't accept him for being a ninja. Even though he did...XD Well enjoy dis YEAH XD Lloyd is older in this...cuz I can and will and cuz...i dunno XD Yeaaaahhhh!)

The red, white, green and blue ninja laughed at a joke Nya made. They were all in the Ninja's room. Cole rolled his eyes and put his pillow over his head. He was trying to sleep, but the others laughing wasn't helping. He groaned, this has been going on for an hour now.

Cole finally snapped, he quickly sat up. "Will you all shut up!" He yelled, clenching his pillow tightly. He groaned and lied back down, rolled over and put his pillow over his head again.

Jay and Nya exchanged looks.

Kai leaned over the top bunk. "Cole?"

Cole slowly turned his entire body over to Kai.

"Are you okay? You've been more...angry than usual..." Kai explained. It's true. Cole has been more angry than usual. Who could blame him? His father didn't accept him for being a ninja...there were other reasons too...but he wouldn't tell anyone those...feelings.

"I'm just annoyed about my dad, for not accepting me for a ninja." Cole explained, sighing angrily and looking away. "Sorry, didn't mean to take my anger out on any of you." Cole rolled back over.

Kai exchanged upset looks with Nya.

"It's okay Cole, we understand." Kai said gently, he pulled himself back onto his bed. He shrugged at the others slightly.

Jay shook his head. Zane pulled his blanket over his body. Lloyd rolled over in his bed. Nya left the room switching the lights off in the progress. Kai lied back on his bed he sighed quietly to himself.

He heard Cole grumble to himself. "...Why can't I just..." He trailed off and sighed.

Kai was now curious. What did he mean by that? He didn't know.

"Cole..." Jay called Cole's name. He waved his hand in front of him. They were standing in the training room. Sensei Wu was explaining something to them, when he noticed Cole wasn't listening.

"Hello! Cole!" Lloyd tapped him twice. No response.

Sensei Wu shook his head. He cleared his throat. "Cole!" He yelled. Still, no response.

Cole was deep in thought.

Kai waved his hand in front of him. Still no response. "Hello? Kai to Cole? Anyone there?" Kai stood in front of him, Cole just stared blankly. Zane tapped him.

Still no response.

Lloyd rolled his eyes. "Hold on." He walked out the room. He came back with a slice of cake.

"Yup, that will work." Zane chuckled.

Lloyd waved it in front of Cole's face. "Does Cole want...?"

No response.

"Something is wrong with him." Lloyd said as he stopped waving it in his face.

"Yup. Cole would never blankly stare at cake and not want it." Jay nodded his head.

Wu stroked his beard. "Does it have something to do with his father?"

"I think so, he was angry about it yesterday." Kai said with a worried look in his eyes.

Cole suddenly frowned. He shook his head and sighed angrily and then looked away.

The other Ninja and Sensei Wu, were surprised by his sudden movement.

"Uh Cole?" Jay poked him.

Cole lifted his head. "...What?"

"Oh. spaced out. Sensei was explaining something, and he noticed you weren't listening so...we tried to get you to snap out of it, and you must of been really! Really! REALLY! In deep thought because you ignored cake..." Jay finished, with a smile.

Cole sighed. "Wait you have Cake?"

"No." Lloyd gave the cake to his stomach.

Everyone shook their heads.

"What I was hungry?" Lloyd chuckled.

Cole grumbled to himself again.

"What was that?" Sensei asked.

"Nothing. Sorry...for spacing out..." Cole apologized.

Wu nodded his head. "As I was saying. You must figure out this riddle." Wu looked over at Cole. He was looking over at the cloud.

He shook his head, he picked up his staff and hit him on the head with it. Cole flinched. "Ow!"

"Listen!" Wu yelled.

Cole nodded.

The other ninja snickered.

"If one is to hide inside, what lures them out?" Wu said. "Figure that out. "Then come to me."

The ninja nodded and walked away, Cole being the first in the room.

Cole trudged in the room. He heard someone clear their throat.

He slowly turned on his heels.

Jay crossed his arms. "What is up with you?" He asked in a concerned voice. "You've been spacing out! Getting angry! Getting upset!" Jay sort of yelled.

Cole looked away.

"I..." He bit his lip. "Nothing."

Kai saw through his lie. He walked up to him, the others behind. He petted Cole's head." Come on buddy you can tell us what is wrong."

Cole blushed lightly. "Kai...please stop petting me..."

Kai stopped. "Uh...right sorry." Kai chuckled awkwardly. "But for real...what's up?"

Jay noticed Cole's light blush. 'Hold on...' "Cole. Before you explain. Explain that." He pointed to his blush.

Cole gulped. "Explain...what?" He acted dumb.

"Blush..." Jay said. "You never blush. Even when Nya compliments you. She said you're hard to flatter...and Kai pets you and you blush..." Jay narrowed his eyes down at Cole. "So...explain?" He took a step back.

The others nodded in agreement with Jay. Except Kai, he just smiled at Cole.

Cole gulped again. "It was probably embarrassment." He lied.

"Kai pet him again." Lloyd said.

Kai turned to the green ninja. "I don't think he likes it."

"Kai...Cole blush! That' s a record! Cole's never blushed before!" Lloyd exclaimed.

"Come on Kai!" Jay put on his puppy eyes. "Pwease?" His bottom lip quivered.

Kai rolled his eyes, "Fine."

Jay and Lloyd smiled. "Yay! "

Zane just tilted his head.

Kai petted Cole's head again. Cole bit his lip and blushed bright pink.

Kai stop when Cole looked at him. He slowly moved his hand away.

Lloyd giggled. "Come on Cole..."

Cole just bit his lip harder he directed his eyes away. 'Am I really blushing...?' He felt the warmth. He sighed. 'Yup...'

"Embarrassment.I'm embarrassed." Cole simply said, he moved his entire head over to the wall.

Jay and Lloyd exchanged looks. Zane just frowned in confusion.

'Cole...blushing?' Zane tried to figure it out. He got nothing.

Kai frowned in concern and confusion. "Cole?"

Cole looked over at Kai, turning his whole head.

"Apart from what just happened. Are you okay?" Kai asked with a small smile. "You know...with the whole dad thing?"

Cole sighed." I'll get over it. He will too. I mean...he can't be angry forever...right?" Cole looked over at Kai with sad eyes.

Kai nodded. "Right."

Cole nodded his head. He looked away again quickly. "I...need to be alone."

Jay and Zane exchanged worried looks.

"Are you su-" Zane began.

"I'm!" Cole exhaled a deep breath and closed his eyes. "I'm...sure..."

Zane nodded. He slowly turned to himself. "If one hides inside, what lures them out?" Zane asked himself. Lloyd walked by his side. "I dunno...That's a hard one..."

"Indeed." Zane nodded. Jay joined them. The door shut behind.

Kai didn't leave.

Cole felt eyes staring at him. He turned his head and opened his eyes. Kai was staring at him with concerned eyes.

" can go."

Kai shook his head. "I know you're not okay." Kai sighed. "Just remember. I'm always here if you need me." Kai smiled at Cole, he petted his head again and watched as his face turned bright pink, he chuckled and begun to walk out.

He smiled at Cole. "You look cute when you blush." He said as he walked out.

When the door shut, Cole's mouth dropped slightly, and his face burnt.

"I what...?" He whispered to himself. "Did he just call me cute?" Cole asked himself again. He shook his head.

He then sighed sadly. His thoughts tracing over to his problems.

He sat on his bed with his head hung low. "Damn wouldn't you accept me for who I am?" He asked himself, he swallowed a lump in his throat.

He allowed his body to slump forward as he clenched his eyes closed, one side of his hair covering his eye. He grumbled to himself again. "Why couldn't accept my choice in life..."

"Why couldn't you just accept?!" He yelled from the top of his lungs.

The others heard Cole yell from the dining room.

They all exchanged very concerned looks.

A loud bang was heard by all of them, then a very angered scream from Cole.

Kai looked down at his food. He began playing with it.

"Damn it dad!" Cole yelled, his voice cracked when he yelled 'dad'.

Kai's eyes widened he suddenly shot up and ran out the room, dropping his fork in the progress. The others quickly got up and followed him, even Sensei Wu wondered why Kai suddenly shot up.

Cole rested the top of his head against the wall he punched. His eyes tearing up. He heard the door shot open next to him. Cole's eyes began to flow out tears, Cole was banging his head against the wall. Mumbling to himself. "Why dad? Why did you say those things...?" Cole banged his head against the wall again.

Kai came up from behind and dragged him away from the wall. Cole fell to his knees. Kai kneeled down next to him. He rubbed Cole's back in a comforting manner.

The others rushed in. They saw Cole's condition. They all had sad and worried looks on their faces. Kai looked up at them he gave them a sad smile. Cole just kept crying.

'Whatever his dad said...must of hurt. Really bad...after we left...we heard shouting but we couldn't make out what they were yelling, all we heard is...'You're not my son,' but we haven't told Cole that...' Kai sighed sadly, listening to the cries from normally, the most strong hearted, unbreakable, not caring friend. This is the first time he has seen this side to Cole. His sensitive side, it defiantly was different. He carried on to rub his back, until Cole stood up. He clenched his fists, he turned and punched the wall again making everyone flinch. A larger crack appeared covering the small one.

"Cole, calm down." Zane said in a soothing voice. Cole just kept his fist in the wall. His eye's flowing with tears of sadness and rage. One of his tears fell down onto Kai's arm. Kai looked up slowly. He stood up. He grabbed Cole's wrist. He moved it, causing Cole's clenched fist to move from the wall. Cole was tense, Kai could feel it.

Cole looked over at Kai his eyes filled with rage and sadness. His eyes flowing with salt water. Kai was right he has never seen this side to Cole. Kai let go of Cole's wrist, it fell down to his side. Cole looked up at the wall.

The others saw his eyes, and how they were filled with so much anger...yet so much...hurt.

"Cole're starting to scare me..." Lloyd gulped.

Cole diverted his eyes over to Lloyd. He opened his mouth, but he closed it after. His tears just kept flowing and flowing. Cole got scared looks from the others, even Sensei was surprised.

Cole turned back to the wall, but instead his eyes met Kai's.

Cole stared deep into Kai's concerned eyes. Kai staring right back into his raging hurt ones. All of the sudden, Kai pulled Cole in for a hug, his arms around his neck.

Cole's eyes softened. The others watched in surprise.

"Please Cole. Stop...being angry." Kai asked in a quiet voice. "You don't need to get so angry...and look so hurts me too know that your upset." Kai carried on. He felt arms hug him back, "and Cole you know, we are always here for you."

The others smiled when Cole's tears let up. Kai felt him un tense. Kai leaned back, he stared into Cole's eyes. They were just filled with hurt now. No rage...

Cole let go of Kai. He looked down in shame. Kai held his shoulders. He turned his head tot he others. They nodded at him.

"You wanna talk about it?" Kai asked politely.

Cole looked up slowly. He nodded.

Kai looked over at the others. They knew he wanted to talk to him alone, they left in silence.

Cole fell to his knees again. Kai sat down in front of him.

Kai waited in silence. "Take all the time you need."

Cole looked up slightly. He sighed. "Well...When I told my heard his first reaction right?" Cole looked away.

"Yea..." Kai said quietly.

"After you guys left, he said...some...horrible things." Cole sighed angrily.

Kai smiled a understanding smile.

"He said...that...I could never be a ninja. That I could never reach my dream. I could never become a artist...That he didn't want a ga-" Cole trailed off. "He said I wasn't his son...and that I belonged to someone else." Cole began to slowly tear up.

Kai noticed he stopped mid sentence. 'What are you hiding?' He asked himself.

Cole hung his head low.

Kai rested his hand on his shoulder. "Cole. Look at me."

Cole slowly looked up.

"What you're dad has said. It's a lie. YOU are a Ninja. You can ALWAYS reach your dream. You can MAKE yourself and artist. You look like the best son to ME. You don't belong to anyone else. Just SMILE. Please..." Kai begged.

Cole gave him a small smile. "Thanks Kai..."

Kai smiled back. "Anytime..."