A place for all of my Gravity Falls related poems. If you have requests, then send them in!

Lonely Pines
"Lone Pine you are, stuck on this earthly plain
While you stare longingly at the sky, reaching ever-higher forever, in vain.
You wish to join your fleeting, flying family
Catching brief flashes as they flit above once-a-while-ee. . . .

And with needle-laden branches you cover
The reason you yearn and care for the other
A mark of the sky left permanent on your face
And wish to join your family above and their skybound race."

A Wishing Star
"Flash! Shoom! Svish! You flash overhead
And stare down below with a happy-sad stead
For far down below your reach
You see a young Pine you yearn to teach

Teach the joys of flight and fun
But however when the night is done
You must dash off to carry anothers wish
And yet you've never had your own; a kiss.

Long you dart above in the sky
Hoping maybe, one day, to fall; but not die
So as to join your earthbound family
Stuck, fixed in place; a lone pine tree.

And as you wish, you wish on him
And though it is only a small whim
That you won't be lonely any longer
And silently, you sing your song-er.

For though you carry a million wishes
You only wish for a single-ness
To be broken finally
For a-while-ee. . ."

Fellow Pine, Companion Star; Twins That Go so Far
"A Pine gazes at the heavens above
And a Star at the earth below.
Each makes a wish upon the other
And with it, comes a sharp shove.

The Star screams; no longer Shooting, but Falling
And the Lone Pine shouts in fear for her
CRASH! She rams deep into the ground, severing roots
The Pine groans and grunts toppling, recalling. . .

All is silent, both lay still
One shocked from impact and other-
Well, something new just happened, can you tell?
Between a semi-clueless sister and brother?

A young boy, the Big Dipper hidden underneath brown locks
Sits up, looks around the crater, feeling quite shocked.
Trembling, swaying, he looks about
Spotting a brown-haired girl walking away, he shouts.

She turns in confusion, brown eyes matching his
She waits for him and then says with a grin,
"Five minutes ago you were a Pine Tree."

She points, he looks, and it clearly so
The impressions in the ground letting both know
That a star did fall, as so did a pine
But who are they now? Than what they were zine?

Twins. The answer enters their heads.
And they clutch hands, a moment filled with dread.
For one was used to quick speed and little restriction
While the other only knew such a thing as daydreamed-fiction.

Both glanced at eachother.
The girl started to giggle
And as the boy started too, they began to wiggle
Their toes and fingers, each tickling the other.

Soon, they slowly climbed out
Looking and looking all about.
The former Pine was steady for the girl when she stumbled
And she got him to follow, not stand around and tremble.

They knew not what may before them now
All they knew was the had eachother now
May be not before, but now and forever more
For sticking with your twin is hardly a chore."

The first poem is about Dipper, the second Mabel, and the third just a whimsical idea for how our favorite Mystery Twins came to be together, based on their symbols on the Cipher Wheel. Please review!