So, here we are again. Sorry it's been awhile. Dug this up from some older stuffs. Enjoy!

Their Story
"There was once a quack
Living in a shack
Who liked to investigate and implore
Delving deep into mysteries as he explored

But then he made a mistake
And as his sanity quaked
He reached for someone to trust
And in his twin, he found he must

Paranoia and fear ruled
And though his brother tried
To support him like in school
He pushed him away and pretended to die

For years, he kept his brother alive
In memory and used every trick he contrived
To earn some money and find some clues
So for the portal he'd know what to do

So long he waited, watched, yearned, and dreamed
And to others, it wasn't what it seemed
He tried and convinced and made his little angel cry
Because he tried and loved hard for his twin; and refused to accept he could've died."

Okay, here we go. Enjoy!