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These are crossover drabbles from Tumblr that I will archive here for everyone to enjoy!

Every strand of hair on Robin's head rose as the air crackled with electricity, though he wasn't certain it could be called that. Blue lightning sparked from his fingertips as he concentrated, focusing all of his anger into the Force.

Every time he tried to create Force Lightning it always backfired on him, but not today. This time lightning didn't explode in his face or burned his hand. Sweat dripped down Robin's forehead as the ball of lightning expanded.

He never thought himself capable of creating lightning. Perhaps he could now because Slade wasn't here, and Robin could focus. It was difficult being coached on how to use his hatred with the Force by the person he hated the most.

"Good work."

Robin turned sharply. The lightning in his hand jerked away from him and flew towards Slade, who had crept silently into the room. For one wild moment Robin hoped that the lightning would catch Slade off guard, and that it would blast Slade's other eye out. But the Sith Lord caught the lightning and held it in his hand as if it were nothing more than a child's toy.

"What are you doing here?" Robin demanded.

"Why so defensive?" Slade asked coolly. "I was just passing through. Catch."

Slade threw back the lightning. Try as Robin might, he couldn't catch it. He collapsed, trying not to scream as the lightning rippled through him. Robin breathed heavily, convulsions attacking every inch of his body. The lightning had struck his shoulder, which burned through his clothing. The flesh underneath had turned white. It hurt, but not as much as his burns at Mustafar.

"I'm glad to see you practicing, but don't ever try to strike me again." Robin suddenly found himself on his feet. Slade didn't even need to raise his hand to make Robin stand with the Force. "You can't control the Dark Side of the Force. Not just yet. And until you can, don't try."

Slade let go of his hold on the Force. Robin stumbled, his legs shaking.

"You better get that looked at," Slade said, gesturing to the burn on Robin's shoulder. "Go. Now."