Title: Darkness Within Me

Pairing: Kuroko/Harem

Rating: T (For harsh language)

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship

Summary: In the end, even though Seirin win the winter cup, for Kuroko Tetsuya, it just the end of all. 'No matter what, I'll definitely take your body, my host.' It keeps on ringing within his head. How can Kuroko handle the big problems that arise without telling Seirin and Generations of Miracle? Can he alone solve it?

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke is belong to Fujimaki Tadatoshi. I simply own the plot only.

Warning: Error here and there and un-beta!


The whole stadium was completely being engulfed by the sudden quietness after just witnessing the played between the 'Light and Shadow' duo from Seirin. Kuroko Tetsuya, the Shadow that has overcome the light, make a phantom shot to pass the ball towards Kagami Taiga that in return dunks it on the hoop. Seirin was shocked by it that they just looked at it while Rakuzan watched in horror.

"Time's up! At the end of this fierce battle… The ones who have finally taken down the strongest kings, who have reigned since the very beginning of the Winter Cup… The miraculous new stars who established but two years ago… Seirin High School, are this year's Winter Cup Championship!"

After the winners being announced, all the audience on the bench immediately erupted and stands from their bench while yelling Seirin's name. They were cheering for them while congratulated them while the other respective school stands and clapped their hand. Their eyes were glowed with happiness after Seirin being announced the winner for the Winter Cup for that year.

The Generations of Miracle each looked at their ex sixth phantom man with respect after he had succeed in defeating the Emperor and also them.

Meanwhile, the entire Seirin's member and coach immediately go towards the 'Light and Shadow' duo before hugging them. They were happy, so happy! Rakuzan team just watched them with a sad face. It was the first time the strongest Emperor being defeated by merely a new school that was established two years ago.

Akashi was of course sad by the loss of his team. I've lost. It's the first time since the day I was born… So this is, defeat… Hmph, how cruel… There's an inexplicable pain in my chest. I don't know if I'll be able to maintain my composure until the line-up… But, because of that, I think, I'm glad that I played basketball. And that I was able to meet you.

Kuroko watched his ex-captain before slowly walked towards him. That's when Akashi suddenly raised his hand. With a weak smiled and tears on the corner of his eyes, he speaks towards the phantom.

"It's your… no; it's your team's win. Congratulations. Also, prepare yourselves. Next time, we'll be the victors." Akashi announced and Kuroko together with Kagami just smiles.

Kuroko raised his hand also, accepting the handshakes from Akashi Seijuro, the captain of Rakuzan High. "All right. Let's play again. Again and again, as many times as you want."

"Man, I'm beat!" Kagami said as he throws his body on the floor on the locker room. Even though he's beyond exhausted, he was content after defeating the Rakuzan High, the strongest team.

"Still, I can't believe that we are the winners!" Kiyoshi exclaimed happily as he and Hyuuga sit on the bench. The others also nodding their head agree with the brunette.

Kuroko watched his team with smiles. He was satisfied with it. He was happy that the team he and high school he goes was Seirin. He was content by it. He closed his eyes.

Your mine…

Kuroko opened his eyes quickly after hearing the voice within his mind. He didn't know what to do as his sight started to blur. He blinks his eyes continuously just to makes it worst.

"Kuroko-kun, are you alright?" Kuroko looked at the person.

"Haii, I'm just tired, is all." He answered the female coach. Riko smiled as she sighs.

"You're right. It was an intense battle; of course you'll be this exhausted. Ok, guys pack up and you'll get to sleep as much as you want on your own bed." Riko ordered and slowly, they're stands before packing their own belonging and exited the locker room.

They were already outside of the stadium. They were bombarded with people congratulating them for non-stop and photographer are everywhere, taking their picture.

It's useless… you're weak already… it's a matter of time…

Kuroko keep on walking together with his team mates despite the painful throbbing headache he had. In front of the gate, they're decided to part as their home was in different directions. Kuroko and Kagami walked together as their way home was same. Unbeknownst of Kuroko's condition, Kagami keep on walked with one intention. He wants to go home as soon as possible. When he turned his head to his side, to look at Kuroko, he was gone. He immediately stopped and stared at the places where Kuroko was before he looked behind. Much to his surprised, he can see Kuroko clutching his head so tightly. The other hand was on the wall, trying to supporting his body. He can see Kuroko was on so much pain.

"Kuroko!" He runs towards the smaller male as he catches Kuroko who falls and immediately fainted. Kagami was in a panic stated when another voice come up.

"It's starting…" The voice was loud enough for Kagami to hear and when he looked up, he was surprised to see it was the orange hair male who yelled Kuroko's name earlier on their matched between Rakuzan.

"You… What do you mean by that?" Kagami snarled at him. The orange hair guy expression immediately changes to a sad one. Kagami can't bring himself to trust this guy. "Who are you?"

"I'm Ogiwara Shigehiro, Kuroko's childhood friend. I believe we're supposed to take care of him first, don't ya think so?" Ogiwara said and Kagami agreed with the latter.

"I'll carry him for you; I know you're damn exhausted right now after the intense battle." Ogiwara was right and Kagami lifted Kuroko's body before he put him at the back of Ogiwara's for him to piggy pick him.

"So, which way your house is?" Ogiwara asked. Kagami lifted his right brow. "Kuroko's house was still far away from here. There's no way I'll let him froze on this cold states."

Kagami sighed as he led the way towards his house. Not that he objects if Kuroko had to rest on his house, since Kuroko was his partner. After walking for about 8 minutes, finally they arrived at Kagami's house. Kagami immediately open the front door before make a space so that Ogiwara can come in. After Kagami closed the door, he helps the orange hair male by lifting Kuroko from his back to put him on the coach.

"So," Kagami speaks when he aware that Ogiwara didn't want to speak. "Mind explaining by what your implied earlier? What had starting and what's wrong with Kuroko?"

Ogiwara looked crestfallen and Kagami hated it.

"I'll explain it. But promise me that you won't interrupt me. Let me finish explaining and if you have a question, just ask and I'll answer it." Kagami 'tsk'ed before nodding his head regardless. "I'll start when he was in his third year in Teiko Middle School where he developed…" Ogiwara sighed as he looked on the floor.

"Another selves of his which is his darkness side…"

End of prologue