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Chapter 2

Shigehiro let out a deep sighed as he leaned his body on the rails of the balcony. He raised his head up, searching for a star to look at him back as an old memories rushed back like a film inside of his head. Memories of when he was still a child together with the other 6. He missed that moment where they can still laugh freely without any worries. But now, it had become a memories fragment for him and the others.

What he misses the most was the laugh and the bright smiles of one Kuroko Tetsuya.

The night sky was full with stars that day despite it was cloudy a moment ago. It was the very same day where he and the others had made a promised. A promised that they will never break.


"Ne, let's make a promise that we'll never forget." The young Ogiwara Shigehiro stated, looking at each one of his friends who grin or smiles back at him.

"I agree with it!" A louder and hyperactive boy yelled, grinning ear to ear.

The others just nodded with it before they glance at the pair of cerulean eyes that shining under the stars without blinking, still astonished with the stars.

"Tet-chan?" The raven haired boy tilted his head, looking at the blue sky hair boy who finally turned his attention towards them.

"Un, let's make a promise. A promise that none of us can break. A promise under these beautiful stars!" The young Kuroko Tetsuya exclaimed happily as he make a cute gestured that makes them smiled. They all agreed, tossing their fist towards the night sky that full with stars.

After a few moment discussing on what promised they should have, they finally agreed on one promised. They make a circle and looked at each other as some of them grinned and some of them smiled. And with that, they yelled together their promised and after finished, a wide smiles was painting their younger face before laughter echoing around them.

A promised that they'll never break.

[Flashback End]

"Tetsuya, just remember that we'll be always be there for you…" Shigehiro thought as he retreated back towards the living room where he find Taiga sitting on the floor with his left hand propped on the sofa, resting his chin on it while slowly caressing Kuroko's cheek with so much tenderness.

"You're in love with Tetsuya, right?" The sudden voices and question was enough to make Taiga surprised and he immediately turned to look at the culprit who just makes his heart jump.

"Can you at least make a sound before asking a question?" Taiga said together with his deathly glared towards Shigehiro who just shrugged it off.

"Who cares…? So, what's your answer?"

Taiga locked eyes with the other teen before he let out a long deep sighed, ruffling his hair and leaning his back on the couches. "So what if I am?" He said finally.

Shigehiro crossed his hand in front of his chest as he inspects the other guy with a calculating glint on his eyes. "How and why?" Taiga looked at him with a puzzling expression. Shigehiro sighed. "How did you fall in love with him and why do you love him?"

Taiga make an 'O' shaped with his mouth, indicating he understands. He shrugged. "Did fall in love need a reason? I don't think so. I just love him for the way he is. I love all about him, his gesture, his voice, his smile and all. Without I know, I want to protect it. I want to protect him and I want always to be there for him in time he need someone." Taiga explained. His expression becomes soft after that, indicating he was remembering his moment together with Kuroko Tetsuya.

"Heh~ I didn't know that you're that kind of a guy. I thought that you're just an idiot with hot-headed guy." Shigehiro commented as Taiga grunted but didn't speak back towards him.

They stayed silent after that. It was a comfortable silent which the two of them being occupied by magazines or phone. Shigehiro who was sitting at the other couch decided that he'll go back home for that day.

"Then, I'll leave Tetsuya to your care, Kagami. And don't worry about someone's from his family being worried. He lives alone and his parent was always out of country because of their families business. Ja~" But, before Shigehiro can step out from the house, Taiga was fast on catching him, stopping him from stepping out from the house.

"You're just going to leave him here with me?" Taiga said, incredulously.

"It's not like you'll take advantage of his current situation…" Shigehiro raised one of his eyebrows. "…am I right?"

"I… Idiot! Of course I won't! What are you thinking about!?" Taiga splutters while Shigehiro just sighed before his trademark – grinned – appeared.

"Then, it's okay to leave him with you. After hearing your explanation on how you really love him, I know your determined enough to court him." Shigehiro said. "But, don't think that you're the only one who loves him. Tetsuya was a precious jewel for us, so it's not a surprised that the others will also showing how they love him…" Shigehiro turned too looked at Taiga.

"…including me."

Taiga looked at him wide eyes. He doesn't have a clue that Tetsuya would have so much people to love him. Taiga shook his head mentally.

"But still, I insist you to stay here. What if he wakes up as another person? I don't know his other self. Frankly, I just know about his past and his other self just a hours ago and you want me to handle it? No, no, no. I can't! You have to stay here." Taiga insisted as Shigehiro just let his finger through his orange hair, thinking if he should just accept it.

He sighed. "Ok, I got it." Taiga let out relieves sighed escape from his mouth. "But it's for Tetsuya not because of you insist or not and also on one condition." Shigehiro added quickly.

"Let my friends come over here tomorrow morning." Taiga was about to protested to let a stranger come over but Shigehiro cut him. "They're not strangers. You know them."

And with that, the conversation end. Taiga showed Shigehiro to the guest room where he'll go sleep with Tetsuya.

Shigehiro sits at the edge of the bed where Tetsuya were sleeping at while leaning on his hand, looking at the ceiling. He turned his head towards the sky blue haired teen. It had been a long time since the last time Shigehiro saw Tetsuya sleeping faces – with a slight grimaced on his faces because of the other self want to take control. He missed it.

Shigehiro leaned forward towards the sleeping teen before brushing off the bangs from his forehead before his gives a chaste kissed.

"Please wake up as the person that I used to love, Tetsuya. Fight it…" Shigehiro said as the last phrase was just a whispered.

Unknown to him, Taiga just outside the room, hand an inch from the door knob. He just looked at the door knob before his hand slide back to his side. He leaned his head on the door.

He hears every word that Shigehiro just spoke towards Tetsuya.

"I hope I have the courage to say it…" Taiga slowly walked towards his room back as he murmured.

"How I really love you, Tetsuya…"

"Mornin'…" A yawn escapes the orange hair teen as he stretch and walking towards where the red haired teen is.

"Oh, morning…" Taiga said as he continued on making breakfast. "Bathroom is there and there's a new toothbrush and towel. Just use it." Shigehiro thank him as he makes his way towards the bathroom.

He comes out from the bathroom after 5 minutes and Taiga gives him a hot Chocó. The breakfast was eaten by them in silence. No one spoke at all. Only the sound of utensils clanging with the plate can be heard.

"So, have you told your friends to meet you here?" The silence finally broke after Taiga asked a question.

"Ah, already~ they'll come in about 10 minutes…" Shigehiro reply as Taiga just nodded his head.

"Have Kuroko wake up already?" Taiga asked and Shigehiro expression becomes the sad one. He shook his head.

Shigehiro then proceeds towards the living room, sitting on the couches while waiting for their guest. Taiga busying himself with cleaning all the dishes when after 5 minutes, the bell rang twice, indicating that their visitors had arrived. Shigehiro stand and walked towards the door. The door being opened can be heard from the kitchen and when finally Taiga had finished with his works, he turned to see whose Tetsuya and Shigehiro's friend is.

He was surprised when he comes up to see them.

He didn't think it would be them.

He didn't have any clue at all.

Taiga take a deep breath before his sighed loudly bringing the all the attention towards him.

"Explain. Now!"

Shigehiro grinned before he speaks.

"Like what you see, this is our childhood friends." Shigehiro exclaimed. "Kaijou's captain, Kasamatsu Yukio, Shuutoku's Point Guard, Takao Kazunari, Too's three pointer shooter, Sakurai Ryo, Yosen's power forward, Himuro Tatsuya and Rakuzan's power forward, Hayama Koutarou. And, all of us here was Tetsuya's precious childhood friends."

Taiga was speechless.

End of Chapter 2

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