Welcome to this story! It will be a multi-chaptered fic about the evolution of Haymitch and Effie's complex friendship over the years. It's rated T purely because it deals with the Hunger Games and their mature content. Enjoy.


Effie Trinket smiled broadly as she shook President Snow's hand. "Congratulations," the president's smooth voice flattered her, "on your promotion."

The young woman nodded excitedly, sending her head of pink curls bobbing down around her ears. "Thank you, sir," she gushed, "I very much look forward to it."

The president returned her smile and inclined his head in approval of her enthusiasm. "Official District Escort. It's an impressive title, even when applied to District 12."

"With all due respect, sir," Effie said, her smile growing just the faintest bit sharp, "I don't believe I'll be in 12 long." The president raised one white eyebrow, but did not look terribly offended by her answer. He looked amused.

Effie hoped she'd do more than amuse. She wanted to impress, even if her blossoming career began in the less than glamorous District 12.

Snow let loose a deep chuckle. "You'll do just fine. Though 12's victor has a reputation for being difficult."

The newly appointed escort smiled confidently. "I don't think we'll have a problem. We are, after all, working to the same end."

The president smiled, but a look passed through his eyes that Effie could not give a name to. "All the same, Miss Trinket, I wish you the very best of luck."