Here comes the Dark Knight (to the music of Aladdin's "Arabian Nights")

Oh I come from a place, without law without grace
Where the criminals feast on fear
where injustice can last, from a horrible past
When Schumacher has made it queer

Where the cops are corrupt, no one dares interrupt
The grim cycle of weak and might
Come and glide on the wings, Of the man who begins
To become a courageous knight!

We call the dark knight
At the end of the day
To show them who's boss
At any darn cost
Without a cliche

Welcome the Dark knight
And his awesome display
When Bale is badass...
And Liam got class...
More than Michael Bay!


I've made enough songs to cover the majority of the Batman Nolanverse. All I need is to find the perfect order to put them in