Joker & Mobsters \ Kill the Bat (to the music of Beauty & the Beast's "Be Our Guest")
(feat. Harley Quinn)

Joker: Kill… the … Bat
Kill the bat
Wipe his blood down on the mat
Tie a noose around his neck, and make our own le coup d'etat
First he crawls
Then he falls
Then I'll film it for the lulz!
And the vid would then go viral
You want reddit? Not my style!

I'm a man of my word
So come sign our joined accord
With a pen that's mightier than any sword
I got a gag to run,
And make an awesome fun,
To Kill a bat, Kill your bat…
Kill the bat!

Joker: Get some men, plant some bombs
Kidnap victims, slash their gums!
We'll prepare a lovely scare
Leave the city cold and bare!
He's alone, with his rules...
Working for these witless fools
No one knows that this fair city
Needs a villain cool and witty!

Joker: with my jokes and my tricks,
I can stab with pencil sticks!
Mob Chorus: And we're desperate enough to hear you OUT!
All: Come on and raise a show
So everyone would know
Joker: I'll kill the bat... I hear that-
The TV-guy is a Rat!
All: Kill the bat, kill the bat! Kill The BAAAT!

Joker: Life becomes so boring,
when a mower isn't mowing
Such a lovely bloom annoys a guy like me…
Gambol: …a freak…
Joker: once, I would have ripped off all the dealers
And blow shit up with awesomeness and glee

Joker: For years I've just been stealing,
Without makeing a reak killing
Needing humor, and an audience to scare
Most days I would troll around the facebook
Then the bat came rushing
And It felt like lighting Flashing!

Harley Quinn:
Kill the bat, kill the bat!
Slap him silly like a brat
Mister Jay wants retribution
So we'll teach him tit-for-tat!
With a howl and a scream
He would fall into a dream
We will make him crack a smile
With his stomach turned in vile!

I'll get giddy, I'll get hot!
Heaven's sake I missed my shot!
I'll reload before he has a chance to hide!
but now the lights are off
and I'm in batman's cuffs!
oh Mister-Jay, where you at!?
Mob Chorus: kill the bat!
Harley Quinn: KILL THE BAT!

Mob Chorus:
Kill the bat, kill the bat
Let our business get some fat
It's been years since we were free
Now we have seen where madness' at!
With Our plans, with Our cash
We will make the hero crash
While the limelight is still shining
On his heart

Blow... By... Blow!
Till he shouts: "JUST LET ME DIE!"
Joker: Then I'll tear his skin
and wear it like a hat!

All: Our anger would be fed,
When he will fall down dead
We'll kill the bat
kill the bat
kill the bat…
Simply kill-the-… BAAAAAAAT!