Dick's eyes were glued to the dog bowl as the two men walked in.
Luthor was dressed in an expensive suit while Slade wore his Deathstroke disguise without his mask.

"Your master was so kind as to offer me dinner", explained Lex suavely, his green eyes feasted on the hero's shocked form.
It wasn't that bad, everyone would be surprised by a sudden guest not just a spy, but he enjoyed it like a victory over the little mole nevertheless.

A seemingly honest smile played on the younger man's lips as he regained his posture.
"Then I hope you will enjoy the meal I prepared", was said in such a pleasant tone, that it would have convinced him days before.

One didn't gain anything by pretending that you were without flaws, you had to learn or repeat the same mistakes.
Knowledge which didn't help his wounded pride.
"Considering you have only dishes and silverware for two, your master brought you a bowl to eat from", was vindictively said, unlike his usual clam.
That they could have gotten him another plate and cutlery hung unspoken in the air, but the hero kept smiling.

"Serve the appetizer, afterwards kneel by my feet and you may start your meal", ordered Slade calmly.
A superior predator pointed a part in Lex out, had the mercenary invited him only to mock him?

Nightwing's movements were obviously practiced as he served them their food like any other waiter in a better restaurant.
The too big white t-shirt gave him a tempting view of the soft flesh, it fluttered with every step like a dress.
Instinctively Lex eyes searched for marks on the soft neck,
There were none, he could leave his own mark there and teach Slade a lesson...

Gracefully the hero sank down on his knees and straightened his spin as his ass rested on the soles of his feet.
It reminded Luthor of cultures were everyone sat on the floor during a meal.
A dignified poise, which he needed to break.

"You are not going to eat the food with your fingers are you?", reprimand Slade softly.
Yet the hero simply lifted the bowl to his lips and tilted it slightly upwards.
The gravity and his tongue got the cut vegetables into his mouth, covered in a creamy sauce.
His lips parted for each piece while his tongue caressed them in an attempt not to spill any of the white liquid.
Maybe he knew that he would be scolded for wasting his master's food?
That he would ordered to lick the floor clean like a dog?

They ate their appetizer in silence, Deathstroke had invited him for a reason hadn't he?
After the first course the hero rose and served them the noodles while he refilled with bowl with the vegetables.
Again, they ate in silence.
Yet as it continued the hero's posture grew noticeable tense, just like his own.
They waited for Slade to make a move, like prey who had smelled a predator near by but didn't know were to run to and a docile beta who waited for the leader to strike.
Lex was sick of his little show of power over them both.

"Do you enjoy your stay in my building?", asked the billionaire politely with a smile, a little reminder who was in charge here and who the hired help.
"So far it has been adequate", replied Slade in the same tone he had used with his pet hero.
Adequate? How kind.
"Any ideas how you stay might improve in future, I value the opinion of my employes", his voice was sugarcoated. A little less supple, but it earned him a small amused smile from the stoic man.
"I'm worried about my apprentice health and need a secure place for a proper exam", answered the mercenary in a serious tone.

The traitor naked strapped on a bed with all kind of tools around him, utterly helpless.
How they could break his skin.
How they could give him all kind of drugs.
Or a simple checkup, when was the last time Nightwing had a prostate exam?
One suggestion and he would have to bend over for the good doctor.
Spread his cheeks and allow the gloved fingers to enter him, or a fine metal tube with a camera in it.
How long would it take for him to orgasm from the stimulation?
How humiliated would he be from the forced pleasure and little show.

"Master, I'm fine", exclaimed the traitor by their feet suddenly. Similar ideas must have played in his mind, only they didn't evoke lust but fear.

"Apprentice, I haven't seen you masturbate once since we got here", scolded Slade softly in a mockingly worried tone.
"I agree this doesn't sound healthy", said Lex, his own voice sounded just like the mercenary.

"Nor have I seen you", accused Nightwing, unlike his usual role as the obedient student with a hint of panic.

"I'm old enough to be your father, child. My needs are under control, but you are a young man in your prime, your sexual urges should be on their peak, as a simple way for nature to ensure the next generation", replied Slade calmly.

"Maybe he masturbates while you aren't here", interrupted Lex, ever so helpfully.
The hero's head turned towards him for a moment, unsure and suspicious of the situation.

"Do you?", asked Slade," in the time you are supposed to do your chores and learn from the books I bought you, you play with yourself?"

"After I finished my chores and assignments", confessed their toy demurely as if he had been caught doing something forbidden.

"Or maybe he is making things up, to avoid the cold hands of the doctor", teased Lex cruelly and watched as the hero tensed again.

"Well, there is only one way to test it", decided Slade and became once again their leader in the conversation.
"If you are fully healthy then you should have no problem to show us."
"Show you?", asked Nightwing weakly, he didn't want to belief what was expected of him.
"Unless you lied to us", added Luthor softly. Their prey was trapped and he knew it.

"Stand up", purred Slade and defeated the hero rose.
He stood before them, the hem of the t-shirt covered barely his cock as he took the flaccid organ into his hand.
Without any passion he started to stroke himself.
They watched once again in silence, only the sound of flesh rubbing against flesh filled the room.

Fear, disgust, humiliation, those were perfectly reasonable explanations why Nightwing didn't harden under his touch, yet neither Lex nor Slade were willing to truly help him.
"Might I suggest a form of lubrication?", asked Lex mockingly as if the hero was too dumb to pleasure himself.

"Or do you prefer a different kind of stimulation?", inquired the mercenary with a hint of hunger in his voice.

The traitor trembled, either from lust or disgust, and removed the hand from his cock.
He didn't ask for oil, but lifted the hand to his mouth and sucked on two of his fingers.
A part of him wanted to stop the game right there and order the hero to suck his own cock.
The soft, inviting mouth should be properly used, yet Lex only watched as Nightwing removed the wet fingers and placed the hand on his cock.

"No need to be shy, finger yourself properly", ordered Slade, but his apprentice didn't obey directly, which gave him time to push their toy further.

"He needs something to reach his prostate", stated Lex equally affected and the mercenary rose from his seat and opened a drawer with cooking utensils.
A long, wooden cooking spoon was removed from it, he poured a good amount of olive oil on it over the sink and handed the black-haired man the lubed object.

Without hesitation he pushed it into himself and started a fast rhythm.
He moaned with the hard pace, his knees shook as he ruthlessly continued in an attempt to get it over as soon as possible.
The thrusts were steady, he knew were his sweet spot was, definitively not a innocent virgin.
Pants and moans escaped his lips and he came with a wordless cry in his hand, his seed dripped from it on the floor between the two older men and under the table.

Each of the three men needed a moment after the little show.
"Lick it up", ordered Slade and his apprentice obeyed, glad to avoid looking at either man.
On all fours between them he pretended not to notice as the leather of Lex, or the heavy metal on his master's shoes pushed against him.
How they roughly moved against his sensitive cock and balls or pushed the wooden spoon still inside him.

Both men had a faint sheen on their shoes, either cum or just sweat they had rubbed of his skin.
Yet he didn't wait for an order and licked them clean while he was under the table, a sad attempt to regain a little control.

Something his master destroyed with the next words:

"While I'm glad your healthy, you can't just pleasure yourself while you should be working. We will change your meals to a strictly liquid diet so the remains of the food you eat can be removed with a catheter.
The change in your nourishment will allow you to wear a modified chastity belt, with a butt plug and a harness for your cock.
It wouldn't prevent you from achieving an orgasm, but simply stop you from touching yourself.
I will lock it and take the key with me, whenever I leave the rooms."