It had been two months since Chase died. The doctor explained to them that even if he had lived things would be very difficult. When the Incapacitator had blazed Chase he had servicely damaged his vertebrae along with his hips. He would never be able to walk again and would have to be in a electricit wheelchair for the rest of his life. He would not longer be able to go on missions.

Mr. Davenport programmed a new version of Eddy to work on the bionic island and training the students. Adam and Bree both gave up their chips. They no longer wanted to be heroes. The couldn't even save their brothers life. Mr. Davenport now spend most of his time in the basement/lab working on new investors along with Douglas. Tasha stayed in the news media. Janelle tried to be there for Leo. Be a shoulder for him to cry on. Owen had done the same for Bree. Adam spent most of his time alone. He blamed himself for Chase's death. He never told Chase that he loved him(in a brotherly way). He knew that he was mean to Chase. Always picking on him. And throwing him around. But if someone else tried to hurt Chase he would go and make sure that they never did anything to Chase again. It was his job as a big brother. He had failed.

Sorry I know this isn't the best ending but I just want to wrap this story up so I can focus on my other ones.