So this is a song fic, based on Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll. I suggest listening to the song before reading the story. I also apologize if the writing sucks, I'm still working on getting better at writing. Anyways happy reading folks.

A small girl with brunette hair sat on the playground, shifting the small pink scarf she wore to hide the bruising around her neck. Her amber eyes looking around at all the other kids, a soft sigh escaping her. Why do Mommy and Daddy hate us? She thought, not even noticing the other child sit beside her.

"Hi, I'm T.K" The other child said, snapping the little girl out of her thoughts.

"I'm Kari" She responded, wanting to seem nice to the other child. She had no real friends, apart from her big brother.

T.K watched the other child, he had seen her in class lots. But that day he noticed something that made him uneasy, he saw what looked to be her dad grab her arm really tightly when he dropped her off. "Why do you look so sad Kari?" He asked.

Kari shrugged "I'm not sad, I was just thinking. Don't worry about it T.K"

T.K watched her closely after that day, but didn't bring up what he had seen the day they met.

After getting home a few weeks later, T.K bumped into his brother who was staying with them for the weekend while their dad was on a business trip "Hey Matt? Can we talk?" He asked the older boy, Matt was 12 and he would know what to do about the little girl in his class.

"Yeah sure, what's up?" He responded looking a bit worried himself, had someone been picking on his little brother? He could seen the poorly concealed worry and fear in T.K's eyes.

T.K looked at his hands "Well my new friend Kari, she lies all the time and I don't like it. I think she should tell the truth but she doesn't" He said quickly, making only a bit of sense.

Matt brushed off what T.K said, believing that it was over something childish like a misplaced pencil or toy. "Well T.K what does Kari lie about?" He questioned.

T.K finally turned his head towards Matt, tears reflecting in his eyes. "She hides bruises Matt, and when I ask about them she doesn't tell me the truth, she says that she just fell or bumped into something"

Matt's heart dropped hearing what T.K told him "We'll help her T.K I promise"

"Kari go hide quickly, I can hear mom's car" Kari's older brother, Tai instructed, wanting only to protect his baby sister from the abuse they suffered nightly.

Kari looked unsure, if she hid Tai would be beaten worse for hiding her and she would be beaten for hiding. "It never works Tai" She said, bracing herself as the siblings heard the key in the lock.

"Hikari! Taichi!" Their names sounding slurred as the woman walking in yelled at them.

Tai looked at his little sister, as he walked towards their mom first. If she only saw him, then maybe he could get the brunt of the beating and save Kari some pain. "Hi Mom, how was work today?" He asked, trying to be as polite and kind to the woman as possible. If he could keep her happy, they could be spared for a night.

"Fuck off Taichi!" The woman snapped, hitting Tai with the bottle she held in her hands causing the bottle to break and cut Tai's cheek.

Kari grimaced as the sound of the glass breaking came to her. Her feet starting moving of their own accord, she hid her mom's abdomen forcing her away from Tai. "Leave him alone Mommy please!" She cried, standing in front of her big brother protectively.

The woman glared at the little brunette, throwing the rest of the bottle at her. Her eyes, which once were a bright colour were dull from years of drinking and stressing out, now narrowed at her two children. She never thought this would be her life, she was once a very kind and gentle woman but after losing her job, and being forced to find a new one, she picked up drinking. Yuuko Kamiya stuck the younger of the siblings in the face, before kicking her in the gut. "You are a disappointment Hikari! You've never been good enough!" She yelled at the eight year old laying on the ground.

Tai stood up on shaky legs, grabbing his mom's arm to stop her only to get knocked down, hitting his head hard enough to knock him out. By the time he came too, Kari had been beaten to a pulp and their mother was nowhere to be found. "Kari?"

Matt laid down on his bed, looking over at T.K. He wanted to keep his promise and find a way to help his brothers new friend, but he had no idea what to do. He got up and went out to see his mom who was sitting and watching tv. "Hey Mom, can I have some advice?" He asked.

Nancy looked up at her older son and nodded "Of course, what's up Matt?" She asked, patting the spot next to her.

Matt proceeded to tell her everything T.K had told him, hoping his mom would know what to do to help the little girl.

"Well you can talk to her teachers and find out if they have any concerns for themselves, or we can go right to the child protection agency" Nancy told him.

"I don't want to overreact right away, I'll go with T.K on Monday and talk with the teachers" Matt said, going back to his shared room. Even after talking to his mom, Matt still proceeded to have his worst night of sleep yet.

Come Monday, he walked with T.K to school only to be pulled aside by one his brothers teachers.

"Matt, I'm sorry to be the one to ask this of you but the other teachers and I have noticed how close T.K was with a girl in his class, Hikari Kamiya. Well, Kari was found dead on Saturday morning. Would you mind being the one to explain this to T.K, I think it would be easy if it came from someone in his family" The teacher said, looking heartbroken.

Matt nodded and walked T.K over to the steps, trying to think of the right words to explain to the younger male that his best friend was dead.

"Why is everyone looking at us so sadly?" T.K questioned.

Matt took a deep breath, putting his arm around T.K "Well...Kari won't be lying anymore in class T.K" He said.

"Did she get help? Does she have to go to a new school? I don't think that's fair, she has friends at this school..." T.K trailed off, noticing the look in his brothers eyes. "What?" He asked slowly, bracing for the worst.

"No T.K she didn't get help, Kari was found dead on Saturday. Because there was nothing anyone would do to help her, I'm sorry T.K. I know how much she meant to you" Matt told the younger of the siblings, tears falling down his face.

"Matt? Why did Kari have to lie?" T.K asked after a good 5 minutes of silence.

Matt hugged T.K close "I don't know T.K, I don't know"

So for those of you who actually listened to the song, I know it is a dad talking about his little girl's friend, but I like the idea of it being Matt trying to help T.K figure out how to help his friend. Also for anyone wondering what happened to Tai, I couldn't decide on that. If you all want more on what happened to Tai, I might consider continuing. Thanks.