Hey Readers, I am so sorry that this took so long to post. The last year of my life has been insane to say the least, and I've had very little time to write. Anyways here is the next part of what happened after Kari died. I hope you all like it.


Tai looked out the window, to the street below. It was boring here today, unlike most days. He pulled a picture of a small brunette child, and smiled sadly, he had failed as a big brother, he lived while his baby sister was dead. i At least she's in a safer place now and no one can hurt her anymore/i He thought, picking up the tv remote. He flipped on some news channel, zoning out while watching it until something caught his interest.

Candle light vigil held for all those who lost their lives to domestic abuse, in honor of Hikari Kamiya who was beaten to death a month ago. Neighbours say they were shocked to find out that the Kamiya girl was being abused.

"The family always seemed so kind and functional, I'll miss seeing both kids"

The vigil will begin at 7:00 pm tonight.

Tai looked at the clock, he had 3 hours until the vigil. He stood up and cleaned up the few things around the apartment, before grabbing a sweater and leaving.

"Hurry up Matt, we don't want to be late" T.K said, pulling his older brother towards the park where the candlelight vigil was being held for Kari. He looked at all the people who had shown up and smiled a bit, it was nice to see that people cared enough to honor his friend. Among the people, T.K recognized most of them to be kids from school or teachers, but there was one person who he didn't recognize right away, the tall boy around Matt's age with goggles and spiky brown hair. "Matt who's that?" T.K asked, pointing to the goggled boy.

"That's Tai, I think he was Kari's brother or something" Matt answered, looking over at Tai. "Hey Tai!" He called, deciding to jog over and see the brunette.

Tai looked up at Matt, a quick flash of fear going through his brown eyes, something that didn't go unnoticed by Matt. "Oh hey Matt" Tai said, as his mind calmed down. "Are you here for the vigil?" Tai questioned, doing everything to avoid looking Matt in the eyes.

"Yeah, my kid brother was friends with Kari. He was the one to set all this up actually" Matt admitted to Tai, looking at him with a silent worry. Tai hadn't been in class for a few days, and now all of a sudden he's at the vigil for Kari. It worried that blonde male. "I never got to talk to you at the funeral, but I am truly sorry for your lose Tai. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my younger sibling"

Tai nodded in mutely, looking to his hands. Although he may not live with his parents anymore, his life was still not what he wanted it to be. Each night he had nightmares of the night Kari died, his mind torturing him with the knowledge that he couldn't save her. Throughout the whole vigil, Tai stood silently as everyone said something nice about his sister, but one in particular stood out to him.

"Kari was my little brothers best friend, in the weeks leading up to her death, my brother was so happy, but worried at the same time. I will always live with the regret that I didn't step in when my brother first told me that he thought Kari was being abused. If only I had stepped out and said something, or gone to see her and her brother. I wish, I or someone had done something not only to save Kari, but her brother before something like this happened" Matt spoke, his words mirroring exactly what Tai's own mind said always. "So in honor of Kari, I'm starting Hikari's Hope, to help other children in abusive families" Matt added, as T.K held up a donation basket.

Tai felt tears come to his eyes, someone cared so much about his little sister that they would create something to help kids like himself and her. As he caught Matt's eyes, he nodded in a way of telling the other male that he had done good.

"Come on Tai, you've been in there for 3 hours. If we don't leave now, we're going to be late" Matt said, pounding on the door. He and Tai had an appointment to go see some potential kids, the pair had now been married for the last 3 years, and been a couple for the last 8 years.

Tai opened the door "I'm sorry Matt, I guess I go a bit nervous. It is the 10 year anniversary since that night" Tai said, his memory flashing back to that night.

Tai opened tried to stop his mother once he realized that she was going to hurt Kari, but his mother pushed him back, causing him to hit his head and pass out. An hour or two later, his eyes opened "Kari? Kari are you okay? Please you have to answer me" Tai begged, crawling over to his unmoving sister. He shook her slightly, before feeling for a pulse but found nothing. He heard a scream, although he paid no attention to who caused it, Tai's eyes were on his baby sister.

The next few hours went by in a flurry, someone had called the police and his sister was taken away under a white sheet. Tai had been asked a lot of questions by the police, but he found himself unable to answer any questions, he was in shock.

"Is my sister going to be okay?" The 12 year old asked one of the paramedics who went passed him, he missed to look the medic shared with another.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but your sister is dead" Tai shook his head, they had to be lying Kari had to be fine, she was stronger than he was.

"No! Leave me alone! I hate you all! Don't touch my sister!" Matt and Tai heard as they walked into the foster home, the pair of girls, the older looking around 7 or 8, and the younger looking no older than 3. Both had the same messy brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

"Who are they?" Tai asked, glancing away from the children for a moment, to look at one of the social workers.

"Kaida and Jun, they were brought in a few weeks ago by members of Hikari's Hope. The girls were put through some pretty horrific things, and that's just what the mother has admitted to and what we've gathered from the girls." The worker answered, after pulling Tai and Matt aside. She didn't want the girls to over hear them talking about their past. "Kaida, the older girl is very standoffish with all of us, and she likes to be like a mother to her little sister. But Jun, she seems to do whatever necessary to please us. Both girls clearly have been traumatised" The social worker continued.

Tai nodded, as he listened to what the social worker told them, thinking back to his own childhood. "Can I speak to them?" He asked, watching the two girls.

The social worker nodded "You can try"

Tai made his way towards the two girls, stopped a few feet away before he crouched down to their heights. "Hi there, my name is Tai." He spoke in a soft tone, much like the one he used to use when he spoke to his little sister.

"Go away! We don't need you!" The older girl, Kaida, snapped at Tai as she moved to block her sister from Tai's sight. "You're just a stupid mean adult! You don't know anything about us!" The child kept yelling, hoping to make Tai leave them alone.

"You're right, I may not know your story but I do understand where you're coming from. The people who brought you here, the people from Hikari's Hope? Well they work for my husband, he runs Hikari's Hope" He started to explain. "I was hurt by my parents too, and they took my own little sister away from me, her name was Hikari"

Kaida's eyes softened slightly, realizing that he had been in a family like theirs. "So? Why should I believe you? Adults lie all the time"

Tai nodded again agreeing with the child, he turned and moved his hair to reveal an aged scar. "This was from the night my mom took her life" He explained, his voice breaking a little bit saying that. "I know you aren't ready to trust me or anyone else, but if you want to, I would really like it if you came to stay with my husband and I"

Kaida looked skeptical, as her hand went to a fading cut on her upper arm from the last time her mother hurt her. She turned to look at her little sister, Jun needed a safe place to live...a place where she would be loved. Finally after a good five minutes of silence, Kaida nodded "I want to try Tai" She told him, as years worth of tears filled in her eyes, and the little girl dove into Tai's arms.

Tai held the scared and broken little girl close, seeing Kari for a moment, Kaida looking so similar to his beloved sister. "It's going to be okay from now on" He promised, looking up and smiling at the 3 year old, who watched her sister with worried eyes. He motioned for her to come over as well, and once the two were in his arms, he stood up and walked back over to Matt. "These are the ones" He said.

Matt smiled at his husband, he knew the moment Tai heard the two girls that they would be the ones they would adopt. He also knew that if anyone could help these two girls, it would be Tai. "Of course Tai" Matt agreed.

"Daddy! Wake up! Kaida's having a nightmare again!" A 6 year old Jun frantically shook her adopted father. In the 3 years since coming to stay with Matt and Tai, both girls called them Dad and Daddy respectively.

"I'm up Jun, you stay here with your dad" Tai said, standing and walking towards his older daughters room. Every few months they had nights like this, and each time it was Tai who was able to calm down his older daughter. He sat down on the edge of Kaida's bed, and lightly put his hand on her back "Kaida, wake up baby girl, you can do it" Tai said softly, rubbing circles on her back.

The 10 year old's eyes snapped open hearing the soft tone that Tai used, the very one that put her at ease the day they met. She dove into Tai's waiting arms "She wouldn't stop Daddy, she kept yelling and hitting Jun, and I couldn't make her stop" She cried, holding Tai's shirt with all her might.

Tai held the traumatized little girl close "She can't hurt you anymore Kaida, I will always keep you and Jun safe. From today and forever more" He told her, shifting his back was against the wall. He softly started singing to his daughter, and by the time the song was done, she was back asleep.

"I can't believe both our little girls have grown up so quickly" Matt commented as he and Tai watched their youngest daughter Jun, accept her high school diploma. To him it felt like just yesterday that they had adopted the two girls, and now they had one in college and another on her way to college as well.

"I know what you mean" Tai replied, smiling as he noticed a little girl watching Jun. He gave a small wave when the unseen girl turned to him, it had been years since the last time he thought he saw Kari. "I'm okay now Kari, you can go" He whispered, watching as she nodded and smiled back at him before disappearing. After the graduation was done, Tai, Matt and Kaida went to congratulate Jun.

"Hey Daddy? Did you see her too? Aunt Kari, she came to see me graduate" Jun whispered, pulling Tai aside. Since the first time she saw a picture of her deceased aunt, Jun had seen her a few times, much like her adopted father, but the two always kept it between themselves.

"Yeah I did Jun, she's really proud of you, just like me" Tai replied, looking over to see Kari standing there once again. He nodded to her seeing her mouthing the words 'it's okay.' Tai felt the weight be lifted from his shoulders, it really was okay. He had a wonderful family, he was a proud father and husband.

"Hey Daddy, I'm going to take Jun out with my tonight" Kaida told her father, walking over to the two of them.

Tai nodded "That's fine Kaida, just be safe baby...and I love you so much"