Double Trouble

Farkle Minkus sat next to his wife Maya tapping his foot as they waited to see the doctor. Maya looked up from her book at her husband of ten years and an amused look appeared on her face. "Farkle just because your tapping your foot at high speed doesn't make time go by at high speed." Farkle looked at his wife with a smile before replying "I can't help it I'm excited to see another amazing life that we created." "You're certainly keeping up tradition!" Maya commented. Farkle raised an eyebrow and said "What Tradition are you referring too?" "The one where when I tell you I'm pregnant you get weak in the legs and then you're all excited at the ultrasound." Maya answered. "When you told me you were pregnant with McKenna I had trust gotten back from paintball with the guys and my legs were all bruised." Farkle stated. "What about when I told you I was pregnant with Cameron?" Maya asked. "I had blood drawn that day." Farkle replied. "What about when I told you I was pregnant with this one? Maya asked pointed to the slight bump on her stomach. "I had bad Thai food for lunch." Farkle answered. "So bad Thai gives you weak legs?" Maya questioned with an amused look. "Yes." Farkle answered. Maya simply smiled and shook her head at her husband in amusement before returning to her book.

Soon they were called by the receptionist and Farkle stood up first and put his hand out for Maya to hold. Hand and hand the walked back to the exam room and Maya got up on the bed with Farkle sitting beside her. The Obstetrician walked in a few minutes later. DR Nelson was a nice women with blond hair in her early fifties. She had been Topanga's OBG as well as Riley and Lucas's and for Maya and Farkle's last two pregnancies.

"Good Morning Maya and Farkle ready for your ultrasound." She asked as she pulled over the ultrasound machine. "You Bet." The both replied. "How are McKenna and Cameron?" Doctor Nelson asked as she turned off the lights and grab a bottle of gel. "They're doing great McKenna did very well in grade 2 and Cameron's going to be entering Pre-School in the fall." Maya said proudly and she lift up her shirt. "That's good." DR Nelson replied as she placed the cold gel on Mayas stomach. "Okay here we go everything looks to be in order." DR Nelson commented as she moved the wand around Maya's stomach. "Here we go there's one fetus and well would you look at that! DR Nelson said with a smile on her face. "What is it Doctor?" Farkle asked. "Well looking at this ultrasound it appears you two are having twins. "Really?" Maya asked excitedly. Doctor Nelson nodded before going to print the ultrasound and congratulating the couple. Maya turned her husband and said "Did you hear that Farkle we're having twins!" Maya said. Farkle smiled and replied "It's amazing I love you." They embraced and kissed before leaving to go grab their ultrasound picture and then left the office to go pick up the kids from Riley and Lucas's.

"So did you see the Baby?" Riley asked as she got from feeding her youngest, Jason baby food to hug her friends. "Yes Riley we saw the babies." Maya said slightly laughing. "We're having twins." Farkle added as he hugged McKenna and Rucas's oldest daughter and McKenna's best friend Taylor. "Double Trouble." Lucas said as he carried both Cameron and His son Austin in from outside. The boys were wearing cowboy outfits. "You're calling my kids trouble Huckleberry?" "No I'm only teasing ya Pancake although your son did pour milk in my boots today. Lucas replied as he set the boys down on the floor. Maya had to stifle a laugh before she asked Cameron why he dumped milk in Uncle Lucas's boots. "I was entatanin." Cameron said before adding "But I applogize really fast Mom." "Good so next time you won't do it?" Farkle asked. Cameron nodded. "The look on Lucas's face was pretty funny." Riley commented as she hug Cameron and McKenna goodbye. The four adults exchange goodbyes and left seeing as it was quite late.

Maya laid in bed reading later that night when Farkle walked in. "Did Cameron finally settle down." Maya asked "After three stories yes." Farkle replied. "How about Mckenna?" He asked. "Only took one story." Maya answered "Do you think our kids are really a lot of trouble?" She then asked as her husband change into boxers and a beater. "Is this about what Cameron did to Lucas's boots?" Farkle asked as he brushed his teeth in the attached bathroom. "It just made me realize that our kids do tend to get into mischief more than other kids and they are stubborn at times." "Doesn't that worry you?" Maya asked as Farkle got into bed. "No because they're our kids." Farkle answered honestly. "What do you mean?" Maya asked. "You're a rebel who's strong willed and stubborn at times and since high school I've always been a bit of a prankster so the fact are kids can be stubborn and get into trouble at times doesn't surprise me." "But our kids are also kind, polite, compassionate and smart so I'm not worried that they get into trouble."

Maya smiled at her husband before saying "You also forget sweet which they get from you." "They get there independence and beauty from you!" Farkle said and Maya blushed. "So double trouble also means double the kindness, double the politeness, double the smartness and double the sweetness!" Maya stated. "I like sensitive and emotional Maya!" Farkle said playfully. "It's the pregnancy hormones so don't get used to it." Maya said back. Farkle chuckled before leaning in and kissing his wife. "Goodnight Lady." Farkle said "Goodnight Farkle." Maya said back. Farkle turned off the light and the then wrapped his arms around Maya. The both fell asleep within minutes.

6 and 1/2 months later Jenna Kathrine Minkus and Hunter Shawn Minkus entered the world. At times they were double trouble but they were also double kindness, double politeness, double sweetness and double smartness and honestly Maya and Farkle wouldn't have had it any other way.