Welcome Home Farkle

Maya Hart flipped through her book as she tried not to focus on the clock the hung from the wall in the living room of the apartment she and Farkle shared. Farkle had been gone for almost week having gone a business trip with father. To say Maya was excited would be an understatement. She had planned a little surprise for Farkle that could lead to an important step in their relationship.

Snuggling up in her robe Maya continued to read her book until she realized Farkle should have already been home. Just as she was about to call him she heard the apartment door open and Farkle walked in holding a bouquet if lilies. Before he could even speak Maya had bound into him with a giant hug wrapping her legs around his waste.

"I missed you!" Maya said as she snuggled into Farkle's embrace.

"I missed you two." Farkle replied as he gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"These are for you" he added as he handed her the flowers.

"Thanks babe." Maya said as she leaned in to kiss him again.

"I was thinking we could go out to eat but seeing as you'll already dressed for bed I'm thinking we just get takeout." Farkle said.

"You know there is another reason I'm wearing this" Maya said as she took of her robe to reveal that she was only wearing a bra and underwear.

It took Farkle a few seconds to snap out of the shock. Once he did he looked at her lovingly and said

"You're beautiful." He said causing Maya to blush in return.

"I'm ready Farkle." Maya stated.

"You're sure?" Farkle asked and Maya nodded in return.

"Well in that case I'm ready too." Farkle said.

Farkle leaned in and kissed her with passion as the couple began to make out. Farkle picked her up as the somewhat stumbled to the bedroom. Maya kissed his neck and nibbled his ear as he laid kisses along her lower neck and shoulders.

Farkle and Maya showed each other how much they loved each that night and they're first time was truly special. Later as the cuddled in bed Maya kissed Farkle before whispering in his ear

"Welcome Home Farkle."