Whitehall Palace, 1499

Princess Anne Tudor was a young girl of only 8 years, but she had the whole future of England on her shoulders. She was the sole heir to the throne do to a terrible illness that had swept through the entire Royal nursery. She was the second youngest of five children. She had always looked up to her older siblings, Arthur, Mary, and Margret. She would never hear Arthur's kind wisdom, or hear Mary's beauty tips, or play a trick on Margret by hiding her sketch pad in the most random spots again. She sorely missed young Elizabeth, she had always been her closest friend and playmate, being that they were twins.

She was the only one left. Anne could not help feeling guilty. If only she had never insisted on going to France with her father, King Henry VII, She would have been there with her siblings. Maybe she could have helped. She had always been able to tell when someone was sick, even before they knew it. She could have told her mother that the new Governess assigned to the Nursery was sick with the sweating sickness. If only she hadn't been so stubborn about wanting to meet the King Francie and His Queen Claude, but she had been, and for that sin she came home to brothers and Sisters and a broken mother, who could not even speak to her.

Anne didn't even know why her mother couldn't speak to her. Father said that it was the stress of watching four of her five children go into the hands of God in the matter of five days. Anne believed her mother blamed her for not being there. Anne believed that her mother wished that if only one of children could live, it would have been another.

She tried to be an obedient daughter, and Princess, but there were times that she had that mighty Tudor temper come to the surface or that she would run wild through the gardens and get all muddy after a spring rain, all behavior unbecoming of a Princess of England; and it was because of this that her mother hated her.

She wished with all her hart that she could bring her siblings back, but she couldn't. The only thing she could do was be the greatest Queen the land had ever seen, but first she must find a husband.