GJ slung his backpack across his back and left the school building, greeting his sister, Milly, "Hey Milly, Mom and Dad have to tell us something when we get home. I wonder what they are gonna tell us."

"What?" Milly said, "How would you know?"

"She sent me a lot of text messages, full of 'Me and your father want to talk to you about something' then 'I love you, darling', then I've made heart shaped PB and Js."

"But why?" Milly asked, "At least it might explain her mood swings and being fatter than usual. She's pregnant."

"I thought I was the only one that realized." GJ sighed of relief, "I don't really think Mom and Dad have to tell us that."

Milly nodded her head in agreement, "Yeah, nothing really new going on here."

The bus stopped in front of Milly and GJ which was the scary part. The bus was horrifying, the bullies, the people that are so stupid that they throw pencils around, people body slamming eachother, it was wild.

GJ stepped back, eyes widened in horror.

"Get on, you nitwits!" The bus driver yelled at them.

GJ was frozen still but Milly was walking up the bus. GJ really did not want to ride that horrifying thing. His biggest fear was not coming out full and alive.

"Well, I'm waiting, punk!" The Driver patted his hands against his steering wheel, "YOU GAY DIRTY LOW LIFE!"

GJ went into the bus, and ran into a seat as far away from the driver as he could. The driver was always so mean and cruel for no reason. That driver was the main reason he was afraid of the bus. The bus drove him and his sister to their house, and he got off with a sigh of relief, "Milly, am I gay?"

"Yes GJ, you are very gay." Milly said as she giggled at him, "Gayiest a guy could be!"

GJ bolted for the house with Milly tagging along, "Milly called me gay!"

Mollly threw Milly a stern look, "Why did you call him gay?"

"Because he's very gay," Milly said, "Are you saying he isn't happy? Daddy told me gay meant happy."

"GILLY!" Molly yelled.

Gil ran into the room with an apple juice box.

"Is that the baby's apple juice?" Molly asked, "Well that's not the point."

"What is the point, bae?" Gil said, getting his face into hers.

Molly slapped him and grunted, "Did you tell Milly that gay meant happy."

"Yeah," Gil sighed, as he took another sip from the apple juice, "Homosexuals seems pretty happy to me."

"haha," Molly said sarcastically, "Very funny, Gilly."

"Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to an apple juice drinking contest with Braxton." Gil said, running back towards the living room, "See ya, baby!"

Molly sighed, "Where is Braxton?"

"In your living room, duh!" Gil said.

"WHAT?" Molly responded, "We need to personally talk to the kids."

"We can tell Braxton not to tell anyone." Gil decided.

"Okay..." Molly said, "Yeah."

They walked into the living room. Molly saw a group of people eating cheese dip and Apple juice boxes with rainbow flags on them. A rainbow flag was hang on the wall and some Bruno Mars music was playing.

"What?" Molly asked, "Gilly, why is there a lot of people here?"

"Heya Hottie Molly!" Braxton said, "I won, bruh."

"No fair, I won!" Gil argued.

"No you didn't!" Braxton argued back.

"Why are these people here?" Molly asked, looking unpleased, "I didn't your gay rights party would be today!"

"Me neither, but ended up, Goby sent out the invitations for today." Goby chuckled. Molly threw Goby a dirty look as he just smiled and waved.

"Oh yeah," a lady called out, "Gil told me about 'the talk'"

Gil slapped the table, "I love you guys! My guy rights squad! Now for all of the weddings! All same gender couples unite in love! For the community is a strong place, Now you all of you can kiss eachother."

Gil felt slobber on his cheek, then turned to see Braxton, "Dude, I'm married!"

"Now we are gonna here 'the talk' right Gil?" A lesbian woman said.

"Let's hope that the baby turns out to lesbian so we have another supporter!" A gay man cheered.

"Oh Mark," Gil said, "I support you. "

"Aww, that's sweet, Gil." Mark laughed.

"Yeah," Molly nodded, "Okay then."

Milly and GJ knew something was up when their parents had been discussing things between themselves for the past few months. They noticed Molly's belly getting rounder, and they were eagerly waiting for their parents to fully fess up to the news- but they knew today would be the day.

"Kids...?" Gil murmured, motioning for them to come over. Gil watched as his kids walked closer. They had grown so fast, the small guppies that used to be the size of his hand... Now GJ was taller than he was! Milly was growing quickly as well, already taller than her mother, but still shorter than her brother. He couldn't believe how quickly they were growing up.

"Yes dad?" They grinned, feeling their hands tingling with excitement.

"Your mother and I have some news for you..."

Molly smiled, shaking their head. "I told you, Gil, they already know, but..." Molly chuckled softly, placing a hand on her belly. "You're having a little sister. We got confirmation this morning."

The teens bounced around in joy, laughing and carefully hugging their parents. "Wahoo! We're gonna be older siblings!"

Their friends looked over at them, laughing a bit as they saw them jumping for joy.

A few months later passed by in a flash, Molly's due date arriving at any moment

Some of them were outside in the sun enjoying the day. Gil and Molly were inside as Molly leaned up against Gil comfortably her eyes closed as she was about to fall asleep.

Her eyes suddenly opened as a small cringe of pain had awoken her. Molly looked to Gil before she nudged him to wake him of his sleep. "G-Gil wake up I-I think it's time!" She said pretty loudly as he shook his head and raised it, looking down at his wife. He stared at her sleepily for a moment before her words registered in his mind, and he was soon to his feet, wide awake.

"I-I'll handle this! Don't worry!" He said. As soon as Molly was taken to the delivery room, Gil hurried outside to find GJ and Milly.

"Junior! Milly! Quick it's time!" He had shouted over towards his children. GJ and Milly exchanged an excited glance, racing away from their game.

"Where are you going?!" Mia shouted as the ball whizzed past the spot where GJ was just standing.

"Sorry guys! Our little sister is on the way! There's no way we're missing that!" Milly called over her shoulder, giving them a little wave. "We'll play later!"

The teens followed their dad up the elevator, both jumping and jittery as their bodies were overcome with excitement.

"I wonder if you would let me help…" GJ murmured, "I might need to know how to deliver someday…"

"Yeah- Especially if you and GJ have kids!" Milly teased, watching GJ's face go dark crimson red.

"M-Milly! Hush!" He blushed hard, voice starting to shake anxiously, yet excitedly, at the thought of having a family with his true love.

Gil chuckled a bit, hugging the kids close. "Settle down you two….You don't wanna be too loud, your mom is in a bit of a stressful place right now…. Trust me, you don't want to make her angry…"

"Yes dad." The kids grinned, settling down, but still twitched a bit in their fins.

What felt like an eternity was soon over when Gil had stepped out of the room. "You guys can come in now," He said motioning towards the doors before.

Inside Molly heard finsteps and she picked her head up looking towards her family a small, tired smile plastered against her face. She looked exhausted, but happy as she softly ushered them over.

Gil walked over and kissed her, then let the kids go in and kiss her as well.

"She's so tiny." Milly cooed softly, kissing the tiny bundle very gently with her nose, her tiny squeaks soothing to Lani's ears.

"What's her name gonna be..?" GJ grinned with joy, examining his sister carefully.

Molly and Gil looked at each other, then at their son, shrugging their shoulders.

Gil chuckled nervously. "To be honest, we're not quite sure….We talked about them but never really settled on one."

"What about Celeste…?" Milly murmured softly, giggling a tiny bit as Celeste turned and squirmed so that her nose was pressed against Lani's. It was like a tiny button!

"It seems like she likes it," Molly said letting out a little chuckle before resting her head back down. Her eyes slightly shuttered shut.

Gil smiled kindly before lightly kissing her head. "Come on kids we should let your mom get some sleep," He said quietly motioning back out towards the door. "You both can tell everyone about Celeste."

GJ and Milly grinned and nodded, quietly tip-toeing out of the room and back outside towards all their friends. "Guys! Guys!" They cheered, racing over towards the group of guppies that were resting in the sunlight.

Mia giggled as GJ raced up and hugged her excitedly. "Hehe! I'm guessing everything went well?" She squeaked in delight, hugging him happily.

"Yeah! She's so cute! We're letting mom rest, but we'll let you see her soon." GJ smiled, then nudged Milly. "Milly chose out her name~ Celeste."