Amethyst let out 20000 tears as she cried tears of upset sadness. She wasn't feeling happy. Garnet was being mean to her again. She didn't let poor neglected purple teenager Amethyst go to da strip club with Pearl again. Too young for da sex, Garnet says. Thousands of years old not good enough for da sex! Greg gets da sex, why don't Amethyst get da sex? Why does PEARL get da sex? O whale, Amethyst thought. She still had da toys. She still had da camera. She could still do da sex, and Garnet would never have to know!

Amethyst pulled out a whippety whappety out of her chest. She whippety whappetied herself till she felt da wetness den began to rub all over. She felt geeeeuuuuudddd!11!one!1! She play round with hersel for a while then...


But it was nobody she was expecting! Suddenly Onion came through dA pad wIth a drill and a condom and a cucumber. Amethyst knew what glory wood come next. Onion drilled a hole thru da cucumber and put da condom on it. Suddenly onion put it in his asshole and it came out with da lubrication he had put in himself from a previous session

Onion was about to stick da onion in da vaggy vag vag when da warp pad activated again. It was ruby!

"I need da sex bc sapphire say I 2 tight and I need to b looser"

Onion smiled mischeviously and pulled out a blue gem and shoved it in ruby's vag. Suddenly da gem reformed and da legs of lapis lazuli stuck out of ruby. Stretchety strech strech! Ruby no longer tight! Onion save da day again!

But it wasnt ovah yet. He still had to tend to ame. Suddenly da warp pad acti again and perl cums out. She gasp and runs ovah 2 lick amethyst vag vag

Da ultumate 5saum had begun. LapIs came out of roobys now not tight vag and sighed in relief. Onion finallynshoved the drill cucumber into amethyst as she moaned like the animal she is. Lapis came over and played water round on her titties. Onion also shoved his giant 4 foot long blackc cock into pearl. Rkoby bit amethysts neck gently and it became rlly warm. Da moaning got so so loud.

Amethyst screemed in pleaser as onion took da dildo out and ruby began eating her out.

It was all perfect till steven walked in

"K no thx bye" steven said as he warped away

Dey got bak 2 da sex and qll orgasmed at da same time and cummed all over da pic of rose on da wall.

De End.