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Waxed floors, high heels, leather shoes, evening gowns, black suits…

Shades of silver, glints of gold, patches of pink, blotches of blue…

He made his way into the ballroom, surveying the crowd of elegantly dressed people. Colours filled his vision.

Shifting his silver mask, he quietly made his way to the side of the ballroom, stopping to accept a drink from a waiter nearby. Leaning against the wall, he sipped the champagne, not completely content to be at the ball.

It was irritating, he thought, that everyone has to wear a mask. He readjusted his mask again with his left hand and twirled his drink in his right. He chuckled, thinking oh Master would do the same wouldn't he

"Not enjoying much?"

-He looked up, slightly startled by the appearance of a woman beside him. She was dressed in a deep purple gown, green hair knotted into an elegant bun at the back of her head. Green curls framed her pretty face—would have been prettier if her mask wasn't there—and her pale pink mask covered the top half of her face. Her mask had an intricate, lacy detail, lined with reddish-pink glitter that sparkled under the bright lights of the ballroom. He could see her purple eyes behind the mask—kind, soft, loving—and her pale pink lips lifted in a small, shy smile.

"It's a mesmerising sight…" He offered with a small smile, not too sure if he was referring to the ballroom or the lady in front of him. The lady gave a soft giggle, seemingly comfortable talking to him.

"Hey there! Would you mind if I borrow her for a while?" Another man waltzed over, flaming red hair hanging loose, covering one side of his gold mask, which had flame-liked edges on the top left of the mask—it looks like it's on fire. He had a bright grin—oh god it's actually blinding—and his bright green eyes—eye, actually, the other was covered—had a playful glint to it. The girl blushed. He bowed, one hand extended to the lady. The girl laughed a little—a bright, clear sound—and placed her hand over the man's, accepting his invitation. Before the chuckling, red-haired man could spin her away to the dance floor, she turned around and asked, "What's your name?"

The man in question bowed, a hand to his chest, and answered, "Allen Walker, pleasure to meet you."

"I'm Lenalee Lee!"

"Ah ah, I don't like being left out. Name's Lavi! Hey Mr. Walker, I haven't seen you around before, are you new around here?" Lavi grinned.

"Please, call me Allen! Yes, I'm new around here…"

"Well, maybe you can meet us after the ball later, we can exchange our contact details! I can show you around tomorrow!"

"That'll be delightful, thank you!"

Chuckling, Lavi nudged Allen in the shoulder and said, "You're one heck of a gentleman, Allen, lighten up a little!" Kissing Lenalee's fingers, he led the lady to the middle of the ballroom to dance. Lenalee waved at Allen before allowing herself to be led away.

Allen gave a small sigh, before retying his white hair into a low ponytail. The shorter strands fell back against the sides of his face. He prodded himself in the cheek, with a gloved finger, knowing that even with white hair and a low ponytail, he'll still look like a teenager, despite being twenty-two already. The fats in his cheeks never seem to go away, making him look young for his age.

A calloused hand grabbed his wrist, pulling it away from his face. Allen jumped, turning to face the person holding his hand. He was greeted by man with long, blue hair tied in a high pony-tail with a thin red rope. The man didn't wear any gloves like Allen did.

Suave, was the only word that Allen could think of. He mentally smacked himself—it's a man, you idiot, are you getting attracted—but he couldn't help but stare.

The man was dressed in a simple, standard tuxedo, with a dark tie, unlike Allen's standard red ribbon. What caught Allen's attention wasn't the tuxedo, or the lean, muscular figure, or even the fact that the man was holding his hand—the gloved hand that covered the blackened skin below.

It was the stark white mask that contrasted with the dark blue hair that fell over the top of the mask, and the startling, cobalt eyes staring at him. The mask had an asymmetrical cut, covering a little more of the man's face on the right side, and it had pretty sharp edges for a mask.

The man gave a gruff "your skin is turning red, stop poking", before releasing his hold on Allen's wrist.

Allen shivered—oh the man's voice was sure sexy—and he dropped his hand down to his side, before adverting his eyes down to his shoes, offering a lame "oh".

The blue-haired man kept standing there, staring at him. Allen frowned.

"May I help you?" Allen asked, tilting his head a little to stare at the man—it wasn't his fault that the man was tall—and gave a small smile.

A snicker. Followed by "Moyashi".

Allen blinked. So the guy was Japanese? That explains the Asian feel—


The man gave a small snort, before turning his face away. A shadow casted over his sharp features, highlighting his jaw and high cheekbones.

oh my god, he did not just think about that...did he just spaz over a guy?


Allen stared at the man stupidly. "Huh?"

"You're staring."


He blushed a vivid red and turned to look at the floor again, twiddling his fingers at behind his back.

"Stop fidgeting." The dark haired man frowned—strange, he's charming when he frowns—and grabbed Allen's hand, leading him out of the ballroom.

They walked out of the lobby, down the stairs—Allen just let him lead all the way—and out to the back of the building and into a garden that Allen didn't know existed.

Turning back to him, the man bowed, one hand behind his back and one held up, offering his hand to Allen. Allen blinked in shock, but regained his bearings and gripped the man's hand.

The man hummed a soft, slow tune, lifting Allen's hand to place it on his shoulder, and held the other tight in his own. The man gently placed his other hand on Allen's slim waist and took a step forward, drawing Allen flushed against him. Allen blushed brightly, his embarrassment obvious against his pale skin.

"You don't know how to dance."

It wasn't a question, really, but the man didn't say anything else and led the dance, moving slowly, swaying to the tune that he was humming under his breath.

All the while Allen did not speak a single word. He was embarrassed, definitely—he was a male and he was being led in a dance—and he couldn't describe the feeling he got, swaying along to a tune in the dark in a garden. Sure, it was romantic, but he didn't even know the guy. His awareness had peaked—the warm, firm grip on his hand and his waist, the steady steps, the minty, refreshing smell front the man, the cool wind enveloping them. The man's long side bangs brushed against his face and all he could think of was it was soft.

He felt content.

After an eternity—in Allen's defence, it felt like eternity-Allen subconsciously closed his eyes and leaned forward, resting his forehead on the crook of the man's neck—a placed where he deemed pretty comfortable to rest his head. He was giddy with contentment, and everything felt surreal. He sighed, taking in the warm, soft but solid 'headrest'.

A low chuckle sounded near his ear, and warm air brushed the side of his face, leaving goosebumps in its wake. The humming had long stopped.


"Mhm…" Allen answered sleepily. The man then continued with his humming, the sounds sending vibrations to Allen, lulling him to sleep.


A hand tapped on his cheek impatiently.

Allen opened his eyes, reaching up to rub them before realising that a mask was in the way. He blinked, shaking himself awake.

He was sitting on the bench, leaning heavily on the shoulder of the blue haired man. Embarrassed, he apologised and sat up, straightening out his clothes and his hair.

"The ball just ended."


"That seems to be the only thing you're capable of saying."


The blue-haired man reached over, resting his hand on Allen's mask. As he made to pull the mask off, Allen gripped his wrist.

"I…please don't…"

He was greeted by silence.

The man gently pried Allen's hand off his wrist and continued to remove the mask, while Allen tried to lower his head.

Tilting his face up, the man traced Allen's scar, and asked, "You mean this?"

Allen flinched, turning away.

"I've seen your hand too," Allen casted a glance to his left hand, where the glove was unbuttoned, "but I don't care."

"It's ugly, isn't it."

"We all have our ugly pasts."

The man traced a finger down the scar on his face, before resting his hand onto Allen's blackened left hand.

"But you're still lovely."

Allen blinked, trying to comprehend his words.

"You should go. Your friends should be waiting for you at the gate."


The man stood up, releasing his hair from the red rope and took out his mask. Allen tried to catch a glimpse of his face, but the dark hair shadowed his face. The man bent down and rested his mask on Allen's lap. His dark hair tickled Allen's face.

"I'll see you again."

Before Allen could say a word, the man walked away, his long hair flowing out behind him.



He caught sight of Lavi and Lenalee running towards him, their masks still on. Lenalee had cleverly hiked her dress up and tied it to form a knee length dress, showing off her slim legs. They stopped in front of the bench and removed their mask.

"Whoa Allen! Why are you sitting out here!" Lavi exclaimed, eyeing the mask. It was white, unlike the silver that Allen was wearing. "And where's your mask?"

Allen shuffled around, realising that the blue-haired man must have taken his mask.

"Some guy took it…"

"Some guy took—wait, is that Yuu-chan's mask?" Lavi asked, frowning.

"Kanda's mask?" Lenalee spoke, a hint of surprise in her voice.


"Yuu-chan. You know, the tall-dark-handsome guy, with long hair. That's his mask! He's the only one that would name his mask after his sword."

Allen flipped the mask around, before noticing the word "Mugen" carved on the underside of the mask.

"Aye, Allen, caught yourself a big fish huh?" Lavi gave a suggestive wink (which no one could tell because his hair covered the other eye). Allen hastily denied, waving his hands in front of his face, all the while blushing hotly. "That guy practically hates everyone…well, except me, of course!" Lavi grinned, looking proud. Lenalee gave a soft "Lavi!" and knocked his head with her knuckles. She helped Allen up from the bench.

"Let's go home, it's late already."


Allen laid on his bed, holding the mask out, letting his fingers brush across all the contours.

Humming a tune that seemed to be stuck in his head, he tucked the mask away and fell into a peaceful sleep.


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